Kaiser Permanente is an organization that provides nonprofit health plans to over 12 million people in the USA that relies on the medical knowledge of physicians. Their mission is to “provide high quality, affordable health care services and to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve.”

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If you are thinking about applying for a position with Kaiser Permanente, you need to learn about their hiring process and pre-employment assessment tests. While not all the jobs with this organization require you to take a test, many of them do. Therefore, passing these tests is crucial to securing employment for the most part.

This article will teach you most of everything you need to know to complete the Kaiser Permanente Assessment test successfully.

What is on the assessment test for Kaiser Permanente?

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While each position may require different tests, a few common assessments are shared across several positions. Below is a description of each:

Microsoft Office Word and Excel Tests

Using a word processor and spreadsheet tool is essential to most jobs now. In addition to creating Word documents and spreadsheets, knowing how to use higher-level functions in each program is necessary.

These tests usually consist of simulations that require you to demonstrate the skills you will regularly use at your job. An example of a task you’d have to complete is being given a list of information and being required to create a legible spreadsheet based on it.

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Wonderlic Assessments

Often used as a secondary or additional test in the pre-employment assessment, the Wonderlic test looks at aspects of your personality and cognitive ability. Critical thinking, analyzing problems, and reading comprehension are all things you might see on this test.

These skills, while useful in a variety of positions, can be a significant indicator of your performance. For example, if you apply for a customer service position, you need to adapt quickly to different situations and analyze a problem to come up with a solution.

Doing poorly in this section could hinder your chances of getting the position that you want.

Get practice materials for the Wonderlic Assessments here

Typing Tests

Having strong typing skills is another example Kaizer Permanente values for many of its administrative and clerical positions. A typing test will measure how many words you can type within a minute, how fast you can interpret information and get it onto a Word document, or enter data into a form.

This test is more application-based so that you won’t be answering multiple-choice questions. They are also often short in length because they evaluate your speed and accuracy.

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Numerical Exam

Also called numerical reasoning tests, these tests look at your ability to do math skills related to job functions. While some positions require simple calculations that use the basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), others may need more complicated skills such as financial analysis, accounting, or understanding data, charts, or graphs.

Questions on these tests are usually multiple-choice, with several answers to choose from. They could also be word problems, require reading a chart or graph, or solve a numeric problem. Other concepts that could potentially be on the tests are geometry, calculus, or trigonometry.

However, these would be for upper-level positions that are very math-based.

Personality Tests

While personality tests may seem intimidating, they aren’t as scary as they seem. The goal of most pre-employment personality tests is to see how your values and actions in hypothetical scenarios in the workplace match with the company’s mission and ideal employee.

It’s reasonable to assume that Kaiser Permanente wants to hire people that are a good fit with the company culture.

Familiarizing yourself with the type of test that you will be taking is essential. When you fill out the online application, you will be given clear directions on finding and taking your tests. However, if you have any questions, you should always reach out to a representative from Kaiser Permanente.

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What resources are there to study for the Kaiser Permanente test?

In the series of PrepPacks that Job Test Prep gives you access to, there are eight different types of positions or areas of employment that may require additional tests based on what you’ll be doing in your job. Over 100 other practice tests with an abundance of 1,000+ sample questions can help you prepare.

If you are looking for something specific, you can visit the website and look through the individual categories and only purchase the one directly related to the position you’re applying for. For example, there are packs made for understanding and practicing Microsoft Office Word or Excel.

Additionally, there are free questions that Job Test Prep features on their website for people who are curious about what the PrepPacks may look like or aren’t ready to invest. Using the free resources in addition to the paid ones can only give you more opportunities to study for whichever test you end up taking.

If you require accommodations, Kaiser Permanente recommends that you reach out to them directly.

What happens if I don’t pass the test?

If you don’t score high enough, you can fail the Kaiser Permanente pre-hire assessment test. However, don’t panic. You can retake the test, but you will have to wait for some time before you have access to it.

What happens if I pass the test?

If you earn a passing score on the required assessments for your position at Kaiser Permanente, you will be invited to participate in either a virtual or in-person interview. Job Test Prep also offers interview prep to help you sharpen your conversation skills and identify your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to job skills.

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Verizon Wireless, one of the largest cell phone service companies globally, employs hundreds of thousands of people in the United States alone.

They are rated as one of the best companies to work for. However, becoming an employee isn’t something that happens overnight. It requires a lot of preparation, studying, and dedication.

As part of their hiring process, they require all candidates to take and successfully pass an assessment test. This article will go over what the Verizon Wireless Assessment Test consists of and some strategies you can use to ace it.

Take the Verizon Wireless Assessment Practice Test to improve your score.

What is the Verizon Wireless Assessment Test?

The Verizon Wireless Assessment Test is a seven-part exam that examines a range of skills relevant to the many jobs you can apply for within the company. Each section is timed, meaning you will have to work your way through each of them efficiently.

However, the entire test only takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete, so that you won’t sit for several hours. It is administered at the Verizon company site, so you may need to travel to take the test if you don’t live nearby. The following seven sections are on the test:

Customer Service – demonstrating skills such as empathy and listening during strategically crafted customer service calls
Ethics and Personality– answering personality-based questions to assess relevance to the company
Multitasking – performing multiple tasks at once
Data Entry – typing given information into a computer
Numerical Reasoning – reading and comprehending numbers on a table or graph
Logical Reasoning – solving problems like patterns, or geometry-based concepts
Reading – scanning passages and answering questions about them

The goal of the Verizon Wireless Assessment Test is to see how well you can perform the tasks you will have to do on the job. Your score on each section will give your potential employer an idea of whether or not you are a good fit for the position you applied for.

Therefore, doing well is extremely important. Along with the interview, your assessment scores determine whether or not you are hired at Verizon.

Let’s go over a few ways that you can be as prepared as possible for the test.

Take Verizon Wireless Assessment Test Now

How can I prepare for the test?

Job Test Prep offers study materials specifically geared toward the Verizon Wireless Assessment Test. The PrepPack is designed to provide test-takers with a realistic testing experience to succeed on their exam.

The Pack covers all seven test areas, in addition to going over concepts like Microsoft Word and Excel (at an intermediate and advanced level), situational judgment, mechanical aptitude, and abstract and figural reasoning.

Not only does Job Test Prep offer paid services, but they also have a wide variety of free practice tests that you can use along with your PrepPack. An example of a free practice test that would be beneficial to use would be the personality assessment.

There are 23 sample questions that you take to help get you adjusted to the way this unique type of assessment is structured. Once you are finished, you get a personalized personality profile based on your answers to help you better understand them. By studying this, you can learn your answering style and improve your ability to match your values to those of the company.

Some more study tips are:

  • Practice in a quiet environment to simulate the testing environment.
  • Study the basic principles of each of the seven categories.
  • Practice answering questions from all seven test areas within the time limit (1 hour and 45 minutes).
  • Before you study anything, take a practice test to help identify which areas you feel like you need to improve.
  • Focus on learning the most challenging sections first and save the ones you feel most comfortable with the last.
  • Keep a record of all your study efforts, so you don’t lose track of what you’ve done.

On the day of the test, be sure to eat a healthy meal and get plenty of rest. The better you feel about the material and the more confident you are about your test-taking abilities, the more likely you succeed.

Take Verizon Wireless Assessment Test Now

What does the rest of the interview process look like?

After submitting your application, you will be invited to participate in a phone interview. This phone interview will review your relevant skills and resume. You will be asked to describe your thoughts on their mandatory video that you must view during the application process.

Additionally, you will have to explain why you want to work for Verizon and will have the opportunity to learn more about the position you applied for.

If this goes well, you have to complete the pre-employment assessment. Once you receive passing scores on this, you will be invited back for a second phone interview where you will have to answer four questions in the STAR format. STAR stands for:

  • Situation
  • Task
  • Action
  • Result

This is an excellent way for the hiring manager you’re speaking with to learn more about handling situations on the job.

