Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT) 2024: The Ultimate Preparation Guide

The Elevator Industry Aptitude Test is a challenging exam that invites applicants to prove their skills in the areas of reading and mechanical comprehension as well as arithmetic computation.

It can be a tricky obstacle in the way of your dream apprenticeship or next job. But don’t fret, with the right preparation you can maximize your chances of not just passing, but wowing your potential employer.

Take the Elevator Industry Aptitude Practice Test to improve your score.

Let’s discuss the best ways for industry hopefuls to get a foothold by preparing for this exam.

Quick Facts about EIAT

This exam is designed to screen potential candidates who are looking into jobs in the elevator industry—including apprenticeships.

The test comes in three parts:

Test takers will encounter between 25 and 35 questions in each section, and will be graded based on their scores. To pass the test, applicants must receive a score of 70% or higher.

The reading comprehension section will require that candidates have appropriate reading comprehension skills. Practice in this area is helpful to make sure you understand what you’ve read and can answer questions about the content.

For the mechanical comprehension portion, you’ll want to demonstrate your mechanical understanding. Be sure to brush up on relevant mechanical concepts and make sure you can show familiarity in this area.

Arithmetic computation requires comfort using basic mathematical functions including subtraction, addition, division, and multiplication. You will also be asked to reduce fractions and perform these functions on fractional numbers.

Exam takers may not bring a calculator, but should bring a photo id to the exam. Additionally, the test is timed and must be completed in a short time frame of 15-20 minutes total.

All questions will be set in multiple choice format.

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The Elevator Industry Aptitude Test by Section

Mathematical Computation

Bone up on your algebraic skills and you’ll soar through this portion of the exam. From solving x to recognizing numeric patterns, to reducing fractions, this exam will test your ability to manipulate numbers using mathematical operations and utilize algebra to solve equations.

Can you subtract one large number from another? Can you then add back in a third number? These are some of the tasks you’ll be asked to complete in this section.

You’ll be asked to answer word problems, utilize whole numbers as well as percentages and fractions, and perform number system conversions.

Mechanical Aptitude

This is one of the most important portions of the EIAT exam, and it is technical, so test takers should be prepared to answer questions in the realm of applied physics. This includes gears, pulleys and wheels, as well as force and torque.

Applicants may be shown a diagram of several cogs and be asked to answer which direction the cogs will turn, as well as whether they will turn at the same or different speeds. Test takers will need to understand both linear and angular velocity.

If a gear has fewer teeth, it has faster velocity. This is an applicable concept that can help exam takers answer questions quickly. That being said, it is vitally important to practice answering these questions with diagrams in a speedy manner.

Research shows that candidates who practice ahead of job exams are more likely to succeed than test takers who have not spent time completing practice exams. It’s always a good idea to spend a lot of time preparing for the EIAT before being seated for the test. Not only will the practice help you succeed, but it will build your confidence and keep you cool and collected when your test day arrives.

Wheels and pulleys are also a key area where candidates should focus their studies. Test takers should prepare to answer questions about differences between fixed and moveable pulleys and whether the amount of force changes based on which sort of pulley is used.

Other topics on the mechanical aptitude test include circuits, path, fuses, pivot points, load, levers, conductors, and weight.

If you’re concerned about your knowledge in this area or you simply want to learn more about this topic, get started on practicing with Job Test Prep, here.. You’ll see a large number of diagrams that will help you prepare for the mechanical aptitude portion of the EIAT.

Reading Comprehension

The EIAT tests applicant aptitude in the areas of sentence completion and vocabulary. Candidates are expected to match tense and number as well as understand and define commonly used words and their synonyms and antonyms.

Think about your ability to make predictions based on reading a section of text. Are you able to determine an author’s intention or identify a sequence within the text?

Can you use context clues to determine the meaning of a word? You’ll be asked questions of these types in this section of the exam.

Effective communication is an important part of work in the elevator industry and thus the EIAT wants to make sure candidates are able to work with others successfully.

Safety concerns are a large part of this industry and thus it is important to be able to communicate with others without error.

Take Elevator Industry Aptitude Practice Test Now

Strategy in the EIAT Exam

Test takers should know that they will not be penalized for incorrect answers. Rather, the EIAT expects candidates to answer with their best guess when the candidate isn’t sure what the answer is. Because the test is offered in multiple choice format, it can be helpful to eliminate answers you are certain are incorrect.

