Modern Business Essentials – Our 6 Favourite Tools & Resources

It’s essential that you look the part and have practical tools to succeed. Here’s our hand-picked list of favourites, every one is a tried and tested star-performer.

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1) A high-quality folio

There’s no need to spend a fortune on a Lucrin (unless you want to work in the City of London, in which case they’re practically essential to fit in!) – our favourite is the Masters Executive which offers a great balance between style, function and value. The Swiss Alpine range is also excellent. These things look great and are built like tanks. It will last for your entire career. Amazon (UK) | Amazon (USA)

Masters Leather Folio

2. Kensington Presentation Pointer

Pointer An genuine ‘must buy’ for anyone who has to perform an important presentation.

One of the most powerful things you can do to enhance the way you are perceived as a presenter is to use a presentation pointer. This allows you to trigger the next slide without having to stand next to your laptop, frequently clicking buttons. This is huge because it frees you to move around and gives your presentation a level of professional polish that we guarantee your audience will notice.

Our favourite is this Kensington model which is well-made and beautifully simple to use. It’s perfectAmazon (UK)

(You can also use this to draw your audience’s attention to specific points as it has a laser pointer built in.)

assessment centre 3.  Microsoft Office

The standard software suite of the business world. Contains all of the most frequently used Microsoft programs: Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Outlook, Access, Publisher & Onenote.

Another genuine ‘must-own’.

Office for PC: Amazon (USA) | Amazon (UK)
Office for Mac: Amazon (USA) | Amazon (UK)

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4. Dropbox

Dropbox keeps all your files in sync across all your devices. Desktops, laptops, tablets, phones, you name it. It’s brilliant.

It works perfectly, it’s fast, secure and has transformed the way people access their information and documents. And it’s completely free! Click here to visit the Dropbox site.

5. A Moleskine Notebook

Moleskine Notebook

Moleskine established themselves as the business notebook of choice many years ago and their heritage goes back a long way (Hemingway and Picasso were Moleskine fans). There’s a reason these things have been popular so long; the superb build-quality and beautiful acid-free paper are still winning them new fans today. Moleskine notebooks are simply the best. Amazon (UK) | Amazon (USA)

assessment centre 6. The Seven Habits Of Highly Successful People

A business classic which contains a wealth of proven techniques that will not only make you better at your job but will also teach you how to enjoy a balanced and fulfilling life. Amazon (UK) | Amazon (USA)


Four excellent books for further preparation

assessment centre ‘Now you’ve been shortlisted: Your guide to being successful at interviews and assessment centres’

This is a fabulous book by Denise Taylor that’s packed with useful information and advice. You can find it here: Amazon (UK) | Amazon (USA)

“This book is essential-reading for anyone that wants to feel more confident and prepared for their forthcoming interview or assessment centre.

It covers the different types of psychometric testing companies use, the various forms of interviews they employ, from first interview to panel interview to competency-based interview, as well as other more subtle aspects of performing well at interviews and assessment centres.”


Verbal Reasoning

‘Practise & Pass Professional: Verbal Reasoning Tests’

We often recommend Alan Redman’s excellent book to candidates who are particularly worried about their verbal reasoning tests or those who have struggled in their practice tests. You can find it here: Amazon (UK) | Amazon (USA)

“Written by business psychologists and packed with hundreds of real-life tests. Know what to expect and maximise your chances of passing.

Don’t let the verbal reasoning test jeopardise your job application; with the advice and tips in this book you’ll be well-prepared to perform at your very best and win the job you deserve.”


Psychometric Testing “You’re Hired! Psychometric Tests: Proven tactics to help you pass”

This excellent book by James Meachin and Ceri Roderick is a good read and will give you a deeper understanding of psychometric testing, what to expect and how to succeed: Amazon (UK) | Amazon (USA)

“This unique guide is written by two business psychologists who specialise in recruitment. Packed with practice questions, sample tests, tips and expert advice you can be reassured that it will equip you to handle any test thrown at you with confidence.”


Numerical Reasoning

‘Practise & Pass Professional: Numeracy Tests’
This book was Written by business psychologists who specialise in recruitment, it’s packed full of hundreds of real-life tests so you A) know what to expect and B) can practise numerical reasoning tests to your heart’s content: Amazon (UK) | Amazon (USA)

“The tests are supported with tips and advice so you’ll be completely at ease with the process and can take your numerical reasoning test feeling confident and capable. Don’t let a numeracy test jeopardise your job application!”



What are your recommendations?

Do you have any suggestions for additions to this ‘essentials’ list? If you know of a great tool or resource or have something that you just couldn’t do without get in touch and let us know – maybe it’ll make its way onto this ‘A’ list!

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