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NJATC Electrical Aptitude Test – How To Prepare?

The NJATC Aptitude Test can be very frustrating for applicants seeking an electrical apprentice program. It barely has anything to do with the actual job, but rather pays more attention to the subject areas that you were tested on in high school.

But if you want to become an electrical apprentice, then you have to pass this test.

Take the NJATC Electrical Aptitude Practice Test to improve your score.

In this article, you will learn what the NJATC Aptitude Test is all about, what questions to expect, testing tips, and how to prepare yourself for success.

Take NJATC Electrical Aptitude Practice Test Now

What is the NJATC Aptitude Test?

The National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee (NJATC/JATC) Aptitude Test is a prerequisite evaluation for individuals who are looking to enter an apprenticeship program.

The electrical aptitude test battery consists of 69 questions, which are divided into two sections. The first section is comprised of 33 mathematical questions. The second section includes reading comprehension questions.

Applicants have a total of 96 minutes to complete the NJATC Aptitude Test. That is why studying and preparing for this aptitude test is so important for successful completion.

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Who Administers the NJATC Aptitude Test?

Electrical Training Alliance (ETA) is the official provider of the NJATC Aptitude Test. This body was created by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the National Electrical Association (NECA) to ensure that electrical apprentices receive proper training.

The NJATC Aptitude Test has a few interchangeable names, including the IBEW Aptitude Test, the Electrical Training Alliance Aptitude Test, the Electrical Aptitude Test, the Electrician Apprentice Test, and the Electrician Pre-Apprenticeship Test.

Who is Required to Take the NJATC Aptitude Test Battery?

Any individual who is looking to start a career in the electrical trade, needs to take the NJATC Aptitude Test. Whether you want to be an apprentice or a junior employee, this test battery accurately measures whether you have the general aptitude for the electrical construction industry.

This aptitude test is required by construction companies, state electric power providers, wiremen contractors, electrical device repair services, appliance repair institutions, telecommunication companies, and several other companies.

Take NJATC Electrical Aptitude Practice Test Now

This test is necessary because electrical jobs are dangerous for individuals who lack the ability to understand and respect electricity and wiring.

Candidates who pass the NJATC Aptitude Test with a qualifying score will be invited for a verbal interview by the training committee. Here you will be interviewed by a committee representing the NECA and IBEW.

You will receive an oral ranking based on the interview and your qualifications. Your name will be entered on an eligibility list for a maximum of two years. As apprenticeship programs become available, names will be removed from the respective eligibility lists in order of the ranking score.

If you do not get selected to start an apprenticeship within the two-year time frame, then you will need to reapply to join the Electric Training Alliance.

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Minimum Requirements for the NJATC Aptitude Test

If you would like to apply for any electrical apprenticeship program, you need to first complete an application form. Your application will be assessed to see whether you meet the local program’s minimum requirements.

General minimum requirements include:

  • You need to be a high school graduate or have a GED.
  • You must be 17 years of age or older to apply for an electrical apprenticeship.
  • You need to show proof that you completed and successfully passed one year of high school level algebra or a post-high school algebra course.
  • You must provide original transcripts for high school and post-high school education and training.
  • You must have a valid state photo ID on the testing day.

Certain local joint apprenticeship programs have additional prerequisites, including a physical examination, drug testing, a valid driver’s license, and a security background check.

Take NJATC Electrical Aptitude Practice Test Now

Types of Questions

The NJATC Aptitude Test battery consists of two sections. Both sections contain multiple choice questions.

The first section has 33 mathematical questions up to the algebra 1 level. It includes functions, equations, polynomials, and number series. You are not allowed to use a calculator or digital device during the test.

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The second section contains 36 high-school level reading comprehension questions. It aims to test your ability to find information within written passages. On the test, you will be presented with a passage followed by questions about it.

You are allowed a small break between the algebra and functions tests and the reading comprehension test.

You should allocate 46 minutes to the math section and 50 minutes to the reading comprehension test. It will take approximately two and a half hours to complete.

The NJATC Aptitude Test Scoring Standards

The aptitude test battery is scored on a scale from 1 to 9 by a third-party company. You are only scored on the questions you correctly answer. There is no negative marking.

The test is marked based on the average of the class. This means that you will either be placed above average, average, below average, or below the minimum.

There is no public information regarding the importance of each section. Therefore, studying for the test as a whole is important.

Most apprenticeships and companies require applicants to pass with a score of 4/9. However, stricter firms require a passing score of 5/9.

If you fail the aptitude test battery, you have to wait for a minimum of six months before you take the test again. If you do not adhere to the six-month rule, your test will be disqualified.

