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Amazon Ramsey Maintenance Technician Test: A Complete Guide

Amazon is a huge fan of aptitude tests as part of their hiring process — and the Amazon Ramsay Test is one of them. It is taken by candidates seeking maintenance technician roles within Amazon.

The Amazon Ramsay Maintenance Technician Test is conducted exclusively for Amazon and is highly professional in its format. Within the test, there will be 75 multiple-choice questions based on six or seven different topics.

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For such a test, preparation is key. Read on to learn about the best resources to ensure that you are well-practiced and familiar with the format. It is important to understand the likely content of the test before you come to sit it properly.

Resources such as full-length mock tests that mimic the actual tests allow you to practice an identical number of questions and sections under the exact same time constraints. Doing this under test conditions will enable you to have a full understanding of the test appearance, structure, and content.

You will have the opportunity to develop your knowledge around the specific topics covered and have access to the answers and explanations for all 400 possible questions to further broaden your knowledge.

Depending on the role for which you are applying within Amazon, you will be required to take different tests, including the Ramsay Test and the newer Mechanical Skills Test. These tests are knowledge-based and you definitely should not enter the test without any form of revision or study preparation.

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What Is the Amazon Ramsey Maintenance Technician Test?

This test is conducted by Amazon for the maintenance technician and RME tech positions and is a unique version of the more widely known Ramsay Mechanical Test. The test covers various professional fields such as maintenance, electricity, and mechanics. The 75 questions are designed to be answered in two and a half hours.

The Amazon Maintenance Technician Test comes in three levels:

  • Amazon Maintenance Tech 1 Test
  • Amazon Maintenance Tech 2 Test
  • Amazon Maintenance Tech 3 Test

The tech tests level two and three are the most popular.

The Amazon Maintenance Tech 2 Test

This 75-question test lasts two and a half hours and the level of the test is considered to be intermediate. Within the test, there are six topics covered:

  • Print Reading (10 questions)
  • Power Transmission and Preventive Maintenance (18 questions)
  • Materials, Tools, and Equipment (5 questions)
  • Pneumatics and Hydraulics (8 questions)
  • Electrical Theory and Control Circuits
  • Test Instruments

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The Amazon Maintenance Tech 3 Test

This test is very similar in format to the tech 2 test in that it also has 75 questions to be completed within a two-and-a-half-hour timeframe. However, it is considered to be of an advanced level as opposed to intermediate.

There will be the same six topics covered:

  • Print Reading (9 questions)
  • Power Transmission and Preventive Maintenance (17 questions)
  • Materials, Tools, and Equipment (4 questions)
  • Pneumatics and Hydraulics (7 questions)
  • Electrical Theory and control Circuits (20 questions)
  • Test Instruments (11 questions)

There will also be an additional random topic containing seven questions. The most common content for this topic will cover Electronics.

The Amazon Ramsay Test provider is the Ramsay Corporation, and therefore the reason it is named as it is. Ramsay Corporation is globally the number one provider for professional and technical assessments used not only by Amazon but also by other big employers such as Walmart and USPS.

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How Is the Test Administered?

As is common for many hiring processes, the first stage of your application will be the submission of your resume. You must pass this resume stage before you are invited to schedule the Amazon Maintenance Technician Assessment or the Amazon RME Assessment within five days via a third-party company.

To take the test, you will need access to:

  • Computer
  • WebCam
  • Microphone
  • Headphones or Speakers
  • ID issued by the government as proof of identity

You will also be allowed to use scrap paper and a pen for any jottings you may need to make throughout the test. There will also be a non-scientific, on-screen calculator provided.

The company responsible for scheduling and implementing your test will be ADIA, not Amazon. ADIA is not the test provider; this is the Ramsay Corporation. You will log into the testing system through the secure ADIA server and then a supervising person will view your screen and you in person throughout the entirety of the test.

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How Can I Prepare for My Amazon Ramsay Maintenance Test?

Preparation for any test will be a contributing factor to success. You will only have five days to prepare for your test once it is scheduled so any preparation you can do prior to this will also be invaluable.

The most effective ways to prepare is to use the services of a test preparation company. They can provide accurate resources and practice tests, our favorite is Job Test Prep.

Focus On Key Topics

Because there are six topics within the test, it is advisable to focus on the key topics. They do not all have equal weighting and this is evident from the number of questions within each set.

