The Ultimate Guide to the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test

Have you been asked to take a HEXACO Personality Inventory Test for your new job, and you have no idea what it is about? A HEXACO Personality Inventory Test is a psychometric test that measures six aspects of your personality dimensions.

The name itself may sound daunting and confusing, but it is an excellent way for employers to assess your psychological state and personality traits. There is no need to be afraid to take a HEXACO Personality Inventory Test. All you need is a full understanding of what the test is for, what you are expected to do, and how to perform accordingly.

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What Is the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test?

In 2000, Doctors Lee and Ashton first came up with the method to quantify the multi-level personality into numerical units. Then, the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test was born. The test serves as an “inventory” that records your personality traits in various aspects.

Similar to the more well-known Myers-Briggs test, the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test also categorizes personality traits in the same group. It offers a macro glimpse of what your personality type entails, what your strengths and weaknesses are, how your personality traits may impact your life.

Unlike the Myers-Briggs test, the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test is not widely used commercially. The Myers-Briggs test is more accessible and used as a leisurely tool for the public to perform a self-check.

The HEXACO Personality Inventory Test is mostly used for research purposes. Therefore, you are way more likely to be asked to take the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test during your pre-employment process.

Sometimes, skeptics criticize the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test for being extremely new. Other long-existing personality tests, such as the Big Five, have up to five decades of research behind them.

The HEXACO Personality Inventory Test’s young age does not undermine its effectiveness nor its accuracy in assessing one psychological state. On the contrary, because the test has absorbed the best from other tests, it is able to generate a premium-quality setting in under a decade.

Over the years, the use of the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test has become more widespread. It is common for companies to use this sophisticated test to quantify your psychological values and how they will impact your work performance.

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Where Is the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test Used?

A lot of companies are choosing the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test because it is reliable and simple. You will also find this test to be mandatory in many government openings.

What Does the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test Measure?

The HEXACO Personality Inventory Test covers six dimensions. Every dimension discusses similar traits belonging to the same group.

An important thing to think about before you start the test is that there is no right or wrong answer. The HEXACO Personality Inventory Test aims to draw a profile of you.

However, if an indicator is extremely high or low in one or more dimensions, this may be something that you should pay attention to. It means that you have some extreme qualities that may be undesirable or troublesome.

Here are the six dimensions assessed in a HEXACO Personality Inventory Test.


The honesty-humility trait includes the aspects of modesty, sincerity, and fairness. In this model, the higher the score, the more honest and genuine you are. You do not manipulate others for your ulterior motive. You treat everyone with the utmost respect and kindness. Adhering to the book is the rule to live by.

Alternatively, a low score means you are less of an honest person. You would cheat for your personal gain. As long as you can achieve your goal, manipulating others is an acceptable thing to do for you. You are likely to be motivated by wealth and status. You do what you believe is necessary, regardless of what it will do to your reputation.

At first, it may sound like a high score is the dream. That is not necessarily true. Someone who scores extremely high is usually someone too rigid and stale in the business world. You play everything by the book and are less likely to be innovative and come up with a win-win idea. This is a good example of why a high score is not always sought-after by companies.

Emotionality (Neuroticism)

It tests your calmness and behaviors when facing uncertainties. A person with high emotionality somewhat resembles an empath. You are sensitive to other people’s feelings and thoughts. Handling risk and uncertainties are not your strong suit. You would do anything to avoid confrontations.

Undesirable situations instill great fear in you. Dealing with those scenarios is stressful and poses tremendous anxiety. You would turn on fright mode and steer away from anything that could go wrong.

On the contrary, if you are low in emotionality, you thrive on uncertainties. You can handle each task independently without giving much thought to how others may think or react. You are determined, ruthless, and stable in dealing with stressful situations.

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It is an indicator of your enthusiasm and assertiveness. A high score means you are always energetic about meeting new people. You need mental stimulants to keep you entertained. Too much downtime alone will feel like torture on your brain cells.

You prefer hanging out with a group of people and are only at your best when you can socialize. Being alone makes you feel uneasy. You can lead a conversation effortlessly and are the social gel in gatherings.

On the other hand, a low score means you would much rather be alone. Putting yourself in large social gatherings is draining. You are not an extrovert. After a long night of socializing, you will most likely need the whole weekend to recover from it.

This model gives your potential employer how you will do with specific tasks. For example, if you are applying for a sales position, you will have to be comfortable speaking to a mass audience and talking to new people all the time. However, if you are doing admin work, having a calm personality may benefit you as you can focus and feel comfortable at work.


It measures your compassion and politeness. People with a high score tend to put themselves in other people’s shoes. You are willing to compromise in situations so the atmosphere can be harmonious. You are well-mannered and do not mind spending your time understanding other people’s perspectives.

Conversely, people with a low score are stubborn with their own views. You do not accept different opinions and would do anything to criticize and challenge others to establish your point.


This model evaluates your conscientiousness for your workplace and job. A high score indicates your commitment to work. You are responsible and have a strong sense of duty when performing your task. You are not impulsive. Rather, you are very rational. Even when sudden situations happen and you are put in a bad mood, you will think and act according to your role and what’s best for the company.

A low score shows a rush of emotions is likely to direct and dictate your actions. You cannot handle negative emotions well. When you get irritated, you may act out of character, neglecting your identity as an employee and your job duties. Dealing with more challenging tasks can be a nightmare for you as you are not very organized.


Assessing your curiosity, transparency, and intellect, this model checks your willingness to learn and grow and your capacity to accept new concepts. The higher the score, the more open-minded you are and adaptive to innovative methods.

