Why Might A Prospective Employer Screen Applicants Using Personality Assessments?

Why Might A Prospective Employer Screen Applicants Using Personality Assessments?

As an employee, the concept of having to write a glorified magazine quiz to get a job seems like a waste of time. To an employer, the test might be a formality that doesn’t even give you insight into your candidates’ attitudes.

The truth is that the relationship between employer and employee is at stake in a test like this. Companies have started using personality tests to get to know their employees and build workplace relationships.

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So, why might a prospective employer screen applicants use personality assessments? Simply put, employers can better understand an employee’s traits and roles within an organization thanks to personality tests. A test like this is extremely valuable across many different industries and organizations.

Personality tests use assessments and questions to identify potential strengths and weaknesses. The idea is to shape an employee’s role within projects and teams with the help of this information.

A test like this can identify if individuals can work well together or if they are better fitted to work alone. Letting employees work in the way that suits them can improve productivity immensely.

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Pre-hire Benefits

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Personality tests can be used to enhance multiple aspects of HR. It is, however, more common to see an employer screen applicants using a test during the hiring process. This application is also known as the pre-hire process.

Having potential candidates answer such a test and having hiring managers and HR administrators review them afterward provides valuable information in several ways, more than just finding the right person for the job.

The time it takes to undergo candidate screening is often the most cumbersome aspect of hiring a new employee. These tests help an employer predict the value that an applicant can add to the company.

Fitting Into the Culture

One answer to the question “why might a prospective employer screen applicants using personality assessments?” is that they are trying to find a “culture fit.” It might seem like a test is designed to give clinicians clues about your unconscious feelings through ambiguous stimuli.

But at the end of the day, all your employers want to know is: Do you fit in with the group or the company values? This is more than just finding carbon copies of the same employee. Diversity is important when it comes to a business. It helps cover up for certain individuals’ weaknesses and encourages thinking outside the box.

The Real Requirements for a Role

Each role in a business requires a certain set of skills that modern education institutions don’t teach you. Some of these requirements are psychological or even social and can’t be taught. An accurate assessment of a candidate’s potential in real-life situations can be obtained through a test like this.

Other factors like an eye for detail can be especially important for those in an analytical role, and this can easily be ascertained through critical thinking questions. Your thought processes and working styles are other aspects that can be tested.

HR Efficiency

Human Relations is by far the one aspect of a business that benefits the most from personality tests. When a business goes on a hiring spree, it takes a lot of time and resources to vet new candidates.

Since more than one test relies on the speed of a candidate’s reactions to a high-risk job environment, you can significantly reduce the time it takes to simulate a stressful environment for your employees. Ultimately, these quizzes can significantly reduce the time it takes to complete the candidate selection process.

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Post-hire Benefits

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Personality testing doesn’t end once you hire a candidate. Businesses have much to gain from using personality tests in the post-hire stage to improve employee motivation.

Healthy Work Environments

For one, you can use these tests to help nurture the employee’s talents. Personality assessments help reveal unconscious motivations. Essentially the strengths and weaknesses of an employee. A good employer can use this to personalize an employee’s training.

One example is that it can connect new employees with possible mentors who score similarly to each other. The ultimate goal is to boost a potential employee’s desirable qualities.

Employee Performance

Managing employee performance has far more subtleties than one would imagine. The information these personality assessments provide helps the employer predict the personal struggles that an employee is facing. The employer can use this data to personalize and improve the work environment for the whole group and the individual.

It also shows the employer what their own strengths and weaknesses are. A person who is conscious of their own weaknesses tends to find satisfaction in overcoming them. In this way, you can openly use employee personality assessment as a teambuilding exercise.

Rewards and Engagement

The test is an excellent way to engage with employees. See what rewards and incentives drive your employees’ feelings, impulses, and desires. If your employees aren’t driven to increase their own wages, offer them downtime or physical rewards.

Sometimes a personality assessment itself can lead to team bonding. You can use personality test scores to determine individual awards for each employee.

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Reasons Employers Give for Using Personality Assessments

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Many employers find the psychological aspects of writing a test a valuable information source. A test is a means to measure unconscious processes in a person without them even realizing it.

Let’s explore more specific reasons why some employers use personality assessments.

Data-driven Recruitment Leads to Better Hiring Decisions

The major advantage of these tests is that they rely on research done in modern work environments. It’s all based on team management data that enables better decision-making in the workplace. A personality assessment provides you with standardized, useful insights regarding how candidates behave in a work context.

This means you can predict job performance for each individual and track it through regular re-testing.

Most businesses still rely heavily on older techniques like CV analysis and face-to-face interviews. Although these tests can’t trump your gut feeling about someone, a personality assessment can work in tandem with a test. The advantage of using both is that you can use the readout of personality traits from the candidate during an interview.

Preliminary Testing Increases the Quality of Candidates and Employees

Turnover costs a company a lot of unnecessary time and money. When you are hiring the right candidate, you need to identify those with talent and those without. A personality assessment acts as the first step when you screen candidates.

It would be best if you kept your company culture in mind when you hire someone new and allowing someone with a bad attitude, even for a week or two, can disrupt the company’s work ethic.

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Final Thoughts

When you need to prepare for a job’s personality assessment test or if you need to find a way to improve your better inter-business relationships, JobTestPrep has you covered. Their wide range of tests can be used to study for well-known personality assessments online and to help understand what each test needs exams and tells you about the test-takers. There is no better site to help you get the job and to get the job done.


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