Once this has been done, you can select your best choice of the remaining answers. In the mechanical section of the exam, if the difference between the two figures is small, try to exaggerate the difference. This may help the answer become more obvious and help you understand what physical principle the question is trying to get you to think about.

Exam stress can blur the logical process, so be sure to take each question as it comes and try not to get too overwhelmed by the nature of the exam. It is possible to retake the EIAT, so although it is important to do well, a bad day doesn’t negate your dreams of success in the elevator industry.

Practice! Do as much practicing as possible for this exam. It’s also useful to take a few practice tests first and then focus on the areas where you struggle. For example, if you find your mechanical understanding is fine but your reading comprehension can use some work, take the time to focus on that area when completing your practice exams.

Or if your mathematical understanding is stellar but your mechanical aptitude could use some work, spend a lot of time working on figures and answering questions from Job Test Prep that can help you see the way questions will be laid out on the exam and how the mechanical principles are used in questions so you can demonstrate your knowledge of what each question is asking.

Unlike many job exams, the EIAT is a paper based exam. You are permitted to use scratch paper to complete calculations but you are not allowed to bring a calculator. Get familiar with answering questions without a calculator. It may also be a good idea to run through your times tables a few times before exam day.

Take Elevator Industry Aptitude Practice Test Now

How do I Pass the EIAT?

Candidates who score 70% or better on the EIAT have received what is considered a passing score. That being said, the higher your EIAT score, the more likely it is that an employer will offer you a paid internship within the elevator industry.

There are four tiers for your final score and you could score as high as 96-100% on the exam. Scores are valid for two years after the test has been taken. If you receive a failing score, you can reapply during the next recruitment period.

What to Do the Day Before the Exam

Candidates should run through all their practice materials the day before the exam. Studies have shown that jogging your memory is helpful to keeping your mind sharp and recalling complex material.

Don’t schedule anything else for the day before and the day of the exam, as you want all of your focus to be centered on success for this upcoming trial.

Be sure to go to bed early and get a good night’s sleep. Head into the exam well-rested and having eaten a hearty breakfast. Be sure to be hydrated as well. Tell your loved ones to wish you luck and keep their well wishes in mind as you head to the test taking center. It’s helpful to remember that you have a team of people who care about your success.

How to Keep Stress Levels Down?

This exam is only 15-20 minutes long in total. Given the amount of information that candidates are tested on, this is a very short timeframe and does not allow for much time to think through answers to questions. This can create a stressful testing experience for those who are not prepared.

The most important part of creating a smooth and stress free test experience is to set aside plenty of time to study for the EIAT. Don’t try to cram for this exam! Your chances of success are much higher if you allow plenty of time—several hours a day for at least a month—for practice.

Job Test Prep offers a three-month preparation package that can ease your worries. The more you practice and study, the less you will feel like the exam itself is a barrier in your way. After all, if you’ve been sailing through the practice questions for months, you’ll be well placed to step into the exam room and succeed on “game day”.

As they say, practice makes perfect, and if you truly want a job in the elevator industry, consider studying for the EIAT to be your unofficial job for one to three months prior to your scheduled exam day. After all, you’ll be putting plenty of time in if you are offered an internship within the elevator industry.

Why not start practicing as if you are already within the industry? You’ll feel confident and empowered when you take the exam and you won’t be intimidated by the difficult questions and short time frame because you’ve been acing the practice tests for weeks.

Take Elevator Industry Aptitude Practice Test Now

Companies that Hire Based on EIAT Scores

Believe it or not, the elevator industry is a somewhat close knit network of companies, including:

  • Thyssenkrupp
  • Schindler
  • OTIS

Every one of these companies works with the International Union of Elevator Constructors, and thus if you are interested in a job in the elevator industry, you must study hard for the EIAT and be aware that one of the companies that will hire you will expect success in this area.

Your Elevator Industry Job Awaits

Success on the EIAT is your ticket to professional stability and financial success. You have the tools you need to take your exam score to the next level and wow the elevator industry as you join the next generation of elevator professionals.

Take the tools and get started studying for the EIAT. Doing well on this exam can change your life! Step into your future and begin today.