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Civil Service Verbal Reasoning Test 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

The Civil Service Verbal and Numerical Tests, sometimes referred to as CSVT and CSNT, are two general cognition assessments that measure the mental ability of a person. The information gathered by the test is used to indicate job performance across all workplaces, seniority levels, and ages.

Here, we will explore the Civil Service Verbal Test. We will get into what it is, how you can prepare, and how to succeed and score well on the test. Many people think that these tests are easy and can be done without studying.

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While it is true that you might be fine without studying or preparing, you should take the time to put your best foot forward. The higher your score on the Civil Service Verbal Test, the more likely you will be to get the job you want or get the promotion you dream of!

Now, you may be wondering how you can study for a test like the Civil Service Verbal Test. Do not fear! We have compiled the best preparation resources as well as a variety of tips and tricks that you can use to do your best on the assessment.

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What is the Civil service Verbal Reasoning Test?

The Civil Service Verbal Reasoning Test is provided by Cubiks and it tests your reading and comprehension skills. It will assess your understanding of the English language and how well you can follow instructions.

Usually, you are given a passage of text, and you will need to pick out key information and answer questions about it. You usually have three to four questions per piece of text. The questions usually involve identifying whether a phrase is true or false.

How long is the Civil Service Verbal Reasoning Test?

Verbal reasoning tests usually have a time limit. The one for the civil service gives you 30 seconds to answer each question. Depending on the position you are applying for, the test may vary in length. You should find between two to four questions per text.

Can you fail a verbal reasoning test?

It is possible to fail a verbal reasoning test. If you misunderstand the text or what you are being asked to do, you may get the answers wrong. Sometimes meanings in a text are vague and unclear. Test-takers can get confused between true, false, or impossible to say. It is key to practice these types of tests before the real thing.

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What other tests are there for the Civil Service?

As well as a verbal reasoning test, applicants for the Civil Service also must take a numerical reasoning test. This will test basic maths skills and simple calculations.

How to prepare for the Civil Service Verbal Test?

Test prep materials are the best way to help yourself get great scores on the Civil Service Verbal Test. The verbal test measures your ability to identify important information and draw logical conclusions from the textual information provided, so you really need to take practice questions to understand this. It can be hard to find out where the best test prep materials are, where the best prices are, and who is legit.

We suggest Job Test Prep. Job Test Prep offers a wide variety of practice tests, testing simulations, PrepPacks, and other resources that are perfect for helping you get all that you need to succeed at the Civil Service Verbal Test.

Job Test Prep has a Civil Service Verbal Test section that is devoted to helping their customers do their absolute best on the CSVT! Their Civil Service Verbal Test has 4.8 stars out of 5 stars ranking and has plenty of useful materials for you to explore and learn from.

Want an idea of what a verbal reasoning test looks like? Job Test Prep even has a free one you can check out here.

Job Test Prep PrepPacks

Job Test Prep has a unique system of setting up their test prep information. They use PrepPacks, which are specialized test preparation packets that you can buy to help you learn more.

Each of the tests they offer preparation help on has its PrepPacks, including the Civil Service Verbal Test. The Civil Service Verbal Test has three PrepPacks designed to give you the most help and detailed assistance in learning.

The PrepPacks available are as follows:

  • The Premium Membership
  • The Fast Stream Online Tests and Assessments Bundle
  • The Civil Service Apprenticeships Practice

Each comes with different tools, techniques, and preparation, and they also have different price points.

Premium Membership Pack

The Premium Membership PrepPack for the Civil Service Verbal Test gives you instantaneous access to over 200 practice tests for a variety of tests around the website. You can sign up for a Premium Membership for one week, one month, or three months. The prices are £39 for one week, £49 for one month, and £69 for three months.

Depending on how much time you have available to you before your assessment or how much you are willing to spend, there is a test PrepPack for you! The practice tests you get when you are a part of the Premium Membership are tailored for different job positions or assessment companies.

This means that you get a highly tailored experience to help you surpass your expectations!

The Premium Membership is undoubtedly the best PrepPack you can get because you will learn how to apply your focus, manage your time, and experience a holistic approach to learning and test preparation that you may not experience otherwise.

You will also save money by making one purchase in place of multiple purchases of unconnected test preparation packages.

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The Fast Stream Online Tests and Assessments Bundle

This is perfect for those who are applying for a Civil Service graduate scheme. If you are on this track, you should know that the Fast Stream hiring process only recruits and hires new employees once a year.

It is a highly competitive stream, and only the top applicants get the schemes they want. That is why you would want to get an edge over your competition and study up using Job Test Preps PrepPacks.

This PrepPack, the Fast Stream Online Tests and Assessments Bundle, covers the entire hiring process. It is perfect for helping guide you through the confusion and stress and teaching you all the new things you need to know to succeed on the Civil Service Verbal Test.

The Fast Stream Bundle has practice tests that simulate the real testing experience. These simulations are incredibly accurate and help to give you an understanding of what the real test will feel like.

There are even assessment centre practice exercises that can help you to feel confident when you go into the assessment centre for the exercises. This part is unique. Not many other test prep services offer an inside look into what you may experience in an assessment centre!

The prices for the memberships are as follows, £39 for one-week access, £49 for one-month access, and £69 for three months of access to all the Civil Service Verbal Test practice tests, videos, and additional materials!

Civil Service Fast Track Apprenticeship PrepPack

Lastly is the Civil Service Fast Track Apprenticeship PrepPack. This is the PrepPack offered by Job Test Prep for folks looking to get a Fast Track Apprenticeship. This PrepPack is perfect for helping you get the scheme you want by helping you to learn and do well on your online tests!

With this test PrepPack, you get a total of 43 practice tests and over 700 questions to use during your quest for knowledge!

What you get from your Fast Track Apprenticeship PrepPack is 18 numerical reasoning practice tests, 13 verbal reasoning practice tests, practise tests and drills, full explanations on questions, as well as helpful tips and tricks to solve the questions. Lastly, you also get timed tests with score reports, which help to simulate the real deal test!

The Fast Track Apprenticeship PrepPack is great for people looking for apprenticeships in commercial sectors, finance, business, technology, and project delivery.

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What are the requirements to work in the civil service?

The requirements are as follows. You must have at least 5 GCSEs with a grade of C or above or the new grade of four or above. This includes English Language and Maths.

You must be eligible, according to the Civil Service rules for nationality, a UK resident for a minimum of 2 out of the past ten years. One year must be entirely continuous. You must be eligible to work in the UK, and you do not need a degree.

In summary

Good luck on your quest to land a role in the Civil Service. With a little bit of practice, you can easily pass the verbal reasoning test and launch your new career. Job Test Prep is the premier place to go for holistic, educational, helpful, and affordable test preparation assistance when it comes to the Civil Service Verbal Test.