The final step in the interview process is the in-person interview. This is the most challenging part of the hiring process besides the pre-assessment test. Here, you will discuss your experience related to the potential job in more depth, your past two interviews, and your assessment scores.

Some tips to help you through the rest of the interview process are:

  • Study the STAR method as much as possible and use it in every interview you have. This method shows your employer that you have thoroughly thought out each of your answers to their questions. It can also help alleviate anxiety during interviews because it gives you the formula to structure your answers afterward.
  • Be sure to use a professional tone of voice during both of your phone interviews. Avoid saying things like “um” or “but” too much. The same goes for your in-person interview.
  • Dress professionally for your in-person interview.

Take Verizon Wireless Assessment Test Now

Final Thoughts

While the Verizon Wireless pre-employment hiring process is long and exhausting for many, preparing with Job Test Prep’s materials will undoubtedly help you succeed. Once you pass the exam, you can relax. We wish you the best of luck in your endeavors!

Have you been searching or applying for jobs in administration or other related fields? Are you struggling to pass the employment exams or worried about an upcoming exam? If so, you’re in the right place.

The Support and Administrative Selection (SASS) test is an exam that assesses a potential employee’s administrative and clerical skills as part of the hiring process.

In this article, we’ll go over the SASS test and how you can prepare for it.

Take the EEI SASS Test to improve your score.

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What Is the SASS Test? How Was It Developed?

Careers that involve administrative and clerical skills will most likely never go out of demand. Because of their high demand, properly assessing abilities directly related to a person’s job is essential to bringing high-quality workers into a company.

Edison Electric Institute, the test developer, is a well-established company that employs many workers in this sector. They created the SASS Test after conducting decades of research on administrative and clerical positions using data from over 3,000 different organizations.

Ultimately, they found that the previous tests used to assess these skills were outdated and irrelevant to the current workforce. As technology evolves, there is a clear need for continually updating the information on the test. The old version of the test, the Clerical Assessment Battery, was replaced with the SASS.

How Many Sections Are on the Test, and What Are They?

There are three sections on the SASS test, each with its subsections. Below is a description of each and what you can expect the material to be like.

Each test section includes instructions and a practice session, which is reflected in the total time spent.

1. Basic Competency Assessment Battery (BCAB)

To start the test, you will take the introductory competency assessment section, which assesses a range of administrative skills at entry level. There are four subsections:

  • Filing and Sorting Test – Here, you will be asked to file and sort items based on a set of directions. You have one minute to appropriately “file” the paperwork (or another object/information) in the correct category. In total, there are six questions. Including the start and end time, this section should take you no more than 10 minutes to complete.
  • Basic Mathematics Test – Structured a bit differently from the other sections, the math assessment consists of five problems with three-four questions. Knowing essential math functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division will help you on this test. You won’t be asked to do any high-level math questions, fortunately. In total, this section should take 25 minutes to complete.
  • Spelling/Grammar Test – This section requires you to practice what you learned in grade school about spelling and grammar. Like many other similarly structured tests, you’ll be given paragraphs to read and pick out the errors in them. There are 50 errors in total that you have to identify. In total, this section should take you less than 25 minutes to complete.
    Classifying Test – For this section, you will sort through information like names, addresses, numbers, and codes to put them in categories based on “rules.” The rules will be given in a question format, so there may be several different ones. You have a total of 12 minutes to complete four lists of 25 questions. In total, this section should take 25 minutes.

2. Basic Keyboard Skills Battery (BKSB)

The second section looks at your ability to enter data into a system or spreadsheet quickly, and how fast and accurate you can type. These two sections go by fairly quickly, with the entire test taking less than 40 minutes. Because the point of the section is to see how you work in a fast-paced environment, be sure to consider this as you’re practicing.

For the data entry subsection, you will be given a form and enter information from a short paragraph or story. There are three forms to complete, taking around 23 minutes to complete.

For the production typing test, you will be given a piece of paper with information and will have to record it within seven minutes. You will be judged on how fast and accurately you can enter the data into the computer. The section should only take 15 minutes or less to complete.

3. Advanced Competency Assessment Batteries (ACAB)

Because the level of difficulty increases with each section, expect the Advanced Competency Assessment battery and its subsections to be the most challenging out of the three. There are four different subsections to this test:

  • Simulation Work Sample – For this part of the test, you will perform tasks like data entry, looking up information in databases, solving problems, basic calculations, answering phones, and responding to emails. This section aims to see how well you can balance doing multiple things at once, so you will be multitasking between any of the tasks mentioned above at any given time. Knowing how to do this is essential for any administrative position, so scoring well is vital to passing the test and looking good to a potential employer. You have to participate for 30 minutes in the session actively. In total, it will take you 60 minutes to complete everything in the session.
  • Data Entry/Database Work Sample – As the title of this section states, it assesses your ability to enter data and data systems. Three tasks should take you around 70 minutes or less to complete. First, you will need to enter two handwritten purchase orders manually. The second task gets a bit more challenging, as the two purchase orders will have missing information that you will have to figure out. You’ll be given instructions on doing so, but most of the interpretation will be your responsibility. The last task has you review a completed purchase order to ensure that all the information is correct and necessary changes. Each task will take you anywhere from four to six minutes to complete, individually.
  • Word Processing – Similar to the typing test in the second section, the Word Processing assessment looks at how well you can accurately perceive and type information. The first subsection requires you to work within a word processing system to proofread, edit, and type information given to you via a sheet of paper. You only have five minutes to ensure everything is correct, so reading and interpreting the information quickly should be a skill you practice. The second subsection has you use the functions within the word processing program such as search, change font size or color, copy, paste, or cut. You will have five questions that have to be answered within 1.5 minutes. The entire section will take you around 50 minutes to complete.
  • Spreadsheet – Lastly, you must demonstrate that you can accurately use a spreadsheet and its functions. The first task will be to enter information into a spreadsheet, similar to what you have to do on the word processing test. Then, you have to use formulas to change things on the spreadsheet. Finally, you will review an already completed spreadsheet and compare it to other paperwork to ensure that it is correct. This section will take you 65 minutes to complete or less.

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How Is the SASS Test Graded?

For sections that have either right or wrong answers, such as the sections in the BCAB portion of the test, questions are graded by whether they are correct or not. Points are not taken off for wrong answers. For tests based on efficiency, accuracy, and speed, a score is calculated based on those three factors.

How Can I Prepare for the SASS Test?

There’s an easy answer to that question: study, study, study! Because there are so many components to the SASS test, it is recommended to review material and practice as early as possible.

While many of the tasks you can practice within your home, such as typing quickly and multitasking, others require a much more in-depth knowledge of specific methodology and functions within programs like Word or Excel.

Without this knowledge, you have a much lower likelihood of scoring high on the test. Keep in mind, the higher of a score you can achieve, the better you will look to potential employers.

When you first find out that you are required to take the EEI SASS test as part of your hiring process, go straight to the Job Test Prep website and purchase one of their PrepPacks. These specially compiled study materials are the ticket to acing the SASS test. For its specific PrepPack, you get all of the following materials for a reasonable price:

  • 15 math tests
  • 12 data entry tests
  • Three clerical aptitude tests
  • 6 English language tests

You also get hundreds of sample questions that mirror what the actual test will look like. All materials are available online and are accessible 24/7 for the duration of your package purchase. You can purchase packs in 1 week, one month, or 3-month increments. By using these materials, you will be more prepared than the majority of the candidates.

Take EEI SASS Test Now

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Are you interested in pursuing a career in the civil service industry in Ohio? Have you decided on the job you want to apply for but haven’t started studying for your exam yet? Are you confused about which exam you’ll be taking?

