Amazon Area Manager Prep

Amazon Area Manager Employment Process: Complete Guide for Success

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the United States and worldwide, with over a million employees. Area and Operations managers ensure that each process step runs smoothly. But there is a lengthy application process before you can get one of these coveted positions.

This article will assist you in getting ready for the Amazon Area Manager Assessment procedures. We will explain each step of Amazon’s employment.

We will also dig into each assignment, prep you for the interview, and provide you with the best practice materials for Amazon test preparation.

Amazon Employment Process

With years of experience in employment, Amazon’s HR representative and hiring collaborators have found the best hiring steps they can take to make sure that only the most competent candidates move forward with the process and that only the best of the best get hired.

To ensure it, Amazon has come up with unique employment process steps:

Resume Screening

Evaluating job applications is the initial step in Amazon’s recruitment procedure. To determine whether you might be a good match for the position you’re applying for, hiring managers will check your CV during this stage for technological criteria, education, knowledge, and many other factors.

Phone Interview

If your cover letter is selected for further review, an internal hiring manager or HR representative will be in touch with you for a 45-minute to a 1-hour telephone conversation. A screening interview aims to evaluate your individuality, determination, professional attitude, and communication skills.

Reviewing your CV, the hiring manager will seek clarification regarding your earliest and most recent employment in chronological order. You should expect some basic interview questions whose aim is to determine your suitability for the position.

Amazon Online Assessments

After the phone evaluation, candidates for technology and non-technical positions are given Amazon Online Assessments (OAs), groupings of pre-interview screening tools. They are frequently used for traineeships and entry-level jobs for recent graduates, although they are also occasionally used for expert jobs.

Video Interviews

Productive applicants will participate in additional video testing after the phone interview. The video interviews are usually conducted by recruiting managers or mentors in a similar field to your desired job position.

You should expect questions that measure your knowledge and academic writing, experience, mindset, and personality traits. A sample question would be, “Could you give us an example of when you saw a situation to lead your team, and you took it?”

Writing Test

For a few jobs, applicants must complete a written exam before progressing to online interview sessions. The company culture at Amazon places a high value on written correspondence, and applicants’ written feedback is given careful consideration.

Applicants can choose one of two alternatives to respond to a question. The answer should be around 2-3 pages long but not exceed four pages in length. One or two days before interviews, applicants send their responses via e-mail.

On-site “Loop” interviews

After the phone interview and the possible writing test (given to potential Operations managers), you will proceed to the on-site interviews.

Those interviews are known by the name “Loop” since they last for a day and will include multiple conversations with up to 6 different recruiters or current staff members at the Seattle Amazon headwaters.

You might take anywhere from 2 to 9 interviews. All of them will be connected to the job positions you applied for and the abilities you need for the role.

Get a Job Offer

All your recruiters will create a selection committee following the on-site interview sessions. They will mutually determine whether to consider hiring you or not. They’ll also decide on your rate jointly (which is vital for your salary).

HR will ask for information about your previous and desired salaries if every other requirement is satisfied and they want to work with you. HR will send you a formal proposal depending on your details and the tier of your employment.

Typically, a recruiter will let you know the outcome about a week after your final question and answer session.

What Are The Amazon Area Manager Hiring Assessments?

People In office working

For most Amazon candidates, the hiring assessments are the most complex and stressful event. Amazon uses the help of different specialized hiring assessments whose purpose is to measure different abilities and qualities that candidates have.

You will likely have to take the following tests:

  • Amazon Working with the Team
  • Amazon Planning for the Team
  • Amazon Working with Metrics
  • Amazon Work Style Assessment
  • Amazon Work Experiences

The Amazon hiring board will check your results and review them against other candidates, desired employee profiles, standards, and company principles.

The following sections will tell you more about each assessment and test you will take if you apply for Area or Operations manager positions.

The Different Amazon Area Manager Assessments

1. Amazon Working With The Team

At Amazon, teamwork primarily evaluates an employment candidate’s analytical reasoning, assignment judgment, and decision-making skills. Additionally, it assesses how well you can apply the 16 leadership principles of Amazon.

Throughout the questionnaire, there are 7-8 situations (7 for operations managers and 8 for area managers), each explaining the job and the problems that management executives and area managers might face in the natural work setting. The scenarios don’t have a time restriction, but once you move on, you can’t return to earlier ones.

2. Amazon Planning For The Team

Only the Operations Manager and Pathways evaluation procedures take the Planning for Teamwork test; the potential Area Managers don’t take this part of the Amazon tests.

