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What Is the Family Dollar Assessment Test?

The Family Dollar is a chain store that offers positions to people from all walks of life. With its thousands of branches across the United States of America, Family Dollar offers a wide range of jobs that will prove beneficial to future work in the industry or serve as a starting point for a long and fulfilling career.

Family dollar offers jobs for people 18 years and older, so if you are interested in a part time position while studying then this is the job for you. Or, if you want to build up valuable work experience in retail in the hopes of becoming managing your own branch, then the Family Dollar assessment tests have you covered.

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You have made a solid start by sending in your resume to Family Dollar. The hiring process is smooth and straightforward from her on out. Completing the rest of the online application form will prove simple and direct. However, the Family Dollar expects more than a solid resume for you to qualify for the job.

An applicant will be required to pass a series of written tests which examine your mathematical skills, in a store environment, and you will need to complete a verbal reasoning test that will examine your ability to communicate with customers, employers and other members of the company’s staff.

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Luckily for you, JobTestPrep has a wide range of exclusive materials on offer that will help guide you through the hiring process. It will provide you with the tools you need to succeed. With proper preparation on your end, the Family Dollar assessment test and interview process will be a breeze.

Now let us look at what the Family Dollar assessment test consists of. This article will give you a broad scope of you will be tested on, what the company expects from you and how you can best prepare for each section.

What Is the Family Dollar Assessment Test?

If you are a little unsure of what a basic assessment test involves, the average assessing test and pre-employment tests for most jobs are used by its employers to determine a candidates’ abilities and skills. Each test is formed around what will be expected of you for the position. This is with regards to what is required for the job both physically and from an educational standpoint.

Companies typically employ a professional assessment tool during interviews in the initial stages of hiring. In the Family Dollar’s case it will take the form of a written test, a multiple choice test, mathematical proficiency examinations and a verbal response tests with an interview at the end.

In the Family Dollar assessment test, your ability to: work in a store environment, fulfill the request of customers and your employer, interact with customers, and completing the tasks required for your chosen position, is all assessed before you are offered a position. A registered applicant must act according to a certain measure to ensure that everyone they are involved with is treated with respect.

Once you submit your application, your evaluation will consist of multiple factors including a written test, which will help Family Dollar note your level of education, an interview to help judge your social skills and character, a mandatory drug test, and a verbal reasoning test, which is similar to the interview except it is presented in more formal settings with structured questions that are based on real situations you will face in a working day.

The assessment test is developed to seek out and identify specific skills that you will need to perform well in the job:

Customer focus is important when communicating with a customer on multiple levels. It is detrimental regardless of whether you are a branch manager or a sales representative. The customer is crucial to the store and the business’ public image, but they must be treated with respect, regardless of this fact.

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Applicants need to show signs of developing potential. They must be capable of adapting to their situation and gain new skills and experiences from working at Family Dollar. Family Dollar is looking for employees with the initiative to want to grow by tackling new problems head on and solving them with ingenuity. This is also one of the criteria you will be judged on when promotions start becoming available, depending on the branch you work at.

Strong organizational skills are a sign of leadership and management. If you are applying for a managerial role, you will be tested on your abilities to run a smooth shift. Showing your ability to maximize productivity will count in your favor.

Communication skills and problem solving feeds into this as your ability to make good decisions are crucial to running a store. Having a positive connection between your employees and employers is a sign of good management. The better you are at managing consumer and employee relationships, the better chance you have at passing the verbal reasoning section of the test.

Different Types of Questions Asked in the Family Dollar Assessment Tests

There are many different career paths you can consider when you apply for work with a Family Dollar store.

Depending on the job you are applying for, the hiring process may differ from the physical and educational requirements of the position, as well as the test you will take. The questions you need to answer for these different positions will, of course, be different in both the written and verbal tests as well as in the interview.

an interview for the job

Luckily, most of the information you need to answer these questions are either common knowledge, common sense, or can be learned at high school or equivalent levels of basic education.

The obvious exception being managerial roles which normally require a form of tertiary education or years of experience. Here are two examples of the Family Dollar assessment tests you can be administered during the hiring process. The interview process will be addressed in a later section of the article.