If so, you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll learn the most valuable tips for preparing for Ohio Civil Service Test and the basics of the application process.

Take the Ohio Civil Service Test to improve your score.

Ohio Civil Service Test Overview

The Ohio Civil Service Tests are exams you might have to sit when applying for state government jobs.

They are administered by the Ohio Civil Service Commission to narrow down candidates and create preferences for job interviews.

You can take the tests as long as you hold the necessary qualifications for the role, which varies from job to job.

However, it’s important to note that the contents of the test change depending on the type of role you apply for and that you might have to take multiple tests!

After completing the test, candidates are ranked based on how well they did. Those who performed better will be given first preference for job interviews. This means that doing well on your test is essential for getting invited to the interview stage.

Where do I start?

Before you think about the exam, you need to put in your application. On the state government website for Ohio, there will be hundreds of open positions that you can apply for online with your resume and other required documents.

It is common for people to apply for more than one position at a time, so keeping track of your different applications is crucial. Make sure everything you submit is accurate and up-to-date.

What does the exam consist of?

The Ohio Civil Service Test is the basic pre-employment assessment required for anyone applying to work for the state of Ohio. The test must be taken before you can be officially hired, so it’s not something that can be completed after the fact.

Each job application could require a different form of the test depending on that specific position’s skills. For example, a test for a police officer will be different from a test for someone who wants to be in the county clerk’s office.

You will be told which test you need to take by your potential employer, so be sure to ask them about it if the communication is not clear from the beginning of the application process.

There are four different aspects to the Civil Service test, with each having a unique impact on your hiring process:

1. Typing Tests – This test measures your ability to type quickly and efficiently or your “words per minute” speed.

2. Oral and Essay Tests – Here, you will show off your ability to think and analyze problems critically. This section will involve things like reading comprehension, problem-solving, and more.

3. Experience and Training Ratings – While you might submit your education and work experience on your application, this section of the test provides a more intense look at it. You will be required to provide more specific details about your job description and studies so that your employer can see if you are a good fit for the job based on your experience.

4. Position-Specific Computer-Administered Multiple-Choice Tests – Based on the job you are applying for, the final portion of the pre-employment assessment will consist of questions directly related to your potential job duties and the knowledge you need to have done them well. There could also be personality assessments and cognitive aptitude tests in this section as well.

Take Ohio Civil Service Test Now

Preparing for the Test

It’s important to ensure you’re well-prepared before you take the Ohio Civil Service Test. The preparation you do will vary on the test you’re asked to do.

For example, you might practice your typing skills for a typing test, or you may have to brush up on your memorization skills.

If you show up to the exam room feeling confident and well-prepared, you’re more likely to do well on the test. Keep reading to find some tips on how we’d recommend you prepare for your Ohio Civil Service test:

How can I study for the test?

Job Test Prep offers an all-inclusive Civil Service Exam PrepPack that covers any possible material that could be on your exam. There are over 140 different practice tests, more than 2,300 sample questions included in this Pack, along with personality test preparation and nine additional study guides. Preparatory resources for the following subjects are included:

  • Professional Skills like basic accounting, diagrammatic reasoning, and mechanical comprehension
  • Personality Assessments like judgment and reasoning tests
  • Clerical Skills like alphabetizing, filing, detecting errors in a data set, record keeping, and coding
  • Math Skills like mathematical reasoning and arithmetic number facility
  • Critical Thinking Skills like applying written information, inductive and deductive reasoning, logical reasoning, and problem sensitivity
  • English Skills like preparing written materials with correct grammar, spelling, and vocabulary and reading comprehension
  • Generic Skills like memorization, observation, spatial orientation, figural reasoning, and visualization.

Demonstrating that you can use each of these skills correctly and efficiently will be important no matter which job you are applying for. While they might not all directly relate to your potential career, showing that you are competent in them can give you a better presentation than other applicants. This is especially true if you plan on applying to multiple positions in different fields.

If you’re unsure about making the investment, Job Test Prep also offers free resources so that you can try out the PrepPack concept before you purchase it. Again, the free practice test for the Civil Service Exam is a general resource that can be used for any state.

You May Check:

In total, there are five tests that you can work your way through that mimic what you’ll see in the PrepPack. They are a great source of knowledge to use in addition to your other study materials.

For more niche practice materials and other PrepPacks, visit the Job Test Prep website.

Practice Exams and Their Importance

Another way you can prepare for your test is by doing practice exams. Starting out with a practice exam is a good way to see what skills you need to brush up on!

They can also be a good way to test your skills throughout your exam preparation; check out some free practice exams here.

Taking practice exams is a super effective way of studying. The best way to use them is to simulate the environment of the test room while you’re doing them so that you get the same feeling you would on the actual day.

This could mean either sitting in a quiet room or just turning off your mobile phone and laptop.

A study shows that practice tests are more effective than other methods of study. This is because it invokes the “testing effect,” which is where your brain works harder to retrieve information during test environments.

This ultimately improves your memory recall – meaning you’ll be better off retrieving information from your brain in exam environments!

Exam Day Essentials

Once you’ve fully prepped for your test, it’s time to take it!

Arriving at your testing center can be a nerve-wracking experience, so we’ve lined out everything you can expect from the moment you arrive to the completion of your exam.

Make sure you follow all relevant instructions you received upon signing up for the test, and bring all the necessary materials with you on the day!

Where and how will the test be administered?

Ohio has several different testing centers around the state, which is where you’ll be required to go and take the test. Unlike other pre-employment assessments that can be taken at home and sent to your employer, the Civil Service test requires you to be physically present at one of their locations.

The test can be administered on the computer or with pen and paper, depending on which position you apply for and which test you take.

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What to Bring and Expect on Test Day

The first thing you should do to prepare for Test Day is plan ahead. If you’re driving to your testing location, make sure you know where to park so that you arrive on time.

Alternatively, if you’re taking public transportation, walking, or biking, make sure you leave enough time to arrive.

It’s a good idea to arrive early and give yourself that extra half hour to account for unexpected issues.

The night before your test, make sure you have everything you need to bring with you. This will differ depending on the test, but you can expect to bring:

  • Your ID
  • Pens if you’re taking a paper exam
  • Water in a clear container
  • Any other materials or resources they ask you to bring.

Make sure the ID you take to the test is the one you used during the application process. If you’ve lost your ID, you can still bring another one but make sure that it’s valid (i.e. not expired).

For example, this could be a current or temporary driver’s license, a passport, voter ID, taxpayer ID, learner driver’s permit, etc. Ensuring you have the correct ID will make Test Day run smoother.

Other items you can bring are pens and other required materials. Check the email you received so that you know what you need to bring.

Taking pens isn’t necessary, but if you’re sitting a paper exam it’s good to have backups. The preference is for black or blue ballpoint pens.

Finally, ensure that you’re wearing appropriate testing attire. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you’re tidy and comfortable, as you might be sitting for one or more hours.

Make sure you’re not wearing shorts or sleeveless shirts so that you give the right impression!

Understanding Your Test Results

Naturally, you will want to score as high as possible. The scoring system varies for each test, making it difficult to compare how you could rank from one test to another.

However, each test will have a “passing” score which will determine whether or not you get to move on to the next phase of the hiring process.

If you don’t score high enough, you won’t be able to go further with the job. According to Job Test Prep, those who score within the highest 25% are the most likely to be contacted by employers.

Take Ohio Civil Service Test Now

Final Thoughts

By using Job Test Prep materials to help study for the 2023 Ohio Civil Service Test, you’ll stand out among your peers in the applicant pool. Visit the website here to purchase the PrepPack.

We wish you the best of luck!

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Walgreens, one of the largest drugstore and pharmacy chains in the world, is constantly looking for highly skilled people to work for them in a number of different departments. They are also one of the most reputable companies to work for and highly recommended by former and current employees. As such, they receive hundreds and hundres of job applications.

