How to Get a Job at Amazon | The Effective Test Prep all Applicants Should Take!

With over 1.6 million employees, Amazon is one of the biggest and fastest-growing companies on the planet.

Amazon is picky about who they hire to ensure a great quality of service. They want to make sure that every employee is a great fit for the position they occupy. Everything starts with their rigorous and extensive hiring process.

Read on if you want to join Amazon and be part of their workplace. This article will tell you everything there is to know about how to get a job at Amazon.

What is the Amazon recruitment process?

Amazon recruitment process

Amazon has a unique hiring process. Due to their strenuous employment testing, it’s getting familiar with the hiring process and ace each part of it is very important.

For most positions, the application process has the following structure:

  • Resume Screening
  • Assessment Tests
  • Phone Interview
  • Virtual or In-person Interviews
  • Job Offer

If you want to land a job at Amazon, it’s important to ace all these steps. Make sure that you submit an updated resume and get the help of Job Test Prep for the assessment tests. In the interviews, listen carefully and talk eloquently and competently.
All this might sound simple on paper, but the actual thing might overwhelm you if you don’t prepare.

Are Amazon jobs hard to get?

The short answer — it depends on the job position.

At any given time, Amazon might have thousands of open positions. For most positions, Amazon usually receives hundreds of applications.

Furthermore, entry-level, part-time, and hourly jobs are far easier to get. But, if you’re looking to get employed by Amazon for some of their higher-level job positions, the hiring process will be more extensive, like for Transaction Risk jobs for which there is a separate Amazon TRMS Test.

What types of tests are given to Amazon job applicants?


The test given to applicants depends on the job position they apply for.

For entry-level positions, the assessment tests can include:

  • Basic math tests
  • Language tests
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to work in a team
  • And others

Jobs higher up the ladder, on the other hand, might require a suitable university diploma, years of experience, and high scores on the Amazon assessment tests.

Visiting the Amazon website and regularly checking for their open positions is the best way to know when and what type of employee they’re looking for. There, you will also be able to check the minimum requirements they need.

How to pass the Amazon assessment test?

Passing the Amazon Assessment Test is a mandatory step of the hiring process. So, it’s important to practice the assessment test and:

  • Get familiar with the testing material
  • Know the format of the questions and the type of answers they’re looking for
  • Gain time management ability to finish the test on time
  • Take the time to practice your weak spots

If you want to ensure your proficiency and efficiency in the assessment material, we recommend the help of Job Test Prep. They are the biggest online library for practice materials, the Amazon assessment tests included. Job Test Prep has over 30 years of experience in providing practice materials for different job positions and hiring processes. Tens of thousands of happy users are your guarantee that you will practice what you need.

What are the different Amazon tests?

Job Test Prep offers you different practice materials for Amazon Assessment Tests. Some of the packages contain sub-tests that are parts of the whole test. Others, especially tests for tech positions, contain a set of different tests, all containing sub-tests.

Amazon Work Simulation

Also called the Hiring Simulation Test, it is designed to measure your ability to face and solve real work-related dilemmas. It combines logical, situational, and personality questions by presenting you with operational data and multiple options to choose from. It’s your job to understand all the data, use your knowledge and expertise and come to a solution, conclusion, or decision.

Amazon Work Style Assessment

The Work Style Assessment or Work Style Survey is a personality test. It takes around 15 minutes to finish and its purpose is to evaluate your personal qualities, work style, and ethics.

Amazon Technical Academy Assessments (ATA)

The Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test (AMCAT) is the first ATA assessment you will be given after your online application. The AMCAT test has unique questions that are specially made for Amazon. You have 35 minutes to answer 24 multiple-choice questions using your logical reasoning skills. The biggest problem with this test is the short time you are given to answer the questions, which get gradually harder.

The ATA Technical Assessment is the final mandatory assessment test with the coding project being optional. The test measures your knowledge of Java fundamentals and lasts 3 hours, even though most takers finish it in 1.5 hours.

Amazon Mechatronics and Robotics Apprenticeship

If you want to apply for the Amazon RME apprenticeship, you need to pass the Ramsay test that measures your:

  • Mechanical (troubleshooting and calculations based on electrical theory)
  • Mathematical (fractions, percentages, the four basic operations)
  • Verbal abilities (read and understand thorough texts and extract information)

The goal of the apprenticeship is to produce mechanical experts, but it’s not expected of you to begin the program as an expert. That is why the mechanical questions focus on the basics and your natural tendency to understand mechanical concepts.

Amazon SDE Online Assessment

The SDE assessment test is divided into:

  • Amazon SDE Intern and New Grad Online Assessment (made of three parts – Amazon OA1, Amazon OA2, and Amazon OA3)
  • Amazon SDE 2 Online Assessment for Experienced Positions (divided into Amazon Coding Assessment, Amazon Workstyle Assessment, Feedback Survey)

Amazon Control Systems Assessment

The Amazon Control Systems Assessment is a professional knowledge test for control systems technicians and team leads. You need to schedule the test, get an announcement, and complete the test online in a controlled environment.

There are eight topics overall:

  • Schematics, Electrical Print, and Logic Reading
  • Process Control and Networking
  • Electrical Theory
  • Mechanical Elements
  • Computers, PLCs, and DCS
  • Power Distribution
  • Motors
  • Automation and Robotics

The Job Test Prep practice materials currently include only part of these sections, and that is why you get it at a 50% discount.

Amazon Maintenance Technician Test

The Amazon Maintenance Technician Test, also called Amazon RME Maintenance Technician Test, is conducted in the hiring process for the maintenance technician and RME tech positions. It has a time limit of 2.5 hours, contains 75 multiple-choice questions, and has three levels. It measures your knowledge in the fields of maintenance, mechanics, and electricity.

Amazon AWS Online Assessment

It contains a work simulation test, a technical test, and a personality test.
On Amazon’s AWS assessment, you’ll need to complete four sections that are standalone tests with unique characteristics:

  • Work Simulation
  • Technical Knowledge Test
  • Skills Survey
  • Amazon Work-Style
  • Working With Customers Simulation

Job Test Prep offers you practice materials for each of these sections.

Amazon Area Manager & Operations Manager Assessment

The Amazon Virtual Job Tryout is an online assessment and includes a mix of aptitude, behavioral, and personality tests.

The “