EEI SOPD Test Uncovered: Study Guide with Key Strategies

Have you been invited to take the EEI SOPD 11 Test? If so, congratulations! This means you are in the running for a position as an electric utility system operator or dispatcher. Your future role may also be as a system operator, substation operator, or operator trainee.

However to get beyond the “being in the running stage,” and to progress through to the rest of the recruitment process you have to prove your suitability for the position in the EE1 SOPD 11 test.

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Is the SOPD Test hard?

The test is hard on a number of levels and not all of them directly apply to the difficulty of questions posed. When you take the number of applicants for these positions into account it means you are up against stiff competition.

The test essentially assesses your skills in logical reasoning, math, and analytical skills. Your ability to multi-task is also taken into consideration. Your online tests will come under the following headings:

  1. Mathematical Usage
  2. Analytical Thinking Skills
  3. Reading Comprehension
  4. Multi-Tasking

Proving your capabilities in these areas will see you advancing along to the next stage of the recruitment process.

How can I prepare for the SOPD test?

Preparing for the test is essential. You already have possibly come across some of the areas being assessed in the test during the course of your education and training.

However, knowing something and applying it in a test situation can be very different experiences, especially when your future career will be affected by your performance.

To prepare effectively there are two important steps you need to take:

  1. Become familiar with the method of testing in place
  2. Equip yourself with resources to use in your preparation.

For these two steps, we recommend you use the services of a reputable test preparation company like Job Test Prep.

Using the company’s materials, you will get accurate information about the tests and save yourself the time that might be wasted in online searches. You can also get a test prep pack which will provide you with sample tests modeled on the real tests and a means of assessing your scores.

Take EEI SOPD Practice Test Now

What is the format of the SOPD test?

Similar to EEI SASS & CAST Test, The SOPO 11 Test is a battery of tests taken online with each assessing your abilities under the 4 headings given above. With the results of the 4 tests combined the employer will be able to assess your suitability for a position in the company.

Mathematical Usage

You are required to answer 16 multiple-choice questions in 17 minutes. You are presented with basic algebra problems, word problems, and formula conversion problems. Your answers allow the employer to get a picture of your mathematical abilities.

Try your numerical skills on this free sample test here.

Analytical Thinking Skills

In this section, you are required to answer 23 questions in 45 minutes. You will be tested in three areas; argument, problem-solving, and logic-based reasoning.

In the argument section, 7 questions ask you to analyze information and come up with conclusions. You have 5 questions to answer in problem-solving.

You are presented with a piece of text and have to use the text to find your answers. In the logic-based reasoning section, you are given statements and eleven questions. To answer the questions you have to draw inferences from the facts you are given.

Reading Comprehension

The assessor is trying here to assess your reading and comprehension ability. You are given four passages to read each followed by multiple-choice questions. In total, you have to answer 16 questions in 22 minutes.

This is one of the more challenging tests for people who do not read a lot. However, with regular practice, you will learn simple techniques to find the answer quickly. Reading the questions before reading the passage, for example, will make it easier to find answers.

Multi-tasking Simulation

This section assesses your ability to carry out different tasks in quick succession. You are assessed on four different tasks, memorization, basic math, listening, and visual monitoring. The tasks each appear on different parts of the screen.

Your task is to prove you can jump from one type of task to another without losing accuracy and concentration.

Each individual task isn’t particularly difficult in its own right. However, the challenge comes in when you are moving rapidly between the different sections.

Try your hand at this free sample EE1 test here.

As you can see from this sample test, questions asked aren’t particularly difficult, if you can do them in a leisurely way. However, the time constraints of the tests can lead to flustered and inaccurate answering. For that reason, thorough preparation is necessary to ace the test.

Put a preparation plan in place

With your test prep pack to hand it is time to put your test preparation in place. To do that, especially if you are working another job at the moment, organization is essential.

Try taking the following tips to make your preparation effective:

  • Designate an area that is going to be your place for preparation. Ensure it is distraction-free.
  • Earmark times that you are going to do your preparation and make sure you can stick to them
  • Work to a timetable. Ensure you leave the day before the test free for reviewing minor points you might still be unsure about.

Use your sample papers

Your sample papers should be central to every time slot you spend preparing. This will:

  • Give a structure to your preparation
  • Make you familiar with the style of questioning in each section
  • Allow you to monitor your progress from test to test
  • Give you an insight into areas that may need more work

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Doing the test

Your sample papers will have made you familiar with the test routine but you need to be careful of the things that can jeopardize a good performance.

  • Make sure you are well-rested for the test day. Tests and tiredness do not go well together!
  • You need to be clear-headed. You will be working under challenging circumstances doing the tests.
  • Even the coolest of candidates can fall victim to stress. Have some techniques you can fall back on if this happens. Try deep breathing, stretching exercises, or whatever works for you.

Final tip

Approach the test with confidence. You have done the work, you deserve to ace it.

Are you preparing for the EEI SOPD test? If so, you will find the resources you need here.

Take EEI SOPD Practice Test Now

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