Take the Walgreens Skills Practice Test to improve your score.

From managers and shift leads to pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to inventory specialists, each of these jobs entails a thorough Walgreens hiring process. Every potential employee must go through the same steps to be hired, although there might be some differences in hiring process depending on the position.

In this article, you’ll learn about the Walgreens hiring process and how to prepare for the Walgreens Assessment Test.

About Walgreens Online Application

The application process begins when you complete the online application. For most people, this can be done at their own home or at a Walgreens store. However, your local store may also offer paper applications.

The application will consist of your basic information and demographics, past employment and education history, and more. Be sure to complete it as accurately as possible so that the current employee or staff member that looks at doesn’t have any questions about your qualifications.

Personality Test

Taking a personality test for an application screening is becoming standard practice across many industries. Companies want to know that the people they’re hiring will fit in with their company culture, align with their values, and thrive in the work environment. So, it is not surprising that it is a personality test is included in the Walgreens hiring process. The pharmacy looks for the following personality traits, skills, and strengths in potential employees:

  • Can work well under pressure
  • Can keep calm during stressful situations
  • Has Empathy
  • Passionate about helping customers (people and their communities)
  • Can handle multiple tasks or projects at one time
  • Can work with a diverse population
  • Can handle complaints or angry customers with a level head
  • A team player
  • Flexible in all aspects of the job
  • Has a strong ethical compass

How to Prepare for the Personality Test

An example of a question that you might see on the personality assessment is:
1. “I can handle stressful situations with a calm attitude.”

a. Yes
b. No

In this test, Walgreens are looking for candidates who can  work in stressful situations without becoming overwhelmed or disgruntled. This is a common scenario that happens in jobs that require you to face customers and satisfy them.

When answering a personality test, it’s best to be truthful.  Make sure you answer in a way that represents yourself accurately. However, if you find that you don’t match many of the qualities that the employer is looking for, consider if you still want to apply. Remember the tedious Walgreens hiring process is challenging as well.

Personality tests can have a significant impact on the decision-making process for many hiring managers, especially at Walgreens. Your score on the assessment is given a high priority during the hiring process. A technical questionnaire will also be given to you during this portion of the hiring process.

It will ask you different personal questions to see whether you are able to meet the basic requirements for the job. For example, if the position requires you to be able to lift 50 pounds or less, that is something that you would be asked in this section.

Take Walgreens Skills Assessment Now

In-Store Skills Assessment Tests and How to Prepare for Them

Part of the Walgreens hiring process is the skills assessment tests. All applicants will have to take some form of test to show that they are competent in the required knowledge and skills for the position although there are different pre-employment tests for different positions. However, everyone is required to take two basic sections of a skills assessment test. It covers two sections:

Basic Maths Test. For the most part, this section of the test will ask you to complete simple math questions as it relates to customer service. Examples are making changes and addition/subtraction/multiplication/division problems. It’s important to note that your potential employer can see how long you take to answer each question. These are rated on a scale of 1-3. Be mindful of this; if you consistently score a three, it could give off a negative impression of your performance.

Word Problems. Covering many different areas of knowledge, the goal of this section is to see how well you can analyze given information and answer a question about it. Topics could include reading comprehension and math problems. Again, the questions will revolve around real-life scenarios that could happen on the job. It is extremely application-based.

How to prepare for the in-store skills assessments?

An example of a question you might see in the basic math section is:

“A customer buys product A for $55.35 and product B for $14.15. He has a 12% off coupon. What would be his final total?

a. $8.34
b. $62.85
c. $61.16
d. $57.16”

For answers to the sample questions in this article and more examples of what you might see on the test, visit here.

The In-Store Skills test can be taken at any Walgreens, meaning that you do not have to take it in the main store, you can actually take at your local store even if you are applying for a position in another location. However, you should still arrive 10-15 minutes early and schedule the exam at a time when the store isn’t too busy. Recommended dress is business casual, meaning that you shouldn’t overdress but also should avoid wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

As mentioned earlier, any additional tests you will be asked to take are determined by what position you’re applying for. Below are some examples of tests and positions, follow the links to find specific practice materials for each exam:

  • Advanced Microsoft Excel – analysts
  • Numerical Reasoning Test – buyers
  • Walgreens Skills Assessment – cashiers and customer service positions
  • Microsoft Excel (basic or moderate levels) – coordinator
  • Personality Test – graduate program and leadership positions
  • Walgreens Pharmacy Technician Assessment – pharmacy technician, pharmacist
  • DDI Assessment – sales associate
  • Hogan Personality Test – high-level executive positions like VP of Supply Chain

To prepare for these assessments, Job Test Prep offers PrepPacks for each test you could be asked to take. All include some form of sample questions, practice tests in multiple areas, and study guides. The purpose is to simulate the types of questions you’ll be asked on the test in a similar format.

By doing this, you’ll understand the concepts behind the questions and how they are structured which can significantly improve your score compared to test-takers who don’t use PrepPacks. Links to specific PrepPacks can be found above in the list of example tests.

Take Walgreens Skills Assessment Now

In-Person Interview

Depending on where you are located and your potential position, your interview may take place either in-person or virtually. The preparation protocol is similar for both, as you should be prepared to present yourself appropriately and impress the hiring team.

In the interview, you could be asked about your strengths and weaknesses, position specific-questions, and how you see yourself growing within the company. Some example questions are:

  • How will you use your experiences from past employment or education to be successful with our company
  • Name a time where you failed and how you overcame/handled the situation.
  • Name a time when you faced an ethical dilemma and the process you used to resolve it rationally.
  • Describe a conflict you had with an employee at a previous job and how you handled it.
  • What strengths would you bring to the position you’re applying for? Describe them in a few words.

During the interview, remember that you are acting as your own advocate. While the hiring team will most likely call your previous employers or references that you list, you are your own best reference. Being able to accurately and efficiently describe how you can excel within the company and why you would be the best fit for the position is what they are expecting to hear.

Communication in the interview

Maintaining communication with the interviewer is important before, during, and after the interview. Asking any questions you have about the interview before you go such as location or materials that you may need to bring lets them know that you are prepared. During the interview, be sure to ask relevant questions like:

  • Can you tell me a little more about your company culture?
  • What does your average workload look like for this position?
  • Are employees expected to work individually or as a team?
  • Can you describe the employee turnover rate?
  • Tell me more about the management style in your company.

Lastly, following up with them to thank them for their time lets the hiring manager know that you are interested in the position and care about your performance. It also will separate you from those who don’t take the time to reach out post-interview, setting a precedent that you are willing to go above and beyond.

Take Walgreens Skills Assessment Now


Ultimately, the Walgreens hiring process encompasses so many parts to ensure that the people that get hired will be a great, long-term fit for the company. The assessments are meant to help your potential employer and team to understand the skills you possess and how you will fit in with company culture.

Doing your best on them is critical for your success during the hiring process. Utilizing the resources and Prep Packs created by Job Test Prep can only help you score higher and perform better than other applicants. You will definitely stand out from the crowd.

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Stressed about your CCAT for Cvent or another company?

Cvent, a software service company for event planners and their companies, constantly hires product engineers, software designers, technical writers, and sales. They have a global network and hire people from all over the world. Like many companies, getting hired on as an employee means going through an intense and complex hiring process.

Take the Cvent Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Practice Test to improve your score.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right amount of preparation, you can go into the Cvent hiring process with an open mind and be ready to get the job you want!

Besides the traditional parts of a hiring process like the application and multiple stages of interviews, you will be required to take a pre-employment assessment to determine whether you are a good fit for the company.

Specifically, you’ll be taking the Cvent Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT). This test was created by the provider ‘Criteria’. It is used by Cvent and other companies to screen potential employees, so your score will help determine whether or not you get hired.

