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Welcome to the aptitude and psychometric test section of Assessment Centre HQ. You’ll find an index of our most popular guides and practice tests on different assessments such as situational judgement tests,  personality assessments, and numerical reasoning assessments below.

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This is very important in your preparation and journey to getting a particular job, so do not hesitate to ask for this information. Many employers may even find your asking as a sign of your dedication and meticulousness. Check out some of our articles on different psychometric tests.

Taking a Psychometric Test

Employers nowadays use modern techniques to get a glimpse of your future job performance in their organisation. As such, their selection process can be tough. Often to get a job role, you need to do well in many assessments, some of which are online tests with a time limit. This means that some companies may also use psychometric tests or other forms of assessment to pick the best candidate. 

It is then very important for you to be used to taking psychometric tests and aptitude tests because they have become standard practice at assessment centres and recruitment events. You might also want to prepare for  a psymetric test for good measure.

As we explain in the assessment centre exercises section, recruitment processes have become significantly more rigorous in recent years; competition for jobs is fierce at the moment due to the challenges in the global economy. (It’s tough out there right now – particularly for graduates).

So, read on to get expert advice and tips to boost your chances of success.


A Handy Resource for Numerical Reasoning Tests

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An Important Starting Point…

Before we begin, please read our assessment centre introduction if you haven’t already done so. It will give you important background information and further context for the exercises and tests we’ll cover in this section. You can also check out ‘How To Prepare For Your Interview Or Assessment Centre’, which can help you succeed beyond tests. It will ensure that you not only get good test performance but also impress during the interview.

Ok, let’s get started…

Assessment centre exercises broadly fall into two areas.

  1. Firstly performance-based activities, which we cover in the assessment centre exercises section (e.g., roleplays and presentations).
  2. Secondly psychometric tests & aptitude testing (e.g., verbal reasoning tests, and personality test questionnaires).

In this section we’ll focus on the second group of these activities.

Psychometric Tests & Aptitude Testing

Psychometric testing has become commonplace in job applications because companies want to see not only a candidate’s cognitive ability but also their personality traits and behavioral tendencies. Employers use the test results as reliable indicators of the test takers are a good fit for the company’s culture.  Therefore, knowing how to answer a psychometric assessment is now crucial if you want to get your dream job.

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Verbal Reasoning Test: How To Succeed (+ practice tests)

Since communication is one of the most important skills in the modern working environment, verbal reasoning tests have become a crucial part of any job application. The tests evaluate the candidate’s communication skills, critical thinking abilities, and cognitive aptitude. A verbal reasoning test also measures the candidate’s ability to comprehend written information, make informed decisions, and solve problems effectively. 

 Read this article and give your chances of success a huge boost.


Numerical Reasoning Test: How To Succeed (+ practice tests)

Many employers also use numerical reasoning tests to assess a candidate’s ability to work with numbers quickly, analyse them, and make informed decisions. These tests are designed for the test takes to showcase their cognitive ability, problem-solving ability, and logical reasoning. Candidates who do well in a numerical reasoning test will be a good fit in jobs that require them to plan budgets, perform data analysis, and make decisions based on numerical data. 

Logical Reasoning Test: Your Success Guide

Sometimes known as abstract reasoning tests, these tests are also usually part of an employer’s set of assessments to pick the best from a candidate pool. These tests measure one’s ability to think critically, analyse information, and solve complex problems. This means individuals who do well in an abstract reasoning test show good skills in inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning. They are able to draw conclusions from given information. Those who do particularly well in these tests usually thrive in aerospace and engineering departments.

Personality Tests: Ultimate Guide

As mentioned above, beyond cognitive abilities, one’s personality traits and behavioural tendencies are crucial in the selection process of many companies. This is why psychometric testing involves aptitude tests (cognitive ability tests) and personality tests. Hired individuals are not only capable but they also have core values, beliefs, and goals that match the company.

Reminders for Preparing for a Psychometric Test

If you are taking a psychometric test, you need to find reliable practice psychometric tests. While it is tempting to use free practice tests, consider the importance of doing well in them. Paying a premium to pay for psychometric test packages is a worthy investment. After all, your performance in these psychometric tests will influence the trajectory of your career.

These practice tests provide the correct answer for all practice questions and offer detailed information about each answer. If you review these thoroughly, you will your common mistakes and be able to avoid these in real tests.

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Doing Well in a Psychometric Test

While it can be daunting to find that there are many different types of psychometric tests, you can always do well in any of them if you do the work and dedicate sufficient time to prepare and review. Create a realistic schedule for your study sessions and make sure to answer as many reliable practice tests as you can. Doing this will guarantee ideal psychometric test scores. We have provided you with enough resources, it is up to you to make the most out of them.

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