How to Study for Louisiana Civil Service Test? – Ultimate Guide

The name “Louisiana Civil Service Test” can include seven different kinds of exams required for landing a job in Law Enforcement, Engineering, Fire Department, Office Support, Administration, Management and Supervisory, or Accounting.

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Louisiana Civil Service

Read on if you want to pass any of these exams. We will give you valuable information about the exams, the type of questions and the testing process.

We will also tell you why the help of Job Test Prep can help you pass any of these exams effortlessly and with the highest possible result.

What is the 2023 Louisiana Civil Service Test?

The Louisiana Civil Service Test is a test conducted by The Louisiana Department of State Civil Service. It determines qualifications for different job-specific or role-specific capabilities for different employment positions in the Civil Service.

Basically, the point of the Civil Service Test and its Role-Specific Tests is to determine by which degree a certain job seeker is fit for a certain civil service position.

Its final goal is to objectively measure the capabilities that each candidate has.

How Many and What Kind of Questions Are on a Civil Service Exam?

The Louisiana Civil Service Test is divided into Role Specific and Job Specific tests. Depending on the job position you’re interested in, you would need to pass the corresponding test for it.

Read on! The next section will cover each of the tests, the capabilities it measures, and the number of questions it contains.

Role Specific tests:

  • The Professional Level Exam Civil Service Test (PLE) – The PLE is designed to measure your management and supervisory skills. Its first and main goal is to test your communication skills and interpersonal abilities, as well as your problem-solving skills. Everything that requires management and supervisory falls under the PLE Civil Service Test. The test contains 105 questions.
  • The Law Enforcement and Protective Services Exam (LEAPS) – Needed for entry-level jobs in Law Enforcement, this 60 questions test will measure your proficiency in English reading, writing, and grammar; basic math; and some personal qualities as decision making and problem-solving abilities.
  • The Office Support Exam (OSE) – is designed to assess your capabilities to fulfill duties in job positions as a clerk or administrative worker. The test will measure the speed and accuracy of processing information; your ability to organize and memorize information; English writing, speaking, and reading; and your ability to accurately follow and fulfill instructions.
  • The 9242 The Accounting Paraprofessional Test (APT) – is measuring your accounting capabilities as solving accounting problems and mathematical problems, neat bookkeeping, computing and usage of accounting software, as well as basic knowledge of accounting terms.

Job Specific Tests:

  • 9111 Engineering Tech test – has two parts and is measuring your capabilities in 4 main areas: usage of the English language; abilities to solve problems; keeping an eye for details, and accurately following given instructions. The test itself contains around 160 questions.
  • Louisiana Firefighter Exam – With around 100 questions, this test is made to measure how well you follow instructions and memorize information; English comprehension, and usage; math and problem-solving abilities; spatial orientation (orientation in space); human relations and usage of mechanical tools.
  • Louisiana Police Exam – Is required for people applying to be Police Officers. The test contains questions that measure your cognitive abilities and processing of information; your spatial orientation; English language and vocabulary; math skills; style of thinking and abilities for accurate, fast, and fair judgment, especially in stressful situations.

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How do You Prepare for a Civil Service Test?

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Louisiana Civil Service Test is the line between you landing a job in the Civil Service. It makes sure that only people with the right personality and professional skills are given a Civil Service professional position. Depending on the job you want to apply for, one of these tests will be given to you.

If you want to get the best score possible and land the job you’re after, focus on learning with the exercising materials from Job Test Prep. Good Luck!

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