Are you interested in learning more about how to practice for the CCAT? Let’s go!

The Application Process

Before you take the CCAT, you’ll have to submit your online application. The process for submitting this is daily straightforward and comparable to other jobs you might have applied to in the past. Always include an updated copy of your CV or resume for the hiring manager to review and any other required documents.

After you take the tests, you’ll also be required to do potentially several phone, video, or in-person interviews. This is all dependent on the position you’re applying for, so be sure to clarify with the hiring manager or the point of contact for Cvent if you have any questions. For more tips on how to prepare for an interview, visit here.

Take Cvent Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test Now

The Test

After you submit your application, you’ll be asked to take the online CCAT test. In total, it only lasts 15 minutes and requires you to complete 50 questions. These aim to test a variety of different skills and abilities to see how well-suited you are for the role.

Question Types

There are four different types of questions:

Verbal Ability – this will assess your abilities with words and comprehending texts to extract information

Spatial Reasoning – this assesses your inductive reasoning from looking at images and patterns

Math and Logic – this assesses your numerical skills and lateral thinking

Try some free practice tests at Job Test Prep, here to get used to the different types of questions you might face.

Personality Test

After completing this part of the test, you’ll be given a personality assessment. Here, Cvent is looking to see how well you will fit in with the company culture and other employees by asking you about things like work preferences, how you react to different situations in the workplace, and more.

Compared to the online test, this could be administered in person. However, this all depends on your location and the circumstances surrounding the position you’re applying for. While it might seem strange to take a personality test when applying for a job, it’s becoming more common, especially in places where remote work is an option, and an in-person interview isn’t.

Time Limit

The time limit is a significant deterrent to many people; after all, how are you supposed to answer 50 questions in 15 minutes and manage to get a decent score? The answer to that is— you’re not. Most people don’t get to the end within the time limit, so it isn’t expected that you can.

A central point of having this many questions within such a short time frame is to see your ability to comprehend information while working rapidly. Therefore, don’t be too hard on yourself if you aren’t able to complete as many as you hoped when you take the test.


How is the CCAT scored? You get a raw score from 0 to 50 and depending on the role you may need anywhere from 18 to 42 to pass. But the best candidates will aim to be in the top 20%. Check out the full CCAT scoring system for different roles and companies.

Take Cvent Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test Now

Studying for the CCAT

Practice Tests

Preparing for this type of test can be nerve-wracking, especially if it’s been a while since you’ve had to take a standardized test. Thankfully, Job Test Prep offers a PrepPack explicitly designed for the CCAT! Among the many valuable resources included, five practice tests are designed to help you learn how the questions will be worded and arranged.

Each test can be taken on your own time, so there’s no need to be worried about running out of time to study. Additionally, the following things are included in the PrepPack:

  • Normalized scores for entry and management level tests
  • Personality practice test
  • Study guide for the personality test
  • CCAT solving tips and time management guide

When studying for the online test, practicing sample questions and going through practice tests is the best way to improve your speed. The test is scored on how many you get correct rather than how many you miss, so identifying easy questions that you can answer automatically will help you move through the test at a quicker pace.

The goal, after all, is to see how many you can get correct in the concise amount of time you’re given. The PrepPack will explain the basic concepts that will appear on the test, so it’s essential to study this as much as possible.

While you don’t need to memorize a bunch of math or verbal reasoning theories, you should have a good idea of what they mean so you’re able to use context clues to answer questions you may not know the answer to immediately.

Take Cvent Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test Now

Learn Your Strengths

Learning about yourself is the best way to study besides utilizing the Job Test Prep materials for the personality assessment. Knowing your strengths, weaknesses, and other characteristics about yourself are essential; this is the basis of what the personality test is looking at.

Being able to identify keywords that are associated with your strengths and weaknesses will also help you when answering questions. Answering the questions as truthfully as possible is also one of the most important things you can do. Many people tend to answer how they think a potential employer would want them to but have a strange total score because of it.

Be true to yourself and let them know how awesome an employee you will be by answering honestly!

How Much Time Do You Need to Prepare?

Giving yourself plenty of time is essential. However, the PrepPacks are available in three different time frames, so don’t worry if you don’t have long. The most common package is an entire month’s access to all of the content mentioned above for only $89.

Consider this an investment purchase, as the skills you’ll learn from the exercises are things that will benefit you in either your career at Cvent or future job interviews.

Take Cvent Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test Now

Other Companies that Use CCAT Tests

Do you have the CCAT for another company? Check out the personalized Prep Packs from Job Test Prep for:

  • Vista Equity Partners CCAT & assessment preparation
  • Relias CCAT & assessment preparation
  • Mediaocean CCAT & assessment preparation
  • Aderant CCAT & assessment preparation
  • Granicus CCAT & assessment preparation
  • Vertafore CCAT & assessment preparation
  • Pennymac CCAT & assessment preparation
  • TSYS CCAT & assessment preparation
  • Miratech CCAT & assessment preparation
  • Wonderlic CCAT & assessment preparation

We wish you the best of luck on your Cvent CCAT test!

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So, you have to take the Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test. Although it is a short test, it can be tricky. So it is always important to prepare to make sure you land the job you want in the mechanical, industrial, or technical industry.

One of the first things an employer does when looking at applicants is to determine whether their skills and experience fit in with the company’s needs and values. And aptitude tests help measure your abilities and potential for specific skills in the field.

Take the Ramsay Mechanical Skills & Aptitude Practice Test to improve your score.

That’s why many companies will require employees to take aptitude tests as part of the hiring process. These tests are also used to help narrow down the pool of potential employees, especially in situations where there are many applicants.

The aptitude test is one of several tests in the Ramsay Mechanical Test. In this article, you’ll learn about everything you might encounter in the different tests, and the best study materials you can use to prepare for it.

online mechanical exam

What is the Ramsay Mechanical Test?

The Ramsay Mechanical Test is a mechanical aptitude test used by employers to analyze a potential employee’s technical skills. There are four different types of the test, which may or may not be given during the hiring process: the MAT, MecTest, MultiCrafTest, and the PLC Test.

What does each test focus on?

1. Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test (MAT)

This is the most general of the four tests and is given to applicants for entry-level positions or maintenance roles. Those applying for apprenticeships or internships may also be asked to take this test.

It covers general mechanical aptitude topics, similar to Millwrights Test. Even if you don’t have specific experience in each area, the test helps determine how well-suited you will be for the role.

The four issues you’ll see on the test are:

  • Science and physics
  • Hand and power tools
  • Production and maintenance
  • Household objects

As you can tell, the topics are logic and application-based. They relate to jobs that require being able to solve concrete problems by creating tangible solutions. Questions about using a table saw or fixing a dishwasher are more specific examples of things you might see on the test.

Compared to other similar aptitude tests, this one is much more specific. Questions will be formatted in a multiple-choice style, with 3 answers to choose from. An image will be provided for you to analyze as well.

You can check out some free examples of questions for the Ramsay MAT test and get the full preparation package here at Job Test Prep.

Overall, the test does not require a significant time commitment. There are 36 questions with 20 minutes allotted to complete them. This means that you will have to work through the questions quickly, leaving little room to pause on complex topics.

Take Ramsay Mechanical Skills & Aptitude Test Now

2. Ramsay MecTest

What about the other Ramsay tests? Focusing only on mechanics, the MecTest is one of two Ramsay maintenance tests meant to assess relevant skills in higher-level positions. Compared to the MAT, it is much more advanced and may require a more intense level of studying.

There are 60 questions that are recommended to be completed within a one-hour time frame, which leaves more time than the MAT to dissect each question. The test is untimed. Questions on this test are formatted in a multiple-choice style like the MAT but have four answers to choose from, and more than likely will not include an image.


