Data Entry Alphanumeric Test

Alphanumeric Data Entry Tests: Understanding and Preparation Guide

Knowing how to correctly input data is a skill needed for several popular jobs on the market today. Being able to quickly (and correctly) type in and track important data is one of the deciding factors for many hiring managers.

If you need to brush up on your alphanumeric data entry skills, look no further. We have created a tailored preparation guide for you and also point you to the best practice test resources. In no time you’ll ace your data entry tests and move toward your dream career.

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What Is a Data Entry Test?

Data entry tests focus on a potential employee’s ability to read, listen, and respond to data given to them and correctly input it into a system.

This could look like a test administrator reading information to a test-taker and asking them to write down the data, someone giving a chart or table of information to a test-taker and asking them to track a certain pattern, or a test-taker watching a video and having to answer questions based on the information given in the video.

After the potential employee or test-taker finishes inputting and tracking all of their information, they have to double-check the information.

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To cross-check the information, the test-taker or potential employee receives some charts or graphs of information and double-checks/cross-references their answers to make sure everything lines up and makes sense.

The test measures your ability to analyze data quickly yet concisely. You need to work thoroughly but quickly to get the best possible results on your data tests.

Several kinds of data entry tests exist in the job market today, including:

  • Alphanumeric data entry
  • Numeric entering
  • Data entry keystrokes
  • 10 key data entry
  • Cross-referencing

Let’s dive into alphanumeric data entry.

What Is Tested on an Alphanumeric Data Entry Test?

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Alphanumeric data entry focuses on a test-takers ability to compute letters and numbers. One of the jobs that use alphanumeric data entry frequently is a dispatcher. They have to clock addresses, phone numbers, codes, and other information that uses both letters and numbers.

Before we delve into what an alphanumeric data entry test looks like, let’s take a look at what skills these tests demonstrate to potential employers. The best candidates perform all three of these skills at the same time.

Problem-Solving Skills

If you are tasked with inputting information quickly into a system and figuring out the fastest way to get it to the correct person, you probably have a great sense of how to handle various issues.

Potential employers watch the different ways you find out the essential information, how you relay it to the correct person, if and how you calmly explain an emergency or heightened situation to someone, and if you can compose yourself in a stressful situation.

Potential employers see your step-by-step process of solving problems and note the patterns you use to arrive at the best solution. They also see if you prioritize your time or if you spend too much time struggling to find a useful solution.

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Listening And Communicating Skills

One of the main aspects of working as a data-entry person is paying attention, listening to instructions, interpreting information, and communicating with other people. If you can’t perform those skills easily, you will have a very difficult time on the job.

When you work in a field with data entry, you need to be able to prioritize the information given to you by the caller and take a step back. Sometimes a caller will contact you in an emergency and be extremely upset or panicking. You need to know how to handle this kind of situation and not aggravate the person on the line.

If someone calls you with an injury claim and you act nonchalantly, the person will get angry and might lose trust in you. Instead, remain calm but concerned and deal with the matter appropriately.

It is not your job to counsel the person on the other line, but you can console them just a little bit by treating them with respect and not belittling them. Show your potential employer and the customer on the line. You can help them.

You need to demonstrate that you can listen to directions without interrupting others. When you work with data entry, information gets thrown at you at all hours of the day. If you do not listen, you will miss something, which can lead to a snowball effect.

If you miss one letter or number of an address, you send someone to the wrong house and can’t solve the issue. So, to demonstrate you deserve a place on the team, know when to be quiet and listen instead of talking over instructions.

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It is no secret that dispatchers have difficult jobs. Anyone who handles data entry, especially alphanumeric data entry, is constantly bombarded with information and asked to respond quickly and effectively.

You will be under a lot of stress at most times, so to succeed, you need to know how to handle your stress. You have to familiarize yourself with a slew of different data input systems, all while being able to listen to instructions, console customers, and report to your boss.

Demonstrate you are capable of handling all of this information at once and keeping a calm mindset during your test.

How Long Is a Data Entry Test?

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Wondering how long a data entry test takes? Each test varies. However, a general data entry test that measures basic data entry skills gives test-takers between three and five minutes per section. The sections are purposefully timed, so you cannot finish all of the questions asked in each section.

If you take a test that focuses on other subjects in addition to data entry, those tests can last up to thirty minutes. They include additional topics such as attention to detail, problem-solving, listening, and communication. These tests measure basic data entry skills as well as everything mentioned in the skills section above.

Kenexa Data Entry Alphanumeric Test

Kenexa is one of the leading companies providing a data entry alphanumeric test to potential data entry employees. For their test, test-takers have to input both letter and numerical data into a mock database.

Their performance shows potential employers their ability to understand and interpret data, assess speed and performance, and determine how accurate they are in inputting data.

The Kenexa exam has five separate pages (or records) to measure different aspects of data entry. Each page has eight different spaces where you input the letter or numerical data. The screen will show sets of data, and you have to input that same data into the blank spaces during the test.

Take Data Entry Alphanumeric Practice Test Now

What Kind of Jobs Require Alphanumeric Data Entry?

  • Dispatchers– You have to respond to and input information as the main part of your job.
  • Typists– You have to listen and track data as you read it. So, if you are a quick and accurate typer, this profession is for you.
  • Call Centers– You need to multitask on the phone and on the computer. If you can carry on a conversation while typing different information, this is the calling for you.
  • Transcribers– Just like typists, you need to work faster than people speak.

How to Prepare for Alphanumeric Data Entry?

Practice tests are by far the most effective way to prepare for this test. Our favorite resource is the esteemed job preparation company Job Test Prep. It has the study package for you to ensure a fruitful career using data entry.

Included in a Job Test Prep package are:

  • Five alphanumerical data entry tests for you to practice with.
    Brush up your skills and learn how to quickly input numerical data and data with letters into various software systems and databases. Learn the most efficient way to input data without making any errors and minimize how much time you spend recording the data.
  • Score Reports
    If you are unsure how well you performed on the exam, that is okay! Each package included with a Job Test Prep purchase includes a score report which explains what you answered correctly, what you answered incorrectly, and how each answer was correct or incorrect.The score reports break down the best ways to answer the questions, the most efficient way to answer the questions, and the best strategies to use if you do not know how to answer a question.
  • Three Cross-Referencing Tests
    Each Job Test Prep package includes cross-referencing tests similar to the ones given on the real test. These familiarize you with the structure of the cross-referencing charts and tables. Before taking a real data entry test, make sure you know how to cross-reference properly and make sure your answers are all correct. Job Test Prep offers answer explanations for these tests as well, so take your time learning the ropes before enrolling in an actual test.

Also included in the Job Test Prep packages are two data entry ID tests, five data entry 10-key tests, four data entry audio tests, and so much more.

Take Data Entry Alphanumeric Practice Test Now

Wrapping Up

Alphanumerical data entry is a skill used in several jobs like dispatchers, typists, and call centers. To pass the entry tests, you need to know how to multitask, accurately enter data, and console customers. To start your data entry test preparation, Job Test Prep can help you succeed.

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