About Us

Assessment Centre HQ was founded in 2013 by Mike Kennedy, a recruiter with over a decade of experience working for some of the largest corporations in the UK. He launched this site to help people prepare for job assessments and turbocharge their careers. We focus on helping people prepare for tests that employers give candidates including psychometric and technical tests.

Assessment Centre HQ  been featured in many of the top publications including The New York Times and The Guardian.

Our Team:

Mike Kennedy

Mike is a careers and recruitment guru with 17 years’ experience working and recruiting for some of the biggest corporate employers in the UK, including BSkyB, UniLever, the BBC and News International. Mike provides employability workshops for leading UK universities and is the founder of AssessmentCentreHQ.com, a free job-hunting and careers resource for graduates and young professionals.

Sarah Duncan

Sarah is an accomplished educator, researcher and author in the field of testing and assessment. She has worked with various educational institutions and organisations to develop innovative evaluation methods and enhance student learning. Sarah has published numerous articles and books on assessment and learning. Her passion for promoting equity and fairness in the education system fuels her commitment to sharing insights and best practices with educators and policymakers around the world.

Bailee Boggess McCoy

Bailee, MSW, is a freelance writer and editor. She specializes in career, social work, tech, B2B, marketing, and medical, health, and wellness content. She has experience as a job coach, DEI consultant for companies, community-project manager, and clinical researcher. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Georgetown College in 2018, and studied neurolinguistics and developmental psychology at the University of Oxford. She earned her Master’s in Social Work at the University of Kentucky in 2021. Her scientific research has been presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference and published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and Associated Disorders.

Victoria Todorovska

Victoria (or Viki) is a Freelance Writer, Psychologist, and Gestalt Therapy Consultant. With years of experience in higher education as well as counseling others, she is well-placed to offer expert advice on guiding others up the career ladder. She shares her expertise to help job seekers prepare to put their best foot forward on employer assessments.

Hanna Greeman

Hanna is a freelance writer and editor with specialist experience in careers and business. She has written for many publications across different industries including career coaching, women in business, entrepreneurship, online business, and marketing. She shares her takeaways from countless hours studying employer assessments from the world’s largest companies.

Karen Stanley

​​ Karen is a former teacher of 20 years and ten times published author. She writes content for educational organisations and businesses, nationally and internationally. She coaches new and budding writers through to publication and is passionate about creativity; she runs creative writing workshops in schools and fostering agencies.


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