The following concepts will be on the test in order of how frequent they appear:

  • Pumps and piping – 7
  • Lubrication – 4
  • Mechanical maintenance – 10
  • Shop machines: tools and equipment – 8
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics – 15
  • Print reading – 4
  • Welding and rigging – 7

Need to take the MecTest? Get more info, free sample questions, and the full prep pack at Job Test Prep by clicking on the button below.

Take Ramsay Mechanical Skills & Aptitude Test Now

3. Ramsay MultiCrafTest

The second test of the Ramsay maintenance tests, the MultiCrafTest is a blend of mechanical and electrical questions; it goes into a bit more depth about the mechanical concepts you’ll see on the MacTest. Other than the additional electrical material, the test is structured exactly like the MacTest.

There are 60 questions to be answered in one hour, although the test is untimed. Like the MacTest, questions will be multiple choice with four answers and will rarely (if any) have images to assist you. The following concepts are on the test in order of how frequent they appear:

  • Power transmission, lubrication, mechanical maintenance, and shop machines, tools, and equipment – 12
  • Pumps, piping, and combustion – 9
  • Motors, control circuits, schematics, and print reading – 9
  • Digital electronics, power supplies, computers, PLC, and test instruments – 8
  • Basic AC and DC theory, power distribution, and electrical maintenance – 8
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics – 7
  • Welding and rigging – 7

Are you faced with the MultiCrafTest? Find example questions and fully tailored preparation here.

4. Ramsay PLC Test

Out of the four tests, the PLC test is the most advanced. There will be a wide range of material on the test, including general maintenance knowledge, programmable logic controllers maintenance, and information about ladder diagrams and troubleshooting them.

There are five sections on the test that consist of 10 questions that, while untimed, should take you a total of 1 hour to complete: ladder logic, troubleshooting, peripherals and systems, programming basics, and PLC and I/O basics.

Questions on the test are formatted in a multiple-choice style like the other three tests but provide a blend of passages, fill-in-the-blanks, and images for you to analyze as well. The combination of questions means that you will need to read each question thoroughly to be successful on the test.

Worried about your Ramsay PLC test? Take a free PLC test at Job Test Prep!

Take Ramsay Mechanical Skills & Aptitude Test Now

How should I study for the Ramsay tests?

Study tips

Before you think about specific study materials, here are a few tips on how to study:

  • Try and study in an environment that is as close to the testing environment as possible. Have a quiet room with little distractions, appropriate materials, and dress comfortably, yet professionally.
  • Avoid doing anything the night before the test that could hamper your ability to perform well on the examination, like drinking excess caffeine or alcohol.
  • Reduce your test anxiety as much as possible. Practice taking deep breaths when you are feeling overwhelmed by a specific topic.
  • Make sure to have all the materials you need before going to the testing center. Check with your potential employer or the testing center to find this information.
  • Reach out to others who have taken the Ramsay mechanical aptitude tests or look online for tips. While this isn’t included in the PRepPack, it could be helpful in letting you know how people reacted to the actual test.

Take Ramsay Mechanical Skills & Aptitude Test Now

Practice tests

Job Test Prep has many relevant PrepPacks that can help you prepare for the Ramsay mechanical aptitude test.

However, the one made specifically for the four tests mentioned in this article includes two full-length practice tests geared toward each test (MAT, MecTest, and MultiCraftTest), mechanical aptitude practice drills, topic-specific practice tests, six mechanical study guides, and a guide to the difference between the MultiCrafTest and MecTest.

Those who have purchased the PrepPack were more than thrilled with the results, with one even stating, “If you have any doubt that you might not pass this test, or just really want to add to your knowledge, but this practice exam!”

There are three different options for the PrepPack, but the most recommended one is a one-month “basic license” pack that costs $89. This will give you enough time to prepare, but not so much time that you begin to develop anxiety about what you’re studying.

If you are on the fence about making the investment of the Job Test Prep PrepPack for the Ramsay mechanical aptitude tests, don’t worry! They offer free practice tests and sample questions that are a shorter version of what you’ll receive if you purchase the PrepPack.

PrepPacks are updated with each new version of the test, including new tests that evolve from the old ones. In 2020, Ramsay released an exam that combines concepts of the MecTest and MultiCrafTest. Therefore, if you decide to purchase a PrepPack through Job Test Prep, you will also be able to practice for this test or use it to help you study for one of the tests as mentioned above independently.

Take Ramsay Mechanical Skills & Aptitude Test Now

What else should I know about the Ramsay Mechanical tests?

Because the Ramsay tests are so widely known, they are commonly used by employers in the mechanical industry. Some well-known companies that use any or all of the mechanical comprehension & aptitude tests are Walmart, Amazon, Coca-Cola, and Johnson & Johnson.

Among many others, applying for jobs at these companies is very competitive, so you must do your best on the tests. Job Test Prep provides a wealth of resources on the importance of scoring high on this test. Still, the most important is that many companies only accept the top scorers and eliminate the rest of the people who had average or poor performance.

The abysmal performance will earn you an unqualified score, which means that you are automatically disqualified from any applicant pool you may have entered. This is absolutely something you do not want to happen to you, as like many other test scores, your scores on this test can potentially follow you to other future employers or job applications.

Therefore, it’s crucial to utilize all the resources you can to increase your chances of being a top performer on whichever Ramsay test your potential employer requires.

Are you ready to ace the Ramsay mechanical tests? Visit Job Test Prep to purchase the PrepPack for your respective test or any of their other, more generally focused Packs at an affordable price.

Take Ramsay Mechanical Skills & Aptitude Test Now

Knowing that you’ll have to take a personality test as part of the hiring process for a job can be intimidating. However, the point isn’t to pry into every aspect of who you are as a person. Instead, employers want to know that the people they could potentially be hiring match the qualities they look for in an employee.

Most personality tests ask fairly broad questions, so while someone looking at your results will have a general idea about your personality, they won’t know everything about you. After all, that’s what the actual interview is for.

The Personality and Preference Inventory 3 is one of many personality inventories that employers use to help screen candidates for employment and many other settings.

In this article, you’ll learn the different parts of the PAPI 3 and how to best prepare for it.

Take the PAPI 3 Personality Practice Test to improve your score.

What Is the PAPI 3?

The Personality and Preference Inventory is a test that looks at both your personality and working style. The test was created by Cubiks, which is a company that produces different types of assessments to be used during the hiring process. Companies hiring will use this test to see how well you would fit in with their organization.

Because the test assesses various parts of a person’s personality and is used by several different industries, there are multiple formats to it. For example, two of the most common industries that use the PAPI 3 are leadership and sales. The questions on these versions of the test will be tailored specifically to those personality traits that would benefit those industries rather than asking about characteristics that could apply to any field.

On the test, there are several different primary areas that the PAPI 3 assesses that have individual traits that fall underneath them:

  • Engagement – work focus and need to be upwardly supported
  • Impact & Drive – influence, achievement, need to be noticed, and leadership
  • Organization & Structure – finishing a task, rules/guidance, attention to detail, planning, and organization
  • Interaction – relating closely to individual, social harmonizer, need to belong to groups
  • Work Momentum – work tempo, direct attitude, ease in decision-making
  • Composure – emotional restraint, optimism, and core composure

Each of these categories is looked at when it comes to being a potential employee for a company. If you notice, each trait directly relates to a part of a job description. Therefore, scoring well on this test is essential to let your potential employer know that you match exactly what they’re looking for.

The questions on the PAPI 3 could be structured in various ways but will most likely look similar to other standardized tests you’ve taken. Familiarizing yourself with multiple choice and Likert-scale-based questions is recommended.

You can learn more about and prepare for the PAPI 3 test at Job Test Prep by clicking on the button given below.

Take PAPI 3 Personality Test Now

How Can I Study?

