L’Oréal Cognitive Test: Comprehensive Guide with Preparation Tips

The beauty industry is one of the world’s most demanding career fields you can find. L’Oréal is the world’s largest cosmetics company.

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If you want to start working for them, then you need to be ready to put your nose to the grind like you never had before.

Having an eye catching CV is just the first stage of the process. The next stage in the application process is the L’Oreal assessment which consists of Verbal tests, Reasoning tests and Numerical tests. Even if you manage to get through these parts, the real tests begin when you start with the first of your many interviews.

But let us not get ahead of ourselves. Success is guaranteed to those who tackle their obstacles one at a time. In this article we will show you how to pass the aptitude tests for the online assessment portion of your job application. We will share with you the relevant information required to pass the three online tests and how best to practice for each section.

The L’Oréal Tests

L’Oréal bases its tests on the Talent Q Elements series. Talent Q is one of many psychometric tests used to assess your skills and behaviour. It has a mixture of personality and competency questions that are supposed to measure whether your motivation and talents fit the role of the job on offer.

There are three tests in total: numerical, verbal and logical reasoning. The questions asked throughout the examination will give you a range of multiple choice answers to choose from. Each question will only have one correct answer. There is a time limit for each test, which varies from one to the other.

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The Three parts Of The L’Oréal Assessment

Just like Tibco, Wonderlic, or Wonscore, each Loreal test is to be answered in its own time. It is your responsibility to ensure you complete them in time and on the date your interviewer sets for you. If you are uncertain when and how to complete your application process, check your emails or ask your interviewer.

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Here is a description of the three tests you will need to write as well as examples for each one.

Numerical Reasoning Test

Your Mathematical and numerical skills are tested in the numerical reasoning tests. These skills are a necessity for many important L’Oreal jobs and is used in a range of different tasks. Duding these tests, the company will evaluate your skills in analysing numerical data that is presented to you in different tables and graphs.

You will be asked to answer 12 different questions, each with their own sets of data. Use the information provided to you along with basic high school level math functions to answer the questions.

The L’Oreal Numerical Reasoning Test will present you a previously unseen passage alongside its data. These passages will give you vital information that you must examine and comprehend in order to answer the question.

The main focus of this examination is not necessarily your mathematical knowledge. The main focus of this test is your ability to deal with the time pressure and stress involved in completing the numerical test.

The subject of the numerical reasoning test is not the only misleading aspect of it. The amount of data you need to process to answer the questions are not as long and complex as they might first appear. But beware:

You are given less than a minute to read the question and analyse the data provided in the graphs for the numerical tests. Your calculations will need to be quick and precise. Be sure to go through some practice tests before you tackle the numerical reasoning test.

The information will not be directly related to the subject of the beauty industry. Take this example question:

Example Question

You are given a table consisting of the number of animals in different zoos. The table names quite a few zoos, but the question will only focus on one particular set of numbers. This is the comprehension part of the question.

For example: You are told the zoo in Montreal has a total of 400 animals, the one in New York has 200 and the zoo in Sydney has 230.

The question asks: If the number of animals in the New York zoo were to decrease by 50%, what would the ratio of animals be between New York and Montreal?

The options are:

A) 1:2

B) 1:4

C) 2:3

The answer to this numerical reasoning question is B.

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Verbal Reasoning Test

Being able to answer quickly and in a satisfactory manner is an important aspect of working for L’Oréal. That is why the verbal reasoning section of the recruitment process is incredibly important as it is a highly valued skill.

This section of the L’Oreal assessment presents you with a short text for each question. You will need to analyse these texts similarly to comprehension assessment tests. Each text is followed by 2 to 3 statements about its subject matter.

Once you interpret the data, you must decide if the following statements are true or false. There is an option if you can not say either way, but this option is usually a bad sign for your analytical skills.

You will need to answer 12 questions for this online test. Each question has a timer on it rather than there being a set time for you to complete the whole test.

L’Oreal’s Verbal Reasoning Test identifies whether candidates can accurately extract the relevant information from an unseen text and if they can interpret data.

The only people who would find L’Oreal’s Verbal Reasoning Test difficult to answer or complete would be non-native English speakers. Luckily, you can practice Verbal Reasoning Test questions with a wide variety of resources. Check the How To Prepare section of this article for websites that will help you practice.

Even if you do not have trouble fully understanding the questions itself, knowing how the questions are posed is very important, so take a look at a practice test.

Example Question

Most of these questions will draw information from Reader’s Digest articles or other magazines. This means the readings will not likely handle topics that are hard to understand and would not require external knowledge from most applicants.

An example text would be one paragraph long and handle a topic unrelated to the beauty industry. It might be an interview with an expert in a field. Or a blog on someone’s diet in progress.

A statement will follow based on the text. Let us take the diet example. The text might mention that the person did not gain any weight that week, thanks to a specific recipe. The following statement might say: “This person gained weight due to a certain recipe.”

Your options would be:

A) True

B) Cannot say

C) False

The answer would be: C.

Logical Reasoning Test

Logical reasoning tests, also known as Diagrammatic or Inductive Test, shows L’Oréal how you think. You will need to draw logical conclusions based on information given to you through a logic matrix.

This means you will be given a series of images where you need to notice a variety of patterns. You will essentially need to either determine a missing symbols from a set of matrices or determine what would come next in the pattern.

The trick here is that you will be given a large amount of different answers to choose from. The test adapts and even changes according to your level. You will always need to be on the lookout for small details.

There in not a lot one can do to practice for these tests beyond going through practice tests. Because of the wide variety of possible options of how to display the questions, the following example only scratches the surface of what you can expect.

Example Question

This section will be set in a pictographic style. This means you will be given a series of images and you will need to notice certain aspects of them.

An example question will give you a series of shapes in a certain pattern with small changes between each. You will need to pick the next image that will fit in the series. There is no limit to how abstract these patterns can be. You could be quizzed on size, arrangement, movements and colours.

One example will show you a row of shapes in the following order: Triangle, circle, square. What is more is that there will be a line in the background that will alternate between vertical and horizontal orientation.

If the last shape is a triangle with a horizontal line, your options will be:

A) Circle & vertical line

B) Square & horizontal line

C) Triangle & horizontal line

D) Circle & horizontal line

The answer would be: A.

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How To Prepare For L’Oréal’s Recruitment Process

There are a large number of practice tests available on JobTestPrep. The site has examples for each section of the psychometric tests. JobTestPrep even offers guides for the many interviews the application process entails.

Most aptitude tests are built in a similar way. You might not find the exact practice tests for L’Oréal’s psychometric tests, but you will be able to practice the Talent Q style of examination. The most important thing to lean is not what to answer but rather how to answer questions in these sorts of situations.

The best way to prepare for the L’Oréal tests is by staying relaxed up until the tests begin. Make sure you are not disturbed while you write the exam.

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And Finally

As long as you remain calm for the L’Oréal assessment, you will be able to ace it. Be sure to check out sample tests on sites such as JobTestPrep and other Talent.