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WorkKeys Test Guide: Structure, Scoring, and Preparation Tips

If you are about to take the WorkKeys test, then you are in the right place. A lot of students and employees who take this assessment usually feel extremely overwhelmed closer they get to their test date. Luckily for you, we have what you need to know about to help you pass your WorkKeys Test.

In this article we will highlight some important information about the assessment including why this test is important, and what you can expect to see in these tests. As well as, a few tips that will help you prepare for the test, and more. So if you are ready to learn how to pass the WorkKeys Test read on.

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About the Workkeys Test

The ACT WorkKeys Test is a career aptitude test that helps determine if you will be a good fit in a certain career. This test also measures your career readiness that will not only help you but also your employer. The WorkKeys test is used to measure certain soft skills and foundational skills that will identify your strengths and weaknesses.

In order to pass the WorkKeys Test candidates will have to successfully complete three assessments, which include Workplace Documents, Applied Math assessment, and Graphic Literacy. All candidates who have successfully passed these assessments are awarded the National Career Readiness Certificate.

The National Career Readiness Certificate is viewed as a credential and is a great asset to add to your resume. This certificate is proof that you have the workplace skills needed to thrive in your career.

One of the benefits of the WorkKeys Test is that most of the tests can be completed in your own time and you also can complete the assessments more than once. Usually, these assessments take about an hour and can be done online.

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How is the WorkKeys Test Scored?

Your WorkKeys Test score is determined by the number of questions you answer correctly during your assessment. However, there are two types of scores in the WorkKeys Test, this includes:

  • Scale Score – this type of scoring ranges from 65 to 90 and is used to analyze the candidate’s growth throughout the assessments over time. The scale score is usually used to inform teachers and is not considered for hiring purposes.
  • Level Score – WorkKeys Test has seven levels, which measure the difficulty for each assessment. The easiest level is level one while the most difficult level is level seven. Each assessment has a unique level score range and how well you do in the assessment will be in that range. These scores are used for hiring purposes and to determine the candidate’s certificate level.

The WorkKeys exam passing score is three or higher, which means that to achieve the National Career Readiness Certificate. So you will have to score at least a three in the Workplace Documents assessment, Applied Math assessment, and Graphic Literacy assessment.

Which Assessments are included in WorkKeys Test?

While there are the three main assessments in the WorkKeys Test, this test also offers additional assessments which focus on measuring the candidate’s values, actions, and interests. The WorkKeys test consists of eight assessments in total, this includes:

Workplace Documents

There are 35 questions in the Workplace Documents assessment which has a time limit of 55 minutes. This assessment is available online or can be done on paper. The assessment focuses on the candidate’s ability to complete and understand workplace documents like emails, letters, and more.

This assessment includes five levels of difficulty levels, starting with level three as the easiest and level seven as the most difficult. The skills measured in the Workplace Documents assessment include the candidates, attention to detail, ability to identify the main point, application of technical terms, and more.

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Graphic Literacy

WorkKeys Graphic Literacy assessment consists of 38 questions and has a time limit of 55 minutes. This assessment can be completed online or on paper which then can be submitted.

The Graphic Literacy assessment includes five levels of difficulty, starting from level three and ending at level seven. The skills measured in this assessment depending on the level include the ability to find information, identify trends, decision-making skills, and more.

Applied Maths

WorkKeys Applied Math assessment consists of 34 questions and needs to be completed in 55 minutes. This assessment can be done both online and on paper. The WorkKeys Applied Math assessment consists of five levels of difficulty ranging from level three to level seven.

Each level measures a wide range of math skills including, the ability to solve problems, critical thinking, ability to work with fractions, ability to work with a negative number, mathematical reasoning, as well as mixed numbers, and more.

Business Writing

The Business Writing assessment usually includes one question to answer and has a time limit of 30 minutes. There are five levels included in this assessment starting from level one and ranging to level five. This assessment focus on many skills including idea development, use of tone, organization, and more.

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Applied Technology

WorkKeys Applied Technology assessment consists of 34 questions and can be completed online or on paper. However, if this assessment is completed online candidates will have a time limit of 55 minutes but if completed on paper then candidates will have a time limit of 45 minutes.

There are four levels of difficulty included in this assessment starting from level three to level six. The skills measured in the Applied Technology assessment include understanding how basic tools work, identifying the best solutions, solving problems, and more.

Workplace Observation

The Workplace Observation assessment consists of 35 questions and has a time limit of 55 minutes. This assessment has five levels of difficulty, starting from level one and ending at level five. The skills measured in this assessment include the ability to maintain focus, application of information, ability to predict situations, and more.