The main topics constitute around 65% of the total questions and these comprise of:

  • Power Transmission and Preventive Maintenance
  • Electrical Theory and Control Circuits
  • Test Instruments

Watch for ‘Easy’ Questions

Now and again, the Amazon Maintenance test will present you with a basic question to test your knowledge about basic topics or common areas. Refreshing your memory on these basic topics such as; Ohm’s law, circuit analysis, parallel and series circuits, and basic math can help to ensure that you don’t miss out on precious marks.

There is an unsubstantiated theory that these basic questions may also be part of an ‘absolute threshold’ within the Amazon hiring procedure and seen as essential knowledge for prospective employees.

Whether this is true or not, it is definitely worth making sure you have a firm and sound grasp of this basic knowledge in order to get the maximum marks possible in your test – this basic knowledge will also stand you in good stead throughout your chosen career as it is likely to underpin the very fabric of your role within your chosen profession.


A highly popular topic within the Amazon hiring process is troubleshooting. As a maintenance technician, your main duties will include troubleshooting. This involves locating and solving electrical problems within a wide variety of different mechanisms.

With this being the case, when doing the preparatory practice questions, try to think of a way in which the question could be adapted to solve a problem. There will be a troubleshooting question within every section of the test. Considering all of your knowledge in a troubleshooting context will stand you in good stead when taking the test.

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The Amazon Maintenance Technician Interview

an interview for the job

Once you have successfully passed the tech test, you will be contacted by one of the Amazon recruiters to book an appointment for your interview.

The interview process for Amazon is similar for all positions and will focus on two main concepts:

Amazon Leadership Principles

Customer ObsessionBest fits for Amazon will start with the customer and track backward. They will strive to not only earn customer trust but to maintain and keep it.

Ownership – The company looks for people who own their decisions, make strategic plans, and look at long-term value above short-term gain. They have loyalty to the company, as well as their team.

Invent and Simplify – Workers should ask for innovation from their team members and then seek ways to simplify ideas.

Are Right, A lot – People with good instincts and strong judgment.

Learn and be Curious – Amazon employees should seek to continually improve and be curious about new possibilities. They are constantly learning and pursuing their own continuing professional development.

Hire and Develop the best – Amazon seeks to hire the very best candidates and takes seriously the role of developing those candidates so they progress through the organization and showcase their exceptional talents.

Insist on the Highest Standards – People should always demand the best and consistently raise the bar.

Think Big – The company values those with big ideas who think outside the box.

Bias for Action – Definite action takers willing to take calculated risks.

Frugality – Being resourceful and creative and achieving more with less is important to Amazon.

Can earn the trust of their team – No task is beneath them and they stay connected to the details through frequent auditing and noticing small discrepancies when things are not aligned.

Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit – Amazon looks for employees willing to disagree where appropriate, having the courage of their convictions.

Deliver results – People should focus on the most effective inputs for the business and know when and how to deliver.

Strive to be Earth’s Best Employer – Amazon employees should look to create a productive and safe work environment for others and strive to be the very best.

Success and Scale Bring Broad Responsibility – Accept the responsibilities that success will undoubtedly bring.

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The STAR Method

Each of Amazon’s interview questions will follow the STAR format.

STAR stands for:

  • Situation
  • Action
  • Task
  • Result

The questions asked will require you to describe a situation that you have encountered in your work life, the actions you took to remedy or deal with the situation, and what the results were of your chosen action.

You may also be asked how those results were measured and whether you gained any additional learning that might influence your future behaviors or responses.

Other Amazon Maintenance Tests that you could encounter include:

  • Amazon Control Systems Tech/Lead Assessment
  • Amazon Mechatronics and Robotics Apprentice Skills Battery – this test is also conducted by Ramsay with around 84 questions on four topics, namely Reading, Arithmetic, Print Reading and Management, and Multicraft Principles and Troubleshooting. In each section, you are given around one minute to answer each individual question.

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In Summary

Amazon is a major global employer, and as such, competition for roles within the company will be fierce. Making sure that you are adequately prepared for the tests administered within the hiring process will provide you with the best chance of success in passing these assessments and securing your dream role.

The resources at Job Test Prep can provide you with just the materials to allow you to practice and prepare by familiarizing yourself with the test format and likely content and setting yourself a head and shoulders above your competitors.

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