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What Is a Video Interview?- Ultimate Guide for Success

With modern technology today, it might not surprise you to learn that video interviews are increasingly common. You no longer need to go into the office to speak to your potential future employer, not when it can all be done from your computer. This might feel different than a regular interview, though, so how exactly does it work?

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What Is a Video Interview?

What is a Video Interview?

Quite simply, a video interview is an interview that happens via video. Your employer will ask you questions to determine whether you’re the right fit for the job. Like any other interviewer, they’ll ask you about your skills, your goals, and so on.

There are two types of these interviews: the video conference type and the one-way video interview.

The video conference interview is where you meet with your potential employer, and they ask you questions directly.

It’ll be scheduled for a specific date and time and held via a video app like Skype or Zoom. Basically, this is a conversation type of interview where you’ll answer questions with no time limit.

This is in contrast to a one-way video interview. A one-way interview will not have different questions or follow-up questions, nor will you be able to answer for an unlimited amount of time.

Your interview will be asynchronous, which means that you can complete it whenever you’re able—you just record your answers and send them back. This is an entirely solo experience where your answers can be spread around to multiple interviewers before you receive your answer.

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How Do I Prepare for a Video Interview?

First off, to prepare for recorded interviews, you need to make sure that you have the software. This would include options like Cammio, HireVue, or Spark Hire. Your interviewer should tell you which platform before you begin.

In terms of how you should prepare your answers, remember that you’re being recorded for some video interviews. This means that your video can be replayed, and your interview can be sent around repeatedly. Naturally, you want to make a good impression then.

Start by being aware of your posture. Stand or sit up straight, and remember not to fidget. While it might feel odd to speak only to your camera, you need to remember that someone will see your footage so you should speak into the camera.

Make eye contact just like you would in a real interview, and hide the screen that shows your own image.

Take a minute to prepare your space too. Sit somewhere quiet with no distractions, and have a professional background with adequate light too. You can test this by preparing your camera early and doing a little run-through, but make sure that your interviewer will be able to see you when you’re giving your answers.

It’s vital to wear professional clothing as well. From here, remember to test your computer to be sure it works, and have your resume and CV readily available while you record. Just in case you need to reference it.

Before you take your video interview, it helps to practice so that you won’t fumble with your answers. Job Test Prep has elaborate guides and sample questions to help you prepare and familiarize yourself with common video interview questions. You can also read our article on preparation for digital interview.

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What Is Included in a Video Interview?

You might receive your interview questions before the interview happens. These might be included with your interview materials.

When it comes to responding to these questions, remember that you need to be careful about answering and speak as naturally as you can. Don’t talk too fast or pause too long between questions, and remember to take some deep breaths.

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What Is the Process of Video Interviews?

Process of Video Interviews

First, the employer will schedule an interview time with you before sending you a link for the video interview. Sometimes, the employer is open to using whichever video app you have or prefer.

Before your interview starts, you should make the technical preparations to ensure that you have the software required and that you know how to operate your microphone and camera. Make sure that you are located somewhere that’s free of distraction and noise.

At the agreed time, the interviewer will call you on the video app. Sometimes, you are required to log on using the link given to you at the agreed time.

The interviewer may then start the interview by giving you some information like how long the interview is expected to last.

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Sample Questions

It helps to familiarize yourself with common sample questions before you undergo your interview. This ensures that you don’t take too long to think through your answers and that you have already prepared what you want to talk about. Job Test Prep has a full range of sample questions to help you.

Here are some sample questions you can expect:

For example: Tell us about a time you faced a challenge or dealt with a challenging customer.

This is a common option because it tells your employer how you can handle challenges, how you meet goals, and how you respond to expectations. Tell them how you approached the conflict positively to give them a sense of how you might handle things with them.

Another common question is: Why should we hire you?

They want to know what you think your strengths are and how you think you can apply those strengths to this position. Talk about everything from your professional experience to your job knowledge and skills to really stand out.

Make a list of your transferable skills before you answer these questions. Even if you haven’t worked in the field you’re applying for, you can still make yourself stand out. Talk about how you’re able to problem-solve, your listening skills, and your negotiating skills. This includes the traditional things that employers love, like teamwork and creativity.

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How Do I Do Well in a Video Interview?

The key is to start preparing early. If you’ll get the questions before you have to record them, use that opportunity to think through your answers. Consider your strengths, skills, and weaknesses, and even do something simple like printing out your resume before you sit down to record.

Prepare yourself just by doing a little bit of practice on Job Test Prep, but remember not to sound overly rehearsed. You don’t want your interviewers to think that you’re just reading your answers to the camera. Get your Interview PrepPack from Job Test Prep so you can have all the tools you need to ace your interview.

To help you feel more comfortable in your interview, you can practice in front of your own camera on your computer. Just turn on your camera to record a few sample questions. Check to see that you’re making eye contact when you answer questions and pay attention to whether your background is appropriate and how your body language looks.

This will help you in your overall confidence for the real interview. It’s also essential to make technical preparations before your interview starts. After all, you don’t want to have issues with your camera or microphone during the interview, which will give your interviews the sense that you’re unprepared.

Ensure that you know how to start and end your interview session. Find out how to mute and unmute your microphone, as well as how to turn your camera on and off. Ensure that your computer is fully charged and that you have a good Wi-Fi connection. Log in at least 15 minutes before your interview starts so you can set everything up.

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A video interview is an increasingly popular modern approach to traditional physical interviews. Even though the question and answer format are typically the same, there are some additional things to consider, such as maintaining eye contact over the camera and ensuring you have a professional background.

A crucial key to success is adequate practice and preparation, so try out the sample questions and read the study guide on Job Test Prep. Their Interview PrepPack will give you the best chance at excelling in your video interview since it will increase your familiarity and boost your confidence.

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