The Mathematical Reasoning Test

Most of the questions on this test will give you a description of a situation where you have to solve the problem through simple mathematical calculations.

Your future employers expect you to be able to deal with a variety of tasks. This can range from a simple situation involving people buying things from the store, or a more complex question regarding stock taking and inventory management.

The math word problems used in the test normally involve customers who would like to buy some goods for a specified price.

Other questions will present a problem where the employee must provide some services to the customer and track how much money should be paid to the company for the services rendered. As you can see, most of the questions will revolve around receiving fair pay for work or products, and following certain instructions.

Candidates must make use of their mathematical skills to calculate how much money customers spend or how much the business will receive for the work that has been done.

The Family Dollar assessment test will not be comprises of questions where you work with full numbers. No, a retail store often works with decimal numbers, and in the case of sales, coupons or other special events, you will need to be able to work with fractions to determine new prices.

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Verbal Reasoning Test

The Family Dollar assessment test wants to judge its candidates’ communication skills during the hiring process as well. The company desires candidates who have effective communication skills in both the written and verbal fields.

Communication is key on account that it is necessary for professional interactions in situation involving people like your employers and customers.

Miscommunication can often have catastrophic results. Therefore you will need to make sure of the information before you can make a decision. Never assume what people need of you, always make sure.

a woman and a man shaking hands

The verbal reasoning test is akin to a regular interview process in that you will likely have someone relaying information to you that you will have to use to answer the questions they ask of you later. For one, this tests your ability to follow simple instructions and even give commands in a clear fashion.

Interviewers use verbal reasoning tests to assess how well an applicant uses verbal logic. It will test you on how accurately you are able to draw the correct meanings from complex written information. This is an important aspect of customer services and in managing stock taking or incoming orders.

Misunderstanding a customer can have some very negative implications for both your professional image and the image of the company. While misreading orders or incorrectly communicating them to staff can cause you to waste valuable storage space or even run out of a product early.

The verbal reasoning test will judge your ability to understand orders given to you from your employers and how you plan on carrying them out in a productive manner.

This is very important in companies like Family Dollar, which are customer facing businesses. You will be interacting with a lot of people face to face in the store. That is why this part of the interview process is so crucial. A poor verbal reasoning test score is a sign that candidates will need a lot of training before they are assigned jobs. Employers naturally favour candidates who pass this part of the test.

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Family Dollar Assessment Test Preparation

Family Dollar assessment tests differ depending on the position you are applying for. As such, you will need to be sure what information you will need before you start preparing for it. There is not a specific syllabus you need to study ahead of time either. The easiest way for you to find out what you need to know for the test is to ask your future employer.

Whoever you first contacted at the store while applying for the job, or whoever replied to your resume from Family Dollar, should be able to tell you what you will be assessed on. Your future boss will tell you what they expect from someone in the position you are applying for.

Your employers will also let you know the location of your test. They might email you a link to a website or they might ask to examine you in person. Remember to adhere to Covid-19 protocols wherever you apply.

a woman using her notebook

In the case of an online test, confirm that you have a stable internet connection before you paste the link into your browser. Some online tests track the time you spend on the assessment once you log in. Once you begin your test, try to have it completed in one sitting. If you log in more than once, you will only be wasting your own time and hurt your chances to succeed.

The interview process can also be held online. Asking your correspondent at Family Dollar whenever you have any doubts will only benefit you while you prepare for your assessment test. Confirm with your employers what virtual meeting software they expect you to log into. Luckily, most online software can be accessed from a web browser without having to download an app.

Once you have made a note of what your boss or human resources manager is expecting from you in the test for your future job, you will need to hunker down and prepare yourself for the assessments. Here are some tips for how to mentally prepare yourself for the exam and how to remain clam while you are writing:

Visualize the information of a question into a real life scenario. Most of the questions in the assessment test your ability to handle customers.

Try to picture yourself in a situation involving people at the store. How would you deal with customers who have an issue with a product’s expiration date in a professional manner? Training can only get you so far, thinking like this in advance will put you on the right track to pass the Family Dollar assessment test and get the job.