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Below are some tips to help you score high on your aptitude test:

  • Increase your practice time.
  • During practice, sharpen your skills.
  • Ensure that you are fluent in English.
  • Put in extra time to practice algebra and functions.
  • If you are stuck on a question, make an educated guess and move on to the next question.

Your local JATC will receive your test report within two to four weeks after your test battery.

Take NJATC Electrical Aptitude Practice Test Now

The Three Focus Points for Success on the Electrical Aptitude Test

The following three points will help you successfully complete your NJATC Aptitude Test:

  • Focus on your weak areas and practice them the most.
  • Only focus on questions that are on the official NJATC Aptitude Test.
  • Improve your time management skills. This will help you complete the test within the specific time constraints.

Features of the NJATC Aptitude Test

The NJATC Aptitude Test consists of a theory section that needs to be taken in a classroom. Depending on the role you are applying for, the textbook training takes anywhere between 576 and 1,000 hours to complete.

The other section of the NJATC Aptitude Test is called “on-the-job.” This segment requires 8,000 to 10,000 hours of on-site training.

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Preparing for the Electrical Test Battery

Once your application has been reviewed and it is confirmed that you have passed the minimum requirements, then you need to start preparing for the NJATC aptitude test.

You will be scheduled for a test which has two parts: algebra and functions and reading comprehension.

To successfully pass the aptitude test, you need to be fast and accurate. You have to put enough effort into your mental prep.

The easiest way to prepare for the test is to use practice materials created by professionals, as they know all the information you need to pass.

These practice tests will provide you with a full understanding of how the test runs. This includes the number of questions in the test, the time given to complete them, and the test time constraints.

Practice tests and sample questions will help you achieve optimal test performance. The math section can be intimidating to many. So practice some sample algebra equations and number series.

Make sure you also go through sample passage questions so that you are ready to ace the reading comprehension test.

Constant practice will help boost your confidence to pass the test and join the Electric Training Alliance.

People who are fortunate enough to have the time and money to spend on long-term courses with a full overview of test subjects increase their chances of passing the NJATC aptitude test.

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Practice Tips for Passing the NJATC Aptitude Test

Having the correct preparation and mindset can help you easily pass the aptitude test. Through practice tests, you can refresh your previous knowledge of high school algebra and reading comprehension skills.

The challenging part is choosing the appropriate level of care in your mental prep. If you are preparing for the aptitude test, follow the mental health tips below.

Don’t Psych Yourself Out

This can be very difficult, but try to avoid letting tests stress you out. If you are not the most confident test-taker, make sure you study until you have complete confidence in your abilities.

Give Yourself a Break

Do not stay up all night trying to cram in all the information the night before the test. This will result in you blanking out and maybe even forgetting everything you studied.

You need to ensure that you have a good night’s rest, wear comfortable clothes, and eat a nutritious meal prior to the test.

Prepare and Study

Studying with the best practice materials available is the key to successfully passing your aptitude test. You need to work through sample questions, study guides, and timed tests so that you are prepared for the actual test.

For the best NJATC practice materials, visit JopTestPrep.

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Reminders for Applicants

Below is a list of things that you need to remember for the NJATC aptitude test:

  • Arrive at the test center early. It is advisable to reach the test center at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled testing time.
  • Remember to bring your photo ID to the testing center on your scheduled test day. Your ID will be checked before you write the test. No ID, no test.
  • Make sure you do not have a calculator on you. If you have a digital watch with a built-in calculator, you will need to remove it before taking the test.
  • Allocate a maximum of three hours at the test center on your scheduled test day.
  • If you have children, make arrangements for childcare prior to the test date. Children are not allowed at the test center.
  • Do not take the test battery for six months after your last test date. If you retest during the six-month period, your results will be invalid and you will not be allowed to retest for another six months.
  • If you have any special needs requirements during the testing procedure, make sure you make arrangements with the JATC before your test session.

Take NJATC Electrical Aptitude Practice Test Now

Final thoughts

The NJATC Aptitude Test is an assessment offered for individuals who are interested in applying for an electrical apprenticeship.

The test has two components: algebra and functions and reading comprehension. It is important to do well on both parts of the test.

The best way to prepare for the aptitude test is to examine practice materials developed by professionals. This will give you an idea of what you can expect on the real test.

To help you successfully pass the electrical aptitude test, JobTestPrep offers a NJATC apprenticeship PrePack. The PrePack includes aptitude test samples, a complete study guide, electrician practice tests and answers, and comprehensive testing tips.

Start preparing now to master the skills you need to pass the NJATC aptitude test and join the Electrical Training Alliance.

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