Preparing for the GEICO Assessment Test: A Definitive Guide with Interview Questions & Samples

When applying for a position at GEICO you can expect tough competition throughout the recruitment process. The Government Employees Insurance Company is the second-largest motor insurance company in the U.S.A. and attracts a lot of applications for both its customer-facing and non-customer-facing positions.

The recruitment process follows a number of stages and it is necessary to pass one stage to progress to the next one.

After applying you can expect to follow these steps:

  • Telephone Screening
  • Pre-Employment Assessments
  • Interview
  • A possible background check

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Initial telephone screening

When your application and resume have been received, you will be invited to a telephone screening by GEICO. Consider this a “getting to know you,” call. Your resume and strengths and weaknesses will be reviewed as well as any special skills you may bring to the table.

In the phone call which lasts for approximately 20 minutes, you will have an opportunity to impress the recruiter. You will also have an opportunity to get a sense of what the company is like to work for.

Prior to the call, you may also be asked to submit a personality test. On a sheet, you will be asked to agree or disagree with a number of actions you might take in various situations. Get more information on personality testing and how to prepare here.

Your responses will give the recruiter a feeling for your personality and how you might align with company culture and work practices.


GEICO assessments are considered tough. To get past the queue of applicants thorough preparation is necessary.

Rather than spending hours wading through reams of information, it is better to get a test prep pack that will give you details of the assessments as well as sample tests to practice on.

A test prep pack gives you exercises on which you can hone your skills in preparation for the assessments. Practicing exercises over a period of time will allow you see the progress you are making and the areas you might need to do further work on.

Get an idea of how a test prep pack will help you with this free sample test by clicking on the button given below.

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More about the Assessments

Assessments are conducted at the company offices and last for 1-2 hours. The purpose of the assessments is to decide how suited you are to the role you have applied for.

There are two types of roles you can apply for.

  • A customer-facing role where you will be dealing directly with GEICO customers in the areas of sales, claims, customer services
  • A non-customer facing role in leadership or management development

Assessments are carried out on the following for customer-facing roles:

  • Computer skills
  • Spatial reasoning
  • Customer skills
  • Reading comprehension
  • Applicant’s ability to multitask

For the non-customer-facing role, assessments test the applicant’s ability to excel in various types of tasks. Expect assessment in:

  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Technical Test

With a satisfactory result in the pre-employment assessments, the applicant will then pass to the interview stage.

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Preparing for the Assessments

GEICO’s recruitment technique is rigorous, meaning you, the applicant, will have a lot of preparation to do to work your way from application to job offer. But with the correct preparation, it is possible to work your way through the process and get the job you want.

You need to find out the type of assessment you will be expected to complete and the best way of going about preparing for it. With a test preparation pack from in hand, you will know you are receiving solid guidance on the assessments.

Working on the sample tests you will hone your skills in a particular area and measure your progress as you prepare for the assessments.

Plan how you will use your time

Create a timetable

Preparing for a test or examination of any type needs to be approached with military precision. Immediately after you receive notification of an upcoming test, look at the amount of time you have to prepare.

Draw up a timetable identifying the times you will put into preparation every day. In drawing up your timetable, be realistic. A timetable you cannot really stick to will be discouraging and cause you to lose momentum.

Most people have times when they are at their most alert and study better. Ensure you select times when you are at your best.

Study in 50-minute increments

Your next step is to decide how you will use your test preparation time. time. The advice from educators is you never study for longer than 50 minutes at a time.

When the 50 minutes are up, leave your place of study and take a 10-minute break. Get some fresh air, do some stretching exercises or some yoga, whatever helps you to refresh yourself.

Vary study topics

Returning to your study place, try if possible to work on a different topic or type of exercise. Ensure that at the end of a day’s/evening’s study you have allowed 15-30 minutes to revise the material you studied during the period.

Working like this you are using your brain effectively. Studying the same topic for long periods of time can be ineffective and you gradually realize that even though reading the material your memory isn’t absorbing it.

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Becoming familiar with the assessments

Becoming familiar with the assessment is your next project in preparing for the GEICO recruitment process. You need to know what you are going to be assessed on and how this assessment will be carried out.

“Numerical assessment,” may tempt you to say, “I did all of that in school.” You have, but you may need to refresh the material. And you need to learn how to apply that material on assessment day.

The same applies to assessments of your computer skills.
If you use a computer on a daily basis like most of today’s world you are probably refreshing those skills every day. But don’t forget to work on your typing speeds.

The test that will pose the most challenges for applicants is the reading comprehension test. We read less than previous generations did and we skim rather than reading in-depth.

This is something you will probably have to devote time to practicing. The test will require you to extract specific information from a passage.

Practice reading and underlining key points in a passage. Become familiar with the questions asked and what the keywords are asking you to do. For example, if a question asks you to contrast two people or objects it is asking you to show the differences between them.
However, if it asks you to compare the two it is asking you to show likenesses and differences.

Your test preparation pack gives you the materials you need to ace the assessments. You can find a free example of a personality test here that will give you a feeling of how the pack works. And click here for a free test on verbal reasoning.

Your pack comes with a range of sample tests that will allow you:

  • To practice for the assessments
  • To track your progress from test to test
  • To become familiar with the timing of the test
  • To improve your skills for the real assessment with each sample test
  • To guarantee yourself no unpleasant surprises will await you in the test center

Reading or Doing?

The best type of study is when you do something. When reading something, take notes. Better still, engage in practice exercises from the test prep pack you got from a reliable test preparation company.

If during your preparation time you feel your mind becoming “fuzzy” from taking in too much information, take a breather. Then attempt a sample test. By doing the test, you will find your concentration returning.

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A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

Make sure you approach assessment day refreshed. Many well-prepared candidates sabotage their efforts by studying late into the night on the nights before a test.

Your performance in the test depends as much on your well-being in the run-up to the assessment as on your preparation for it.

Tests are as demanding on the body as on the mind.

Bear this in mind while you are preparing for your assessments. Knowing something of how your brain works enables you to make the best use of it while in study mode.

But caring for your physical well-being is an important part of getting the best out of your mind.

To keep yourself well during the test preparation period ensure you:

  • Get adequate breaks
  • Get proper rest
  • Get fresh air and exercise
  • Get proper nutrition

If you are prone to stress:

  • Develop a few helpful stress-busting techniques; deep breathing, yoga, meditation or a gentle walk
  • On assessment day ensure the assessment is the only task on your agenda

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Assessment Day

On the day of the GEICO Assessment, you will undoubtedly be nervous. This after all is a day that could have an impact on your future.

Being a little nervous can be a good thing when you have to perform at your best. Being overly nervous can damage your performance.

Take deep breaths if your nervousness is getting out of control. Remind yourself you have worked hard for this and when relaxed get started on giving the assessment your best shot.

Written by Elizabeth O Mahony

With 25+ years’ experience as a teacher and state examinations corrector, Elizabeth now writes for the education and careers industry. Her experience preparing students for examinations and running an academy for supplementary education give her invaluable insights into what it takes for job seekers and graduates to succeed in assessments.

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