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West Virginia Civil Service Exam: Prep Guide to Success

West Virginia has many opportunities in the civil service job market, civil servants also receive several benefits These benefits include:

  • Health and Dental benefits
  • Paid leave
  • Childcare
  • Retirement plan
  • Employee discounts
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Take West Virginia Civil Service Exam Practice Test Now

West Virginia civil service employers require candidates to pass a Written Test (W) and/or Performance Test (P). These tests are the first step in the hiring process, as each candidate should have a passing score in literacy, math, comprehension and problem solving.

The tests are a quick way for West Virginia government employers to determine if you have the minimum qualifications and skills necessary to work in one of the civil service’s many positions.

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Application Process

Before you can take a West Virginia civil service exam, you will need to create a profile on the government site and fill out an application. Without this online profile you cannot take the tests or be hired.

About The Exam

West Virginia has two types of tests applicants could/must take:

  • Written Test – This is a 3 hour, multiple choice test that exams your comprehension, arithmetic, problem-solving, and ability to follow directions. All the questions will be targeted around the job requirements posted in the job listing. For example if the position is an office assistant then the questions may include office protocols and etiquette. Each question has 4 or 5 answers to choose between and your score reflects how many correct answers you earned (no points are subtracted for incorrect answers).
  • Performance Test – Some jobs will need applicants to show their skills in key areas of the job, such as typing or data entry. In this test, points are deducted for incorrect answers since the Performance Test is targeted around a person’s ability to be accurate and quick in their job.

If you have to take a test for your desired position, the job listing will say (W) for Written Test or (P) for a Performance Test.

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Interview Process

The top 10 scorers in the tests are called back for an interview – this is why it is vital for applicants to properly prepare.

West Virginia government departments prefer structured and classic interview styles. The questions asked here will focus around a candidates background, job knowledge or experience. They will ask situational questions that will reveal how you might respond in the position, so use each question as a chance to explain why you’d be the best candidate to hire.

Answer each question will the job classifications in mind – if they ask who you are, tell them you are dependable, always on time and a hard worker and NOT a football fan, a dog lover and a family orientated person.

Civil service workers are held at high standards, so this is an opportunity to show the interviewer that you are a high quality candidate who is more than qualified for this position.

Take West Virginia Civil Service Exam Practice Test Now


How Can You Prepare For the Tests?

If you under-perform in the Written or Performance Test you won’t be hired.

That’s why it is vital to practice and prepare for the tests. Keep these things in mind:

  • Look at the job requirements on the job listing – this is what the recruiter will use to assess and disqualify each candidate.
  • Use the job requirements as a recipe for ‘how to be the best employee’ in this position.
  • Answer each question in a way that displays your knowledge of the job role and how you will perform well in it.
  • Practice your arithmetic and comprehension skills with word puzzles, games and practice tests from Job Test Prep.
  • If the job requires a lot of typing or data entry, practice these skills before the test.
  • Arrive early for the test, the testing center will begin on time and you should use all the allotted time to answer the questions as well as check and correct your answers.
  • If you’re unhappy with your score, you are able to retake the test after 90 days (3 months)

Take West Virginia Civil Service Exam Practice Test Now

Examples of Questions and Answers in the Exams

If you’d like to practice example questions that may be in the examination, visit JobTestPrep where there are many practice tests.

Candidates who have confidence and proper preparation will be the candidates who are hired.

The public sector is competitive and each candidate wants a well paying job with great benefits.

West Virginia government departments will hire the candidate who:

  • Meets the minimum qualifications and requirements on the job listing
  • Gives detailed explanations and answers in tests and interviews
  • Has great problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Is a reliable and dependable person – arrive on time and dress appropriately
  • Passes all civil service exams and screenings (some positions may require background checks and drug and medical screenings)

Civil service employees are valuable and held to a high standard. Everyone who applies for a civil service job would like the position as well as all its federal benefits. This application and testing process can be stressful but it is an opportunity to display all the qualities that prove you to be the best person for this career.

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