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Incorporate keywords into the Family Dollar assessment test questions. Always note the specific words used in the assessment test. Ask yourself “What service does Family Dollar want me to provide here?” Your questions will be focused on the position you applied for.

Research what terms are normally used in a company, especially for the job you intend on doing. A cashier, for example, would not necessarily be directly in charge of janitorial duties or a company drug test, while a manager might have a general understanding of the concept. You can incorporate terms from the question itself when you answer questions.

Thoroughly read the question before replying. Writing a test is stressful regardless of the situation. Most applicants will lose marks in the test by not understanding the question and giving an unrelated answer. This only shows a complete disregard for details and an inability to work under pressure.

You are allowed to ask, even during a live interview, what the company means by the question if you do not fully understand. This is a lot harder to do if you are writing online, as you are unlikely to be able to ask questions via email and receive a timely response. But these tests are not meant to catch you off guard. As long as you remain calm and focused you can find an answer.

Eliminate the obviously wrong answers. This takes some common sense and a critical mind frame. During multiple choice questions, it is important to read through all of the options even if you think you know the answer. The reasoning is similar to the previous tip. Note the key words of each answer and think of what the consequences would be in work settings. Once you eliminate the incorrect answers, you can confirm the correct answer.

a person with laptop and papers

You can practice the written section of the test by working through an IQ test. IQ tests regularly form part of a basic assessment test, and they can easily be practiced online. By practicing an IQ test, you can train your brain with similar question that you will face with Family Dollar.

This is another great way for you to get used to examination anxieties and learn to control your nerves. The more you practice, the more you will see your score on each section will improve. You will come to realise an optimal score for the IQ and intelligence test component for the Family Dollar assessment.

Practice for interviews by doing personality tests online. Working in a store environment requires a lot of social interaction. You are constantly in a situation involving people, be they your employer, employees who work under you, or customers in need of service. For this reason, a simple personality test can help you practice for the kinds of situations you will be tested on during the hiring process.

There is a wide variety of training courses online and in person that can help you develop communication skills for a company. These range from business topics and situation involving people in a professional setting, to customer satisfaction and employee-employers correspondence.

These sorts of courses are very important when it comes to preparing for the interview process and helps to make answering vague questions like “Tell us about yourself,” a lot easier to conceptualize. We recommend taking practice tests from Jobtestprep to get a better hold of the exam pattern.

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Family Dollar Interviews

Family Dollar interviews are like any other interview process followed by 7 Eleven, Walmart and other popular stores.. Preparation is always important for an interview, whether it is in person or online.

Those seeking work experience might consider this procedure simple. You can find a variety of test questions on the internet, but giving a premeditated answer is a sure sign to employers that your answer is faked. The simplest way to answer is to answer honestly.

With all that in mind, you still can not take the interview lightly. Do not think that the assessment is something you can easily do.

An interview requires preparation ahead of time. You are strongly advised to research example questions for the type of job you will be taking on and to practice answers for them. Take every assignment the interviewer gives you seriously and do not underestimate it ahead of time.

plans and notes for the job interview

Here are a few example questions you can use to prepare:

Sales Associate Interview

Q: Have you ever had a feud with co-workers and how did you work to resolve?

When answering this question, take a real-example from your work, school or life experiences. Give it a good spine, that is to say, a lesson that you can learn from the interaction. Show your interviewer that you were trying to increase productivity or address a social concern, for instance.

Q: How good are you at multitasking?

Give your employer a great example of how you managed several tasks at once in a manner that proved time efficient. Your employers are looking for a specific quality that hard and effective employees present. Prove to them that you can tackle a multitude of jobs where other candidates would prove lackluster.

Customer Service Rep Interview

Q: Tell me about yourself.

You might be tempted to talk about your hobbies and preferences. Do not do that. Tell the manager instead of what drives you as a professional.

Your employer is not interested in your social life outside of the company. Prove to them that you want this job as a way to reach a higher goal. Think of this question as being asked where you see yourself in five years. This will make you seem more organised and goal-oriented.

Q: Why do you want to work with us?