Alternatively, a low score indicates your rigidness in exploring new realms of things. Your world is constructed the way it is and you refuse any change. Unconventional methods are perceived as not trustworthy and unreliable for you.

Take HEXACO Personality Inventory Practice Test Now

How Long Is the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test and Is It Difficult?

There are a total of 100 questions that will take about 15 minutes to complete. In each question, you have to indicate your agreeableness to the statement on a scale. From totally agree to totally disagree, your points are added to the final tally.

The HEXACO Personality Inventory Test is not difficult since it is meant for a clear overview of your personality. Participants should not find it challenging.

How to Pass the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test?

Take Different Practice Tests

Don’t let the sound of a psychometric test deter you. Try practicing more online tests to familiarize yourself with the process. As mentioned, the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test is common in government jobs. Job Test Prep has a range of practice personality tests and study materials.

It provides an easy study guide with detailed instructions on how to ace each part of the testing process. You get multiple sets of tests and an analytical report on your strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve.

Understand the Company Culture

Based on the company structure and work culture, you will know what type of candidate the hiring manager is looking for. For instance, in large government departments, the ability to follow orders is valued. Being a team player is more important than being a lone executioner.

For small startups, being able to work creatively and coming up with innovative ideas are always appreciated. Know your work culture, so you know what standards they are looking for.

Read the Job Description Thoroughly

What is your job? Is it about solving problems for clients or processing data in the backend office? The requirements for each job set the bar for the expected outcome. The job description directly dictates what the company wants from you.

Before you attempt to do the test, check the job description again. Go on the company’s website to see how the team is doing and what qualities they have.

Take HEXACO Personality Inventory Practice Test Now

Be Honest

As much as hacking the test is feasible and will likely land you the job, there is a reason why this test is a must in the pre-employment process. It matches quality candidates to the position. If you do not possess those qualities, it is highly unlikely that you will enjoy the job or do well anyway. You should always answer accordingly.

If you are still exploring your interest, test to see what your greatest strengths are. After you get the report on your profile, check to see what roles would best utilize your skills. Lying to get a job will not fly you very high. It is bad when companies find out your characteristics do not align with the initial values and you are not fit for the role. Not only do you risk getting fired, but you also damage your reputation and risk not getting hired in the same field again.

Avoid Choosing the Maximum Scale

Always opting for the maximum agreeable level or the minimum is not a good sign. You should not demonstrate an extreme level of personality traits since both ends of the spectrum entail certain flaws.

Try to dilute your answers a bit, even if you are opinionated. Your answers should mainly be circling around the scale.

Don’t be Neutral on Everything

As bad as it is to have extreme answers, it is probably not as harmful as having no opinion. Never choose neutral on all the questions. It will effectively end your candidacy because the system cannot generate any useful results.

Think carefully about what you think about each question and how you will react to the situations. Being indifferent about things does not make you a problem-solver. Hence, you are not considered a good candidate.

Take HEXACO Personality Inventory Practice Test Now

What Are the Benefits of an Online Personality Test?

It Saves the Company’s Resources

Having staff to be physically present at every stage of the hiring process incurs a massive cost for the company. Human resources can be put to better use if one step of the process can be automated.

Incorporating the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test saves the company’s resources and allows for a more systematic pre-employment screening. The cost of developing the test is significantly lower than conducting a physical evaluation.

It Shortens the Hiring Process

Traditionally, the entire pre-employment process can be lengthy and dreadful for both the candidate and the hiring manager. After each process, a person has to review the score and put the application through manually. Oftentimes, the dull hiring timeline causes a loss of talents because they have found better options during this time.

With the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test, the result is instantly generated. The company only has to input the benchmark beforehand and the system will let the passing candidates through. It shortens the hiring process and increases quality hires.

Take HEXACO Personality Inventory Practice Test Now

The New Hires’ Values Align with the Company Vision

Conducting an initial screening on your personality and integrity minimizes the risk of hiring someone that is prone to violence, addiction, or other indecent work behaviors. It lets candidates with a high moral value through. In turn, this ensures the candidate’s vision aligns with the company’s.

The last thing a company needs is to have a bad reputation because of an employee’s misconduct. Therefore, your job interviews assess not only your knowledge and skills, but also your ethical stance.

The Hiring Process and Quality Are More Standardized

Humans are not free of judgment. Hiring managers can have biased opinions against certain qualities and behaviors that should not be a decisive hiring factor. Adopting the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test creates a more unbiased setting for candidates.

Every scoring criterion is predetermined in the system. It standardizes the quality of the new hires so they match the crucial requirements.

The Test is Derived from Scientific Findings

The HEXACO Personality Inventory Test is built on thousands of scientific reports and findings. It is designed to provide researchers with an understanding of human psychology with a scientific foundation.

Candidates have to go through a series of examinations before they are offered a contract. The selection process is backed by a successful model developed by doctors and researchers.

It Lowers the Turnover Rate

As the quality of the new hires unifies, a company faces a lower turnover rate. Employees that have gone through the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test are more likely to stay for a longer period of time.

The test helps the company recruit candidates that are loyal, competent, and enthusiastic about the job. These are important elements in lowering the turnover rate.

Take HEXACO Personality Inventory Practice Test Now


Taking a personality test is inevitable for most jobs. Studying for the HEXACO Personality Inventory Test will give you an advantage in your pre-employment process. Practice the online tests with our guide today to guarantee excellent results.

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