Mastering Assessment Centre Exercises: A Comprehensive Hub for 2024

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Welcome to the assessment exercises section of ACHQ. You’ll find an index of guides and practice exercises below. Enjoy!

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A Useful Starting-point Resource

You can practice the aptitude tests used by top employers here.

Let’s Get Started!

Modern interview candidates are required to complete lots of assessment exercises to give their prospective employer a well-rounded view of their abilities.

It’s a comprehensive process because it has to be; challenges in the global economy mean competition in the job market is ferocious right now. (Particularly for graduates.) But don’t worry, we’re going to give you the tools, guidance and expert advice that you need to succeed in every  assessment exercise.

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2 Must-reads

  1. If you haven’t already done so, now would be a great time to to read our assessment centre introduction.
  2. Follow that up with a read of our article: “How To Prepare For An Assessment Centre


Performance-based Activities

Assessment centre exercises tend to fall into two camps: Firstly ‘performance-based’ assessment centre exercises (eg roleplays & presentations) and secondly psychometric/aptitude testing (eg verbal reasoning tests and personality questionnaires).

To learn more about aptitude tests, head to our aptitude test hub (which includes guides and dozens of practice tests). In this section we’re going to look at the first group of these activities, those that are ‘performance-based’.

Role-plays: A Step-By-Step Success Guide

Role-plays are public enemy number 1. This is the exercise that’s most dreaded by the majority of candidates, but it needn’t be that way. With the right preparation and mental approach you can fly through a role-play. We’ll show you how with expert tips and useful examples.

The In-tray Exercise (Includes Real Examples)

This is an assessment centre classic. This exercise gives your assessors the inside track on what’s referred to as your ‘situational judgement’. (How you would approach a typical workday scenario.)

The E-tray Exercise

An electronic version of the in-tray exercise.

Group Exercises: Everything You Need To Know

This is often one of the most revealing exercises of an assessment centre, so it’s no wonder it’s so closely scrutinised. This exercise tends to reveal one the most important elements of a candidate – their character. This is a must read if you want to make a good impression!


How to Deliver a Killer Presentation

Presentations are a dark art. There’s nothing more tedious than a bad one, but a good one can make a stellar impression. With time to learn and prepare beforehand you can do a superb job. We’ll walk you through an ultimate guide which will show you how to deliver an impactful, memorable and effective presentation.

Interviews: A Masterclass

Despite the many other exercises candidates complete nowadays, nothing -and we mean nothing- is more important than the actual interview you have with your prospective employer. It will make or break your chances of securing that new role. This masterclass leaves no stone unturned in preparing you to deliver an incredibly compelling interview.

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Resources & Equipment

It’s vital that you A) look the part and B) have practical tools to succeed. we’ll highlight the must-buys to ensure you have all the bases covered.

Here’s a few links to some of our broader assessment centre guides and also employer-specific guides:

Good Luck!

We hope you find this section of the site useful and wish you the best of luck in your future career.

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