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Acing Boots Online Assessment: Your Career Success Guide

Securing a job with Boots, one of the biggest beauty and pharmacy centres in the world, can be a long and challenging process.

Jobs are in high demand and it is vital that you understand the assessments involved and make sure that you are well prepared. Job Test Prep can provide you with a range of test materials that ensure you remain a head and shoulders above your competitors.

Take the Boots Online Assessment Practice Test to improve your score.

Read on to discover all you need to know about applying for a job at Boots.

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What does the application process for Boots entail?

The application process for Boots is multi-layered and comprises the following stages:

  • Application form
  • Situational Judgement Test (SJT)
  • Numerical reasoning Test
  • Verbal Reasoning Test
  • Telephone Interview
  • Face to Face Interview
  • Case Study Exercise
  • Group Exercise

In this article, we will explore each of the different stages in more detail with particular reference to the online assessments.

Application Form

This will be your first task in the application process, and this form will also be done online. The form itself is relatively simple but you will be asked to upload your resume and a covering letter.

It is important to be truthful on your resume but it is also important to bear in mind the specifications of the job for which you are applying along with company values. Knowing these aspects means that you can make sure to highlight areas of your experience or skill set that match these criteria and enable you to ‘fit’ into the company expectations.

The specifications and values will be listed on the application form but will almost certainly centre around excellence in customer service.

For graduate schemes, you will also be asked a series of competency questions around the topics of how Boots may compare with other retailers or ways in which they could improve. Your answer will be restricted to 500 words and you will need to practise answering in a way that is concise yet covers the main points in an eloquent and engaging way.

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Boots Online Assessments

Now it’s time to take Boots’ online assessments.

Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

These tests are designed to gauge how you would react in a series of work-based scenarios. You will be presented with a number of possible situations that are likely to occur in the actual job.

You will then need to select from a range of options; the solution that you would most likely adopt and the solution that you would least likely adopt in that given scenario. The issues are deliberately repetitive in order to trick any candidate who is unsure of their answers.

The answers that you give are compared with a set of ideal answers given by industry experts. Your score and feedback will be given under the following headings:

Managing Objectives: Your ability to plan, prioritise and organise tasks to achieve a solution. Also, your effective use of others’ talents and your ability to consult and network.

People Management: How well you manage a team of people as opposed to one-on-one interactions. Topics could include motivation – of yourself and others – conflict resolution, leadership and planning.

Corporate or Reputation Management: How well you support and are positive about your organisation along with your ability to take personal responsibility.

It is a common misconception that there is no need to prepare for an SJT because you are required to draw on your own general knowledge and life experience, and no one knows that better than you, right? Job Test Prep can help you to prepare by familiarising you with the style in which your SJT may be delivered along with the various concepts you may encounter.

Knowing which priorities are most highly valued by employers, as well as which behaviours are recommended for the workplace, will enable you to respond to SJT questions intelligently.

The SJT evaluates skills and abilities known as competencies. These are divided into:

Core Competencies – Cognitive ability, social intelligence, job-related skills and knowledge and leadership skills if applicable

Secondary Competencies – Practical skills, abilities and personality traits

Use the practice questions on offer with Job Test Prep to help you fully understand the format of the test and how to answer it for maximum impact.

Numerical Reasoning Test

It will come as no surprise that this test is designed to assess your mathematical abilities. You will be presented with data such as tables, charts and mathematical word problems. You will have a very limited amount of time to answer questions about this data using the four basic mathematical functions (+ x – ÷), percentages and ratios.

You will need to be skilled at using a calculator, too, so that you can save precious time when answering questions.

These tests can be difficult because of the unfamiliarity of the content along with the very strict time limits, and these factors can create real pressure for candidates. Practising the tests under exam conditions can be a great way to relieve some of this pressure. Job Test Prep can help you to improve your confidence and your chances, through practice tests and explanations of test material.

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Verbal Reasoning Test

These tests are designed to assess your skills when it comes to understanding and analysing written content.

You will be given a range of statements and asked to decide whether you think the statements are true, false, or cannot say, based only on the information provided in the text, or to answer multiple-choice questions.

As with the numerical reasoning tests, these tests are also timed, creating a really pressurised set of circumstances. The passages of reading can be quite long and you are given less than a minute to answer! Job Test Prep provides verbal reasoning practice exams in their packs.

These will give you tips and strategies for solving questions along with opportunities to practice for speedy and accurate answering of questions.

Telephone Interview

This is the perfect opportunity for your employer to find out a little more about you and for you to share your reasons for application; why you were interested in applying for a job with Boots. The telephone interview should take around 15 minutes and you may be asked questions about your work ethic and commitment to excellence in customer service.

Face to Face Interview

Your face to face interview will be traditional in format. You should expect questions that try to explore your ability to solve problems, to be supportive and work as part of a team. Other questions may be specific to your role so you should remember the main points you provided on your resume and application forms.

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Assessment Centre

If you are successful in your online tests, you will then be invited to attend an assessment centre at Boots HQ. The specific activities in an assessment centre will be dictated by the role for which you are applying, along with the knowledge, traits and skills that would be expected from a successful candidate.

Exercises could include psychometric testing, group exercises and individual or group presentations. There may also be role play, case studies and in-tray tasks. The assessment day could be a half or full day and any costs incurred will be met by the employer.

The number of attendees will depend on the number of candidates being considered and this will also dictate group sizes for activities.

Employers will be looking for you to demonstrate your competence regarding:

  • communication skills
  • how personable you are
  • how you demonstrate leadership in group tasks
  • teamwork
  • your ability to solve problems
  • your creativity
  • time management
  • planning
  • the ability to negotiate
  • organisational and analytical skills
  • and of course your customer service skills.

Examples of the assessment process could include a case study and group exercises.

Case Study Exercise

In this exercise, you can showcase how well you might perform in a work situation that is typical for Boots. This test may be presented in the form of a company report, a review or market research findings and you will be asked to analyse the situation and offer a response, either in writing or in the form of a group presentation.

Group Exercises

These exercises show how well a candidate can communicate and work as part of a team. Scenarios that reflect real situations will enable employers to assess and analyse how a candidate might behave in a workplace scenario.

Within a group, it is natural for individuals to take on different roles – some will display natural leadership whilst others will act as motivators and some may just focus on the task at hand to achieve results.
Group exercises can take the form of a discussion or a hands-on task.

Why should I choose a career with Boots?

boots logo

Boots is one of the most trusted brands on the high street. Formed in 1849, Boots has a tradition of great customer service and a keen interest in health and wellbeing for customers and employees alike.

With around 2,500 stores throughout the UK and Ireland and employing approximately 60,000 people, the application process is highly competitive.

The company seeks individuals who are highly motivated, customer-focused and hardworking. They offer graduate programmes and a range of benefits, including staff discounts, insurance, bonus and pension schemes.

Boots is part of the Stepping Stones professional development programme, which gives employees access to tailored training modules.

Applying for a job with such a prestigious company is bound to be intense. That is why it is so important to make sure that you are fully prepared for all the assessments that you will encounter.

Familiarity with formats and procedures will make sure you really stand out from other candidates and give you a real competitive edge. Job Test Prep can help you to prepare and succeed in your new career!

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