Studying for a personality test isn’t like studying for another standardized test that you may have taken before. A great way to think about personality tests is to compare them to things you already know. Everyone’s familiar with the popular online quizzes that pop up on your social media feed that tell you what type of animal you’d be based on your favorite food or what destination wedding would suit you based on your favorite color.

While these aren’t legitimate personality tests, they follow the basic premise of using your personal preferences to determine something about you or an outcome. Another example is concepts you may have learned about in a college psychology class. In Psych 101, one of the first things you know about is the aspects of an individual’s personality and what they mean.

For example, if a person is headstrong and determined, they would most likely do well in a leadership position or an environment where they get to voice their opinions, which is also tested on Kolbe Personality Test, for example. Principles of introductory psychology like this play a significant role in how personality tests are interpreted and created. Therefore, when studying for them, you have to take this into account.

However, one of the best ways to prepare for the PAPI 3 is to work through the Job Test PrepPack. The Pack comes from a timed, full-length personality practice that you can work through, a study guide, profession-specific study guides, and motivation/culture fit prep guides.

Each of these study guides provides unique insight into the strategy behind answering personality assessment questions. It also comes with a guide that helps you interpret your results from the practice tests and sample questions. This is extremely helpful, as you will understand what an employer will glean from your results once they receive them.

In addition, a “Single Trait Practice” test is included. Unique to this PrepPack, these practice tests are customized to each trait found on the PAPI 3 test. Rather than taking the general test repeatedly to practice individual characteristics, you can practice each one at your own pace. This is an excellent opportunity if you’re struggling with one trait and don’t have a lot of time to study either.

If you would like to try out what the PrepPack practice tests might be like before you commit to purchasing them, there is a free assessment available. This practice test includes 23 free sample questions, an answer guide, and an analysis of your results. The final analysis is a similar but shorter version of what will be available to you when you purchase the genuine Prep Pack.

Additionally, Job Test Prep offers a free personality theory guide. This helps you understand the concepts behind the questions on a personality assessment and the standard models for personality tests. It is recommended that you take advantage of this valuable tool, as it can significantly help you to understand the “why” behind the test you’re taking.

Coming up with unique ways to study will ultimately help you more than randomly trying to explore the traits. As you work through each learning about each personality trait, try to think like an employer. What characteristics would you want to have in an employee?

Studying the job description is another good way to learn what factors will most appeal to the company you’re applying for. Pick out keywords and look through the specific trait study guides to find potential questions that could be on the test.

Take PAPI 3 Personality Test Now

What Other Study Tips for Personality Tests?

Job Test Prep also offers a more general practice Prep Pack for personality tests preparation. This could be helpful for those looking to have additional practice outside of the PAPI 3 Prep Pack. The goal of the practice tests included is to become familiar with the types of question styles on a personality test. Examples include:

  • True/False
  • Likert Scale (1=least likely, 2=somewhat likely, 3=very likely, 4=extremely likely)
  • A statement followed by Least/Most
  • Agree/Disagree/Neither

You will also receive a “Personality Inventory Profile” to help you learn about how your results will look. Because this is a general overview of what any of the hundreds of personality tests available can look like, it may be how your results are structured for the PAPI 3.

However, it is still beneficial to take due to its in-depth review of the scores. One of the most important things you can do before taking a personality assessment is understanding how an employer could interpret your results. This way, you can learn about yourself and how others may perceive you based on these results.

It also helps you understand how to appropriately answer the question if a result did not turn out how you had hoped. For example, if you answered the questions in a way that makes you look incredibly indecisive, this could potentially hinder your chances of gaining employment.

By knowing how your scores look, you will be able to explain how while this skill may be a weakness, it allows you to have room to listen to other’s opinions to be able to make an informed decision.

Take PAPI 3 Personality Test Now

How Will This Be Used During an Interview?

When you’re interviewing for a position, your potential employer may want to discuss your results or ask you questions about similar information you saw on the test. Like with anything you may be requested when talking to a potential employer, confidence is the key to acing an interview.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses and the experience you have are directly related to the job description for the position you’re applying for. Before you go into your interview, learn as much as you can about the company, starting with its mission statement.

A company’s mission statement is what will guide its policies and procedures, and daily operations within the organization. Talking about specific parts of the mission statement that aligns with your personal values will impress any interviewer, so be sure to have a few points ready to talk about.

Overall, the PAPI 3 personality assessment by Cubiks, is something that could affect whether you are hired at a job or not. While this can be intimidating as you begin to study, using the Job Test Prep Pack will undoubtedly help you ace the PAPI 3 personality test! We wish you the best of luck!

Recommended Prep Guides-

Are you interested in going into the fields of emergency medical service, law enforcement, or criminal justice? If so, becoming a 911 dispatcher is the perfect job for you. You can gain experience by being an important part of public safety.

Take the 911 Dispatcher Criticall Practice Test to improve your score.

To be qualified for the job, you have to pass the Criticall Test. Like many other jobs, employers across the U.S. and Canada require you to take a test and get a passing score so that they will know who among the candidates is qualified for the job. The same goes for UK NHS, for example.

It is understandable to get anxious about taking the Criticall Test, but you don’t have to worry. This article contains recommended training materials and Criticall Test tips that will help you get passing scores and be on your way to becoming a public safety dispatcher.

What Is the Criticall Test?

The Criticall Test is a fast-paced test that assesses a person’s competence to perform a 911 dispatcher job correctly. Unlike many other standardized tests you may have taken throughout your academic career, this test focuses more on actual abilities and the application of your knowledge than general questions or accuracy.

It is this way because there is no specific degree or training program needed to be a 911 dispatcher. Therefore, it is a skills-based assessment rather than a specific trade or field knowledge exam.

Because being a 911 dispatcher is a position where you will undoubtedly encounter extremely stressful experiences, it is crucial that employers know you can handle these types of situations. While it obviously isn’t the same environment that you will be in at an actual job, taking this test gives you the opportunity to see what a few hours on the job might look like.

The test can also be a learning experience for you to know whether or not this job will be a good fit. In total, it will take no more than three hours to complete all sections of the test. Most people take the entire time to complete the test because it has many sections that are time-limited to how long it should actually take you to finish the task or questions.

Take 911 Dispatcher Criticall Practice Test Now

What Are the Sections of the Test?

One of the more challenging aspects of the Criticall Exam is knowing which modules will be on the test. In total, there are 23 modules that you may or may not be tested on. However, you still have to study all of them because the place where you take the test will most likely not let you know ahead of time what ones will be on there.

In most cases, the law enforcement department that you will be working with will have specific modules that they request or that they feel are most applicable to their workplace. On average, there could be 12 to 15 different modules on the actual test. Below are the most common modules that you may encounter on the test:

1. Decision-Making

In the decision-making section, your ability to make decisions quickly will be tested. It’s unique because it requires you to speak into a microphone to answer the questions. An emergency situation will be presented to you and you will have to respond with what service you believe needs to be sent. Visual cues are provided to help you choose the right service.

For this section, it’s important that you practice thinking about what you’re going to answer before you say it to avoid blurting out the wrong answer. Decision-making also appears on other parts of the test, so it’s something you’ll have to know how to do very well. It is one of the basic skills that you have to have if you want to be effective on the job. After all, making decisions is essential in responding to an emergency. 

2. Data Entry

Like many jobs, knowing how to correctly input data as a 911 dispatcher is crucial. As such the Criticall Dispatcher Exam tests your data entry skills. Data entry is very important because if any information entered is wrong, it can result in terrible consequences. In this section, you’ll be given an emergency situation and will have to decipher the most important information out of it.

Similar to forms you fill out online, the forms in the Data Entry section require you to enter basic situational and demographic information. However, this section isn’t as simple as it seems. You will be given different scenarios. The emergency messages can come from a phone call (an audio data entry assessment) and written as passages (regular data entry assessment). It’s your job to decipher them as quickly as possible and get the data in before the next one pops up.

