Mastering Mechanical Comprehension Tests: Tips, Practice, & Insights

In this Mechanical Comprehension Test Guide you’ll find practice tests, coaching videos and top tips for success. Let’s get started!

2 Useful Starting-Point Resources

1) You can get a hold of practice mechanical comprehension tests here.

2) Take a look at our aptitude testing page here to help you study for your upcoming mechanical comprehension test.

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What Is a Mechanical Comprehension Test?

A mechanical comprehension test is an aptitude assessment that’s widely used by employers for their hiring process to assess candidates for technical or engineering roles.

Sometimes, mechanical aptitude tests are also used for non-engineering roles, as part of a wider assessment of spatial awareness and the ability to think laterally.)

What Will I Have to Do in My Mechanical Comprehension Test?

In this test, you will have to show your mechanical aptitude, which means you have to show that you have adequate mechanical skills and mechanical knowledge. As such, you should showcase that you know the basic mechanical principles and use them to solve problems.


What Does the Test Measure?

A mechanical comprehension test measures two things:

  1. Your ability to understand mechanical concepts and principles
  2. Your ability to use those concepts and principles to make deductions and inferences

This might sound complicated, but it really is not. Essentially, a mechanical comprehension test poses two simple questions:

  • Do you understand this concept? (Diagram/Model/Principle)
  • What does this concept tell you? (How can you use it? What decisions should you make?

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What Type of Questions Will I Have to Answer?

Mechanical comprehension tests are designed to assess your knowledge across many different areas, such as mechanical equipment and other basic principles of topics like friction, gravity, and energy.

To prepare for this test, you should try answering sample questions like the one below. 


Two questions you need to answer:

  1. Do you understand this concept? 
  2. What does it tell you?

Two Important Points

  • The Mechanical Aptitude Test consists of almost all multiple choice questions.
  • There will only be one correct answer.

How Long Will I Have for Each Question?

This will vary based on the format of your test. However, try to answer all mechanical comprehension questions within 20-30 seconds.

Do I Have to Sit the Test at a Computer?

The vast majority of mechanical comprehension tests are now computer-based. But like some other tests, mechanical comprehension tests are sometimes still taken with a pen and paper.

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The Huge Variety of Mechanical Comprehension Tests

Mechanical Comprehensions Test contain different formats. So, if you have questions about the scoring system such as the raw score, the percentile score, and what is considered a high score, it’s best to ask your employer. You can also ask them about the time limit if there is any. Knowing the prescribed time limit can also help you better prepare for the actual test. 

Do not be afraid to ask to your potential employer. Doing it actually makes you seem more serious about succeeding. They will take this into account.


Will My Mechanical Comprehension Test Be Relevant to My Specific Role?

Sometimes, the type of mechanical comprehension test you take depends on the industry, your job position and level. But most tests like the Wiesen Mechanical Aptitude Test assess common principles, so they tend to remain fairly consistent.

Remember that it is your knowledge of mechanical principles that will help you answer the questions, not your knowledge of the job role itself.

Is It Possible to Improve My Ability Before My Test?

Yes, absolutely. These abilities are not innate; you can significantly boost your chances of success through preparation and study.

The best way to improve is to repeatedly take mechanical comprehension practice tests. This improves both your competence and confidence, which will help you succeed.

We recommend these practice tests as they include explanations. Explanations allowsyou to see areas where you get most correct answers (your strengths) and pinpoint areas where you keep getting the most wrong answers (your weaknesses). This highlights the gaps in your knowledge and helps you address them..

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Mechanical Comprehension Test – Example Questions

Below are some sample mechanical comprehension test questions to help you see what you can expect from this aptitude test.

Question 1

mechanical-comprehension-aptitude-test Question 2


Question 3

mechanical comprehension

Ok let’s look at some specific tips and resources you can use to pass your mechanical comprehension test:

5 Top Tips for Mechanical Comprehension Test Success

Design a study schedule

Design a study schedule that works for you. Set aside at least 30-60 minutes a day to review. This will help you improve your skills.

Here are a few useful videos that will get you started:

Mechanical Comprehension Test Video Guide

This video from Richard McMunn is useful for covering the basics of your mechanical comprehension test.

The Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

This video from Robert Snaith is much more detailed:

Here are other resources you can use: 12345

Be Quick, Be Accurate

You need to work fast and be accurate. Remember that this is a recruitment process. You are being timed against other candidates, so literally every second counts. Use your practice tests to improve your speed. Set a time limit when you do. Aim to reach a point where you can answer a question within 20-30 seconds.

Don’t Panic

You may get flustered because there are too many questions and not enough time. Don’t worry about it. Most mechanical comprehension tests are designed in a way that only 5% of the population can completely answer questions within the given time frame.

If you’re in that 5%, great job!  If you’re in the remaining 95%, you should work as quickly as you can, without sacrificing accuracy.  It’s all about getting that balance right. Again, practice will help you find that balance.

Check out our article on dealing with interview nerves for more tips on staying calm.

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Complex Mechanical Principles in Motion

This simple video does a great job of illustrating complex principles in a simple way:

Don’t Guess or Dwell

Some test providers deduct marks for incorrect answers. This is enforced so that test takers won’t be to attracted to simply making guesses. So, make sure that you are careful with your answers.

If the question is hard, you can skip it and just come back to it later. Don’t dwell. You could correctly answer 3-4 questions in the time you would spend agonizing over a difficult one.

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The best way to improve your mechanical comprehension test performance is to practice. These practice tests are the ones we recommended as they include explanations – this means you can pinpoint where you are weak and improve in those areas. (Gold dust.)

Some Final Questions for You…

  • Lastly the Tools and Resources page is packed with useful equipment and ‘A’ List recommendations that will make your life easier.

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Final Thoughts

Acing mechanical aptitude tests can be difficult. You have to have a good understanding of basic math concepts, mechanical concepts, electrical circuits, and even topics like kinetic and potential energy. As such you really need to study hard and do all the practice tests that you can do to prepare. After all, a specific test like this is usually part of the recruitment process for great jobs. 

So, if you are losing heart, just keep in mind the rewards you get from your test success. Practice with a steady pace and trust that at the end of your sessions, you will have good knowledge that is enough for you to ace the mechanical aptitude test you are supposed to take.

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