WorkKeys Talent assessment focuses on individuals’ feelings towards work and their behavior in the workplace environment.

The Talent assessment has a time limit of 35 minutes and consists of 165 questions. A few of the skills measured in this exam include the candidate’s discipline, optimism, sociability, and cooperation.


The Fit assessment focuses on how well a candidate will align with an organization. This assessment has a total of 102 questions and a time limit of 20 minutes. A few of the skills measured in the Fit assessment include social service skills, technical skills, and business operation skills.

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Is the WorkKeys Test Mandatory?

The WorkKeys test has become a mandatory assessment in certain states which have incorporated into their high school’s curriculum and is usually given to students in the 12th grade. A few of the states that require this include Alabama, Idaho, Hawaii, Kentucky, Nebraska, Nevada, and more.

However, while this test is not mandatory in all states there are a lot of employers as well as career fields who want their employees to complete this test. This is because these employers want to make sure that their employees are the right fit and have the essential skills needed for the job that they have been or will be hired to do.

WorkKeys Test Applications Process

If you have not booked your WorkKeys Test as yet, don’t worry the application process is quite simple but might take a bit of time. Here is what you need to do to apply for a WorkKeys Test:

  1. Contact the Certification Testing Center (216-987-40-40) 72 hours before you would like to take the WorkKeys exam.
  2. You will receive a Course Requisition Number after you register for your exam and a confirmation email.
  3. You will then have to purchase the WorkKeys exams that you would like to take. The price of three exam vouchers is $42.00.

Note: you will need proof of ID and proof of purchase of the WorkKeys text voucher to enter the exam. You should also arrive at least 15 minutes before your exam begins.

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Types of Questions asked in the Workkeys Tests

Most of the WorkKeys Test is now available online however, some tests do give you the option to complete the exam as a teasing center. The types of questions that you can expect to see in the WorkKeys exam will differ based on the assessment that you are taking. However, usually, all assessments consist of multiple-choice questions.

If you want to find out exactly how the questions of the WorkKeys assessment that you are about to take a good idea would be to view the sample questions on the ACT official website. There are free sample questions available for all eight assessments including Applied Math, Workplace Documents, Graphic Literacy, Talent, and Fit.

Another way you can get a better idea of the types of questions that you will be asked during the exam is to take a WorkKeys practice test. This is will give you a better idea of what could be asked in your upcoming test.

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How to Prepare for the Workkeys Tests

Now that you what the WorkKeys Test is and exactly what you can expect from it you can now start preparing for your upcoming test. Here are a few tips that will help you pass this exam:

Complete practice Tests

One of the best ways to prepare for any of the WorkKeys assessments is to complete a practice test. There are lots of WorkKeys practice tests to choose from, including a few free practice tests.

When completing your WorkKeys practice test you should treat it like you are completing your official assessment. Meaning that you should stick to the time limit that you will have to complete the test and only use the materials that you will be allowed to use during your test. Once you have completed a few practice tests you will start feeling much more prepared for these assessments.

Use a study guide

There are many study guides to choose from that will help you prepare for your upcoming WorkKeys Test. These guides will help you find which study materials that you need to help you prepare for the WorkKeys Test.

Practice time management

Managing your time during your WorkKeys Test is very important, do not spend too much time on one question because then you might not have enough time to complete the test. What you can do is skip questions that are taking you a little more time and go back to them once you have completed the questions that you know the answers to.

Answer all questions

It is important to remember that you are scored for every question that you answer correctly. So the last thing you want to do is avoid answering a question because you are unsure of the answer. If you are unsure about the answer to a question the best thing that you can do is try to answer the question using logic and you may end up getting right.

Read the instructions carefully

Before you begin your WorkKeys test make sure that you go over and read the assessment instructions carefully. The different assessments might have different instructions so make sure to read each assessment’s instructions before starting your paper.

Double-check your work

Even though you might want to complete this assessment as quickly as possible, taking some time after you have completed your assessment to double-check your work is a must. Make sure that you have read each question carefully and answered all the questions in the assessment.

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Final Thoughts

While the WorkKeys Test can seem overwhelming at first especially if this test is what you need in order to land your dream job or graduate. However, this test can make a big difference and help you find which career path is best for you. Once you have your National Career Readiness Certificate there will also be a lot more job opportunities available to you.

Whether you are working towards your National Career Readiness Certificate, or you are interested in completing the WorkKeys assessments that will help you verify certain essential workplace skills. All you have to do to pass either of these assessments is follow our tips and you should be fully prepared for this exam. So don’t wait any longer and start preparing for your WorkKeys assessment Good luck.

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