You’ll be utilizing skills for multiple modules here, too. An example of the data entry platform is pictured below:

For more examples of what graphics or questions might look like, visit the Job Test Prep website.

3. Typing

The Criticall Dispatcher Test measures your typing skills. This means that you it checks your typing speed and accuracy. Because you will be working in an emergency situation, it’s important to be able to type quickly and efficiently–all the while being able to multi-task and use your decision-making skills. This module is one you will use consistently throughout the test, so it’s important to study it and know it well. So, it’s crucial that you make sure to work on your typing speed to pass the test.

4. Call Summarization

The Call Summarization section is fairly straightforward. Like the other modules/sections, you will be presented with an emergency scenario via phone call. However, you need to summarize calls here and you need to showcase your data entry skills because you’ll have to enter the important details from your summary into a form similar to the one pictured previously.

5. Memory Recall

Having a strong memory recall is extremely important as a 911 dispatcher. It’s a strength that you’ll have to have in other aspects of your life as well. Without having a strong memory, you may miss important details of an emergency situation that could be extremely detrimental to the person on the phone.

On the Criticall Dispatcher Test, you will have to demonstrate that you are capable of memorizing many complex things at one time. You’ll input it in various ways and the information will be presented to you either visually or through audio. This is another skill that you’ll have to use throughout almost every module and question on the test.

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6. Map Reading

Another useful life skill you’ll use as a 911 dispatcher is being able to read a map. As a dispatcher, you will have to ask people for their location and enter that information for the officers to be able to reach them in a timely manner. The questions on the test will have you take this skill a step further, however.

In the Criticall Test, you will be required to look at a map and determine the most direct route to go from point “a” to point “b” while identifying landmarks along the way. Unlike many of the other questions in the Criticall Tests, these will Map Reading questions will be in a multiple-choice format. 

You need to learn how to work with this test format while still focusing on the other aspects of what you are being asked to do. Multitasking is also one of the most important dispatcher skills you need to have and it is essential when answering the Map Reading Test. 

7. Spelling

The Spelling and Grammar Module of the Criticall Test is similar to those tests you have encountered during grade school. The only difference is that the questions will either be in audio or regular format.

Switching between two formats can be challenging, so you need to practice for it. As for basic spelling and grammar, they are some of the important skills you have to have as a dispatcher.

Many people depend on the information that you enter into the database, most of which will be highly-sensitive emergency cases. Therefore it’s vital that you are able to communicate effectively and that people can understand what you’re writing or saying.

8. Cross-Referencing

Similar to the data entry module, you have to read through or listen to a scenario and then correctly enter it into a large data table when answering the Cross-Referencing module. The tables could be large or small depending on what scenario you’re given.

You’ll be expected to do this in a very short amount of time, so being familiar with the structure of the table is important. Another example of how this might look on the test can be found below:

This sample question comes from the Job Test PrepPack. The pack contains Criticall practice tests that are worth three months. 

9. Character Checking Test

Being able to decipher between lists of codes, phrases, and other material that may look similar is extremely important when becoming a dispatcher. You may have to deal with things like license plate numbers, which can often become easy to mix up when they are put into a chart or list.

This module focuses on your ability to pick out the small differences between data and report those differences. The most challenging part of this section of the test is that you will sometimes be required to do other things or listen to a recording of an emergency situation while you’re sorting through similar data.

Therefore, it’s important to utilize the skills you’ve practiced in other modules to be successful in this one.

10. Prioritization

Like many other professions that deal with emergency services, being able to prioritize one situation over another when it comes to urgency is a critical skill to learn. Many times, you may have to simply use your best judgment to determine who needs help quicker than other people. Although this can be a subjective skill, this module will focus more on the objective facts that you will be given during a real emergency call. You’ll be expected to rank the calls in order of importance and severity.

11. Reading Comprehension

You are probably familiar with reading comprehension test sections, especially if you have taken a number of standardized tests in your lifetime. Reading comprehension questions usually assess your ability to read a passage and pick out important details for it.

In many aspects of your job as a dispatcher, you will have to read very brief or very lengthy materials and retain what it says. This module will not only require you to recall information from a passage but it will also check your reading comprehension skills.

12. Sentence Clarity

Criticall Test’s Sentence Clarity module is similar to the spelling and grammar test. The module focuses on your verbal skills and writing skills. You’ll have to work through a series of sentences or paragraphs and figure out which one is conveyed the best.

So, when answering Sentence Clarity questions, you will always need to determine which one makes the most sense and explains the message the best. This will also be something that you will have to incorporate into your study skills to be able to interpret and understand the Criticall Test questions correctly.

13. Math

The Math Module is another common but challenging module of the Criticall Test. However, the test does not include complex concepts, it actually requires only basic Math skills. Because the purpose of the Criticall test is application-based, the problems you’ll be solving have to do with things you will see on the job.

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How Should I Study?

Finding the right study resource will make a world of difference when you’re beginning the process of preparing for the Criticall test.

Good test prep materials contains Criticall practice tests and sample questions on the most common Criticall modules that has detailed explanations for each correct answer. Additionally, a study resource for this test should also have expert advice for job candidates to get more than a passing score.

There are many test prep resources available online. While there are free Crticall practice tests, it is important that you consider practice tests like those found in paid ones. 

For example, JobTest Prep has a Criticall Test resource that can help you cover all 23 modules. The website is also reasonable with its pricing and offers several different packages:

  • “Basic Package”: access to the Criticall test prep for one week
  • “Basic License”: access to the Criticall test prep for one month
  • “Premium License”: access to prep materials for 90% of common standardized tests, including the Criticall test

To get the best out of your Critical Test preparation materials, you can keep the following in mind:

1. Do Practice Tests

Taking Crticall practice tests can help you learn what types of questions may be on the test. On Job Test Prep, you can try out a short free Criticall practice test before you purchase the premium study package. 

2. Become Familiar with Sample Questions

Like what was already mentioned above, becoming familiar with how questions are worded and structured is one of the best ways to prepare for the Criticall Test. Because the questions you’ll have to answer are very specific to the job you may be doing, it’s helpful to know what to expect. Here are a few tips when working through practice test questions:

  • Be sure to read the sample question completely before answering.
  • Look through each sample question option before picking your final answer.
  • Use context clues throughout the instructions to help you pick your strategy for answering the question.
  • If there are any graphs or passages you have to analyze, look at them immediately after reading the directions rather than skipping straight to the answers.

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Important Habits to Develop to Succeed at This Test

Focused Student using Laptop

In addition to studying hard, developing good habits while studying and test-taking is an important part of helping you succeed and perform to the best of your ability. Here are the top three skills that will be of help to you when preparing for the Criticall Test:

1. Focus

Being able to concentrate on something for a long time is very important when studying for a major exa like the Criticall Test. In this test, it is important that you can answer quickly. After all, there is little to no time to pause and think about what you have to do during an emergency situation. 

2. Work Well Under Pressure

While all standardized tests are stressful, the Criticall test has a unique type of stress behind it. Answer Criticall practice tests with a time limit and many distractions like noise. This can cause a slightly stressful situation, which may become a good training ground when you take the real test. 

3. Ability to Switch from One Task to the Other Easily

Multitasking is a huge part of the Criticall Test and becoming a 911 dispatcher. Being able to receive input visually and through audio is crucial to scoring well on the test. In order to hone this skill, you can listen to intense music or a podcast while working through some practice test questions. This can help you learn how to multitask well. 


The Criticall test is a challenging test. However, if you really want to work as a 911 dispatcher, you need to prove that you have the basic skills for the job. While you can always find a free Criticall practice test or other free resources online, a premium Criticall practice test can help you be confident on your test day. 

If you work hard on studying for all the Criticall Test modules, you will surely be able to pass the Criticall Test with flying colors. So, do your best and everything else will follow.

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