How to Pass the Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test in 2024

So, you have to take the Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test. Although it is a short test, it can be tricky. So it is always important to prepare to make sure you land the job you want in the mechanical, industrial, or technical industry.

One of the first things an employer does when looking at applicants is to determine whether their skills and experience fit in with the company’s needs and values. And aptitude tests help measure your abilities and potential for specific skills in the field.

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That’s why many companies will require employees to take aptitude tests as part of the hiring process. These tests are also used to help narrow down the pool of potential employees, especially in situations where there are many applicants.

The aptitude test is one of several tests in the Ramsay Mechanical Test. In this article, you’ll learn about everything you might encounter in the different tests, and the best study materials you can use to prepare for it.

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What is the Ramsay Mechanical Test?

The Ramsay Mechanical Test is a mechanical aptitude test used by employers to analyze a potential employee’s technical skills. There are four different types of the test, which may or may not be given during the hiring process: the MAT, MecTest, MultiCrafTest, and the PLC Test.

What does each test focus on?

1. Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Test (MAT)

This is the most general of the four tests and is given to applicants for entry-level positions or maintenance roles. Those applying for apprenticeships or internships may also be asked to take this test.

It covers general mechanical aptitude topics, similar to Millwrights Test. Even if you don’t have specific experience in each area, the test helps determine how well-suited you will be for the role.

The four issues you’ll see on the test are:

  • Science and physics
  • Hand and power tools
  • Production and maintenance
  • Household objects

As you can tell, the topics are logic and application-based. They relate to jobs that require being able to solve concrete problems by creating tangible solutions. Questions about using a table saw or fixing a dishwasher are more specific examples of things you might see on the test.

Compared to other similar aptitude tests, this one is much more specific. Questions will be formatted in a multiple-choice style, with 3 answers to choose from. An image will be provided for you to analyze as well.

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Overall, the test does not require a significant time commitment. There are 36 questions with 20 minutes allotted to complete them. This means that you will have to work through the questions quickly, leaving little room to pause on complex topics.

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2. Ramsay MecTest

What about the other Ramsay tests? Focusing only on mechanics, the MecTest is one of two Ramsay maintenance tests meant to assess relevant skills in higher-level positions. Compared to the MAT, it is much more advanced and may require a more intense level of studying.

There are 60 questions that are recommended to be completed within a one-hour time frame, which leaves more time than the MAT to dissect each question. The test is untimed. Questions on this test are formatted in a multiple-choice style like the MAT but have four answers to choose from, and more than likely will not include an image.


The following concepts will be on the test in order of how frequent they appear:

  • Pumps and piping – 7
  • Lubrication – 4
  • Mechanical maintenance – 10
  • Shop machines: tools and equipment – 8
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics – 15
  • Print reading – 4
  • Welding and rigging – 7

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3. Ramsay MultiCrafTest

The second test of the Ramsay maintenance tests, the MultiCrafTest is a blend of mechanical and electrical questions; it goes into a bit more depth about the mechanical concepts you’ll see on the MacTest. Other than the additional electrical material, the test is structured exactly like the MacTest.

There are 60 questions to be answered in one hour, although the test is untimed. Like the MacTest, questions will be multiple choice with four answers and will rarely (if any) have images to assist you. The following concepts are on the test in order of how frequent they appear:

  • Power transmission, lubrication, mechanical maintenance, and shop machines, tools, and equipment – 12
  • Pumps, piping, and combustion – 9
  • Motors, control circuits, schematics, and print reading – 9
  • Digital electronics, power supplies, computers, PLC, and test instruments – 8
  • Basic AC and DC theory, power distribution, and electrical maintenance – 8
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics – 7
  • Welding and rigging – 7

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4. Ramsay PLC Test

Out of the four tests, the PLC test is the most advanced. There will be a wide range of material on the test, including general maintenance knowledge, programmable logic controllers maintenance, and information about ladder diagrams and troubleshooting them.

There are five sections on the test that consist of 10 questions that, while untimed, should take you a total of 1 hour to complete: ladder logic, troubleshooting, peripherals and systems, programming basics, and PLC and I/O basics.

Questions on the test are formatted in a multiple-choice style like the other three tests but provide a blend of passages, fill-in-the-blanks, and images for you to analyze as well. The combination of questions means that you will need to read each question thoroughly to be successful on the test.

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How should I study for the Ramsay tests?

Study tips

Before you think about specific study materials, here are a few tips on how to study:

  • Try and study in an environment that is as close to the testing environment as possible. Have a quiet room with little distractions, appropriate materials, and dress comfortably, yet professionally.
  • Avoid doing anything the night before the test that could hamper your ability to perform well on the examination, like drinking excess caffeine or alcohol.
  • Reduce your test anxiety as much as possible. Practice taking deep breaths when you are feeling overwhelmed by a specific topic.
  • Make sure to have all the materials you need before going to the testing center. Check with your potential employer or the testing center to find this information.
  • Reach out to others who have taken the Ramsay mechanical aptitude tests or look online for tips. While this isn’t included in the PRepPack, it could be helpful in letting you know how people reacted to the actual test.

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Practice tests

Job Test Prep has many relevant PrepPacks that can help you prepare for the Ramsay mechanical aptitude test.

However, the one made specifically for the four tests mentioned in this article includes two full-length practice tests geared toward each test (MAT, MecTest, and MultiCraftTest), mechanical aptitude practice drills, topic-specific practice tests, six mechanical study guides, and a guide to the difference between the MultiCrafTest and MecTest.

Those who have purchased the PrepPack were more than thrilled with the results, with one even stating, “If you have any doubt that you might not pass this test, or just really want to add to your knowledge, but this practice exam!”

There are three different options for the PrepPack, but the most recommended one is a one-month “basic license” pack that costs $89. This will give you enough time to prepare, but not so much time that you begin to develop anxiety about what you’re studying.

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PrepPacks are updated with each new version of the test, including new tests that evolve from the old ones. In 2020, Ramsay released an exam that combines concepts of the MecTest and MultiCrafTest. Therefore, if you decide to purchase a PrepPack through Job Test Prep, you will also be able to practice for this test or use it to help you study for one of the tests as mentioned above independently.

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What else should I know about the Ramsay Mechanical tests?

Because the Ramsay tests are so widely known, they are commonly used by employers in the mechanical industry. Some well-known companies that use any or all of the mechanical comprehension & aptitude tests are Walmart, Amazon, Coca-Cola, and Johnson & Johnson.

Among many others, applying for jobs at these companies is very competitive, so you must do your best on the tests. Job Test Prep provides a wealth of resources on the importance of scoring high on this test. Still, the most important is that many companies only accept the top scorers and eliminate the rest of the people who had average or poor performance.

The abysmal performance will earn you an unqualified score, which means that you are automatically disqualified from any applicant pool you may have entered. This is absolutely something you do not want to happen to you, as like many other test scores, your scores on this test can potentially follow you to other future employers or job applications.

Therefore, it’s crucial to utilize all the resources you can to increase your chances of being a top performer on whichever Ramsay test your potential employer requires.

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