This might seem obvious, but the answer can not be “I really need the money” or “-the job.” It makes you seem uninterested in the company and their services.

two people in the office

If you can not find a link between the job and your professional goals, then the manager will give you a hard pass. Tell them about what you like about the store. If an applicant is part of the community surrounding the store’s location, then a connection to the local customers will seem favorable for the position.

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Marketing Analyst Interview

Q: Please explain to us what Big Data Means.

This question is a a bit more complex without the proper education, but that is exactly what they are trying to test here. You need to show that you are certified to answer the question without going into so much detail that your interviewer thinks you memorized a website description on the subject.

In layman’s terms, big data is larger set of more complex data, that you gather from especially new sources of data. These data sets are so massive that normal ways of processing this data using most software just is not feasible. It comes in handy when you address new issues for a company that you normally would not notice from conventional forms of data gathering.

This part of the interview process is to show that you know how to identify consumer trends by looking at information such as demographics for various products via market share and market growth.

Q: Give us some detail about that the last major successful project you completed?

This is a crucial question that you need to prepare for. Choose the right example to answer this question and be as specific as possible. It can be group school project, a previous work project, a community initiative or even a personal project that you did to better yourself or something around you.

Highlight your role in the project and explain how you were crucial to addressing the issue you tackled. Show to your interviewers why you were the one for the job and how crucial you were to the team.

This type of question is useful to expand on your own achievements while having a clear example of how you managed to build these skills.

Mention the challenges you faced and how you overcame them. Expand on the skills you learned by working in a team. Use this project as a way to branch out on your interests and how they drive you to improve.

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Other Important Information

Family Dollar has a wide range of open positions in the company and offer the perfect chance for you to build valuable work experience and to move up on the corporate ladder. Knowing this and proving it to your future employers will make you stand out as a model employee.

Applicants with prior working experience is always more favorable than those without experience. If you have worked with people and the general public before then you stand a chance of being hired. Good examples of prior work experience includes: work in retail, hotels, restaurants, grocery or drug store environments. These are always the most preferred examples.

young woman working in the store

Remember to check the physical requirements for the job. In some positions like store room work, you will need to be able to regularly lift over 40 lbs. of weight from of the floor to above shoulder height. Sales clerks must be able to meet the demands of frequent walking, standing, stooping, kneeling, and repetitive lifting, with or without reasonable accommodation.

Having a flexible schedule is a bonus in the hiring process. Family Dollar is available to the public during weekends, evenings and public holidays. If you are too, then that will reflect positively for your application to open positions.

Once you have finished your assessment test with Family Dollar, there are a few different places where you can check your results. If you applied online, follow the link you used or return to the website where you took the test. Your score should be displayed here as well as whether or not you have passed the exam.

You should also receive an email containing this information. If you have trouble accessing either of these, give the manager of the branch you applied for a call. The manager should be able to tell you whether or not you have got the job.

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To Summarise:

Completing the Family dollar assessment tests is a breeze if you prepare correctly. Make use of a variety of practice tests, online communication courses and interview preparation questions well ahead of your test days. Starting early is what sets passing candidates apart from failing candidates.

The mathematical reasoning test relies on high school level math and is only as complicated as the words they use to describe it. The examiner is not trying to trick you, you just need to read your questions clearly and recognize the key words being used.

The verbal reasoning test will test your skills when it comes to interacting on a business level with clients and co-workers. It will be similar to an interview, except that it will pose questions that will examine if you can follow and interpret instructions.

You can always ask for clarification on a question if you are at a loss. It is important not to spam your employers with unnecessary questions if the test is held online.

Focus on examples from your past during interviews that show Family Dollar that you can learn from projects and group interactions. An employee that is capable of growing from their experiences is a valuable asset.

Now that you have gone through all of the preparation and started the hiring process for the Family dollar assessment test, the only thing you need to remember for the test day is to relax. Starting early with preparing for an exam is the only way you will reliably pass it.

If you have that sorted out, then the only thing you will need to worry about is keeping your nerves in check during the actual test. Always arrive early for interviews and tests.

Your punctuality always makes a very important first impression. Even if you feel completely disorganized on the day, your professional appearances will make you seem like a far more desirable candidate than the rest. Good luck.