A 5-point multiple-choice measure will be used to assess your responses to 10 work-related types of situations. For these contexts to adhere to Amazon’s cultural values and leadership principles, you must decide on adequate and efficient handling strategies.

3. Amazon Working With Metrics

Only one paced module throughout the entire evaluation is functioning with metrics. The candidate needs to answer 18–19 mathematical questions in 60 minutes. To be exact, Area managers need to answer 19 questions, while Operations managers will answer 18 questions.

This test evaluates your capacity to correctly conduct mathematical computations while reviewing staff statistics and many creative types of source materials.

The fact that you can sometimes use a calculator, a pencil, a stylus, and scratch paper, is a plus. Nonetheless, the Working with Metrics test requires mathematical abilities, operations knowledge, numerical intelligence, and reasoning.

4. Amazon Work Style Assessment

These assessments are centered around Amazon’s peculiar culture and its Leadership Principles. The evaluation typically takes 10–20 minutes to complete. Amazon requires you to choose the extent to which a statement resonates with you through the questions.

For example, the Work Style assessment may ask you which of the two statements—”I like to write my tasks for the day before starting to work on them” or “I’m very excited to learn new things”—best describes your persona.

To learn more in-depth info about the Work Style Assessment from Amazon, we recommend the complete Job Test Prep article about Amazon work style tests.

5. Amazon Work Experiences

The Amazon Work Experiences, also called the Amazon Work Simulation, invites you to perform simulated work activities associated with the job position you applied for.

The total assessment usually takes from 20 minutes to 60 minutes to finish. The test will be in the form of a work-related scenario you will likely encounter if you work for Amazon.

The scenarios/ simulations will require that you make judgments depending on leadership principles, complete tasks essential to your excellence at Amazon, and show off your capacity for setting priorities, problem-solving, and social communication.

The assessment may require you to draw conclusions from a graph, respond to a client’s question, decide how to deal with a problem, manage time, or locate relevant data from a wide range of references based on the job you are applying for.

To learn more about the Work Simulation of Amazon, read the extensive Work Simulation article and guide.

Amazon Area Manager and Operations Manager Hiring Interviews

Manager’s interview

If you apply for the job positions of Amazon Area or Operations manager, chances are, you will have numerous interviews with different kinds of professionals and Amazon employees.

Aside from the “expected” interviews with executives, top management roles, and HR and recruitment experts, you can also expect numerous interviews with questions about experience, academic knowledge, work experience, personality traits, cognitive abilities, etc.

Area and Operations managers will get cognitive interviews in the form of a Math Flow problem and Written exercise. The following two parts of the article explain these two interviews.

Amazon Math Flow Problem

The Math Flow problem consists of math problems that are given to potential Area or Operations Managers.

The Math Flow problem interview might be given either during the phone interview, the virtual one, or during the on-site interview. The questions are connected to math abilities that any manager should possess to do their job at the Fulfilment Center.

Amazon Written Exercise

Candidates for Operations manager might get an Amazon Written exercise before the on-site interview.

Operations managers will often communicate through written e-mails and other types of communication, so they need to have good writing abilities, correct sentence structure, and knowledge of punctuation and grammar.

Your written exercise should be around 2 to 4 pages long and be connected to one of the topics you’ll receive in your e-mail. A hiring representative might have your written exercise during your on-site interview and ask for further details about it.

How Do I Prepare for Amazon Area Manager Exams and Interviews?

Most cognitive and psychological interview questions will center on your previous professional experiences and challenges and how you managed them.

Using the STAR approach and including the Amazon Leadership Principles in your responses is the primary method for answering interview questions. Amazon values and likes collaborating with people who take the time to familiarize themselves with their company culture and the principles they govern with.

This is especially true for job positions like Area managers and Operation managers since they are the leaders Amazon counts on.

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Our next section will detail everything you get by subscribing to their online library for practice materials.

We also highly recommend preparing for your interviews by visiting Amazon’s official interview guides. They are full of valuable tips, interview samples, and the most practical methods. So, you can take the information from the source, even though they don’t fully disclose what the interviews will include.

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How Can Job Test Prep Help?

A Beautiful Girl Student Using Laptop

Job Test Prep provides precise preparation simulations and study materials for more than a dozen Amazon exams.

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By getting your weekly, monthly, or 3-month-long subscription to the Amazon Area and Operations Manager Assessments Preparation, you will get full access to the:

  • 2 practice tests for Amazon Working with the Team part
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  • 1 practice test for Amazon Work Style Assessment
  • 1 practice test and helpful study guide for Amazon Work Experiences

Each practice test also contains a full explanation for correct answers and solving tips to help you understand the best way to answer.

About Amazon Area Manager Roles

An area manager, also known as a district manager, is in charge of the operational and financial aspects of a specific area or territory.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Encouraging employee growth and enhancement,
  • Ensuring regional significance is homogeneous, and
  • Improving sector-based shopping and cash flow.

What Is The Job Description Of An Area Manager?

Multiple companies appoint area managers to control daily business activities within a region or province. Such experts’ duties fluctuate and frequently include supervisory recruitment, financial planning, quality control, P&L declarations, or teaching.

Furthermore, they analyze reports and findings, establish future targets and trends, set financial goals, and collaborate with upper operations management and lower Process Assistants.

The work as Area Manager might also include traveling back and forth between different offices within the territory/department they manage.

What Does an Area Manager Do at Amazon?

Area Managers are in charge of most operational, personnel growth, and financial goals for a single business function of the Amazon fulfillment center (inbound or outbound).

Their responsibilities may include:

  • Managing, leading, and collaborating with Process Assistants,
  • Mentoring, coaching, and teaching teams how to increase performance, meet objectives, have positive relations, and build leadership skills around the Fulfillment Center.
  • Planning, creating, and executing plans for staff schedules, quality improvement initiatives, or process improvement initiatives or recommendations to increase productivity, satisfaction, meeting business goals, etc.
  • Monitor and maintain performance, provide feedback, and clear communication with Process assistants and management.
  • Hold teams and individuals accountable for their actions and performance and offer help and guidance toward improvement.
  • Sourcing, developing, and maintaining ideas, initiating improvement plants, and maintaining motivation levels for their implementation.
  • Calculating the risks and benefits of improvements and upgrades to make sure that the best practice is applicable in all departments.
  • Working closely with all support department managers like Facilities, HR, Financial, IT, and other managers to secure resources for set projects.
  • Promoting, providing, and supporting all initiatives given either by management teams or staff individuals
  • Notice, inspect and openly communicate any possible managemental, operational, or personnel issues that might negatively affect work and productivity.

Does The Amazon Area Manager Pay Well?

Similar to the national averages, Area managers that work for Amazon in the United States, on average, get an annual income of $58,600.

How Long Is Training For Area Manager at Amazon?

Area Manager training or internship for Amazon lasts ten weeks, with 40 working hours per week. The training is set within Amazon fulfillment or sorting centers, delivery stations, or administrative buildings.

Amazon Operations Manager

Team Discussion

Amazon’s operational processes managers should be ready to balance multiple responsibilities simultaneously while paying close attention to each one. They frequently manage large workgroups of employees, each of whom is charged with finishing their tasks and projects.

True leadership abilities and the capacity for efficient communication with all parties associated with it are required for it as well.

What Is The Job Description Of an Operations Manager?

Operations managers are responsible for all levels of a company’s business practices. They are responsible for recruiting, coaching, and overseeing quality control initiatives. An operations manager develops a procedure optimization strategy to guarantee that everybody accomplishes their duties on time.

What Does an Operations Manager Do at Amazon?

The duties of Amazon operations managers are extensive and encompass the following:

  • Developing and implementing working strategies that satisfy business goals.
  • Meeting with suppliers and associates to arrange prices or terms of collaboration.
  • Conducting and maintaining inventory audits so inventory is always available when needed.
  • Monitoring and measuring operational efficiency and making appropriate adjustments to improve efficiency for the teams and the whole organization.
  • Monitoring and ensuring that products are timely delivered by collaborating with carriers and troubleshooting issues.
  • Reviewing, comparing, and drawing conclusions from operational reports for market trends, productivity, and effortless running of operations.
  • Communicating and coordinating with numerous related departments to ensure that every department works smoothly and all requirements are met.
  • Coming up with and implementing updated operational plans to ensure the efficiency of all departments.

Does Amazon Operations Manager Pay Well?

The typical annual salary for a United States-based Operations Manager at Amazon is about $105,770, which is more than 50% higher than the national average for the same position.

Is Operations Manager Higher Than Area Manager?

Area managers are lower ranked than Operations managers. Operations managers oversee the operational aspects of the business tactics used by the company, which may also involve different groups of area managers.


Working for Amazon, especially in a prestigious position like Area manager or Operations manager, will certainly not be easy. The Amazon hiring process will test many of your abilities, personal qualities, knowledge, expertise, and leadership abilities.

This article has aimed to help you understand everything that is a part of the Amazon Area or Operations Manager employment process and the assessments and the interviews that will be conducted.

Furthermore, we provided some tips to help you start your preparation process and recommended the help of Job Test Prep, the most extensive online library for Amazon tests preparation.