CVS Virtual Job Tryout (VJT) – Application Process, Assessment & How To Prepare?

Last Updated on February 20, 2023

If your ambition is to work for CVS, the US’ largest pharmacy chain, you can expect to encounter the CVS Virtual Job Tryout (VJT) as part of the recruitment process.

A VJT is designed to test the suitability of job applicants before they progress to the interview stage of recruitment. Using the tests to evaluate applicants, CVS or the Consumer Value Store, guarantees they recruit the best people for positions across their chain of pharmacies.

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The exams can be challenging and overwhelming. But don’t worry. With the proper preparation, you can ace the VJT and land yourself the role.

Read on to discover how to prepare for the CVS VJT!

What is the CVS Virtual Job Tryout?

The CVS Virtual Job Tryout is a pre-employment test that assesses the suitability and skills of applicants for several different roles at CVS.

It uses a predictive modeling system to assess how well a candidate is likely to perform in the role. Some exercises simulate the kinds of things you will face in the role, allowing you to virtually experience the job.

Overall you can expect to be tested on the skills relevant to the particular position you have applied for as well as the assessment tracking information on your work history, jobs you have held and experience gained in the workplace.

How you relate to colleagues and customers also comes under scrutiny, as well as the factors that motivate you and your style and approach to work.

Can I prepare for the CVS Virtual Job Tryout Test?

Preparing for any job-related test is essential. The test is likely to be different from any you have encountered to date. More importantly, your future career prospects hinge on doing well in the test.

For job test preparation, we advise using the services of Job Test Prep, a leading provider of test preparation resources for job applicants.

Whichever role you are applying for, Job Test Prep has a specific prep pack for you. Equipped with a test prep pack, you will get accurate information about the tests as well as sample test papers modeled on the real tests.

Using the sample papers, your preparation is directly focused on the types of questions asked and you learn to answer them within the time allowed.

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What does the test assess?

As the test is called a Virtual Job Tryout you can expect it to test if the applicants have the work skills and personality traits required to work in any position at CVS.

There is a separate VJT for each of the following positions (and luckily Job Test Prep has specific preparation materials for each one):

As each of those positions requires differing talents, the test for each individual position will look slightly different.

However, there are common areas that all applicants are tested on albeit with different questions.

CVS job applicants can expect to encounter the following:

1. Work with colleagues and customers.

This Situational Judgement Test (SJT) presents the applicant with a work-related scenario. Out of four statements on what you are likely to do in the situation, you are required to pick two. One has to be what you are most likely to do in the situation, and the other what you are least likely to do.

2. What drives you?

Here the employer wants to discover what your motivating factors in the workplace are and what your ideal workplace is. Working with two statements about work environments, you will be asked to pick the statement that best describes your ideal work situation.

3. Tell us your story.

In this section, the test is gathering information about your work experience and the skills you have gained from previous work experiences. This section also enables the employer to get your personality profile.

For example, if you have applied for a customer-facing role as a pharmacist or pharmacy cashier expect the test to focus on your people skills.

4. Describe your approach.

Expect to be presented with two different statements on how you would approach a situation at work. You pick the statement that best describes your approach. Once again you are giving the employer a picture of your likely workplace behavior.

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How do I pass the CVS Assessment Test

Before you check out the prep packs from Job Test Prep, it is a good idea to see some sample questions. This will help you become familiar with the types of questions you will find.

Sample Questions

To get a feeling for the jobs skills test, try this free sample question modeled on a test for a pharmacist. You will notice the test measures the applicant’s attention to detail and their ability to accurately dispense prescriptions.

Question: Determine if the patient’s prescription information matches the information on the bottle:

  • Last name:
  • First name:
  • Address:
    1663 Green Acres Road
    Rocky Mount, NC 28704
  • Drug name:
  • Drug strength:
    500 mg
  • Dosage instructions:
    1 tablet a day
  • Quantity Prescribed:
  • Refills Prescribed:
  • Prescriber Name:
    Gilbert Johnson
  • RX #:

If applying for a position as a pharmacy store manager, try the following question.

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Question: Rank the following situations in order of most to least impact on your store’s overall results.

(A) You overhear two associates have misunderstood the recent policy change that you are implementing in your department.

(B) Two of your associates notified you that they will be quitting their jobs in the next month, and you must find new people to replace them.

(C) Your overall sales from the last quarter are diminishing.

(D) When walking around the office, you notice that many associates are not concentrating on their work and seem unmotivated, regardless of the big sale coming up tomorrow.

The prospective pharmacy store manager can expect to see their managerial and people skills tested.

A pharmacy cashier will be tested on their ability to manage and control their inventory as well as their ability to deal with customers.

A typical inventory control test will see the applicant presented with six questions each with product information.

They will need to verify the product information through a comparison with a product verification table.

In a similar fashion, a pharmacy technician can expect to be tested on their ability to assist the pharmacist in their work, ensuring prescriptions are filled correctly and they have the ability to make calculations under pressure.

Try your skills at this pharmacy technician question.

Question: How many pills should you dispense for the patient?

Prescription Information:

  • Dosage instructions
    2 pill, 3X per day
  • Days’ Supply Needed
  • Pills per bottle

To see further questions of the type asked go to Job Test Prep.

Is the CVS VJT difficult?

As the sample questions above illustrate, there is nothing exceptionally difficult about the problems posed. However, two factors make the tests difficult:”

  • Its apparent simplicity – People generally perform better on more difficult tests. An apparently easy test lulls applicants into a false sense of security and encourages them to answer willy-nilly.
  • The time factor – Questions have to be answered under strict time limits. Working against the clock leads to people rushing their work and making careless mistakes.

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How can I pass the CVS Virtual Job Tryout Assessment?

To overcome the above factors, ensure you get regular practice on sample test papers. This will:

  • Hone your skills in answering the questions asked
  • Train you to work within the time limitations of the test
  • Allow you to track your progress from test to test
  • Ensure there are no surprises waiting for you on the day of the VJT.

If you have applied for a job at CVS, you will find the resources you need to prepare for their pre-employment testing process here.

Written by Elizabeth O Mahony

With 25+ years’ experience as a teacher and state examinations corrector, Elizabeth now writes for the education and careers industry. Her experience preparing students for examinations and running an academy for supplementary education give her invaluable insights into what it takes for job seekers and graduates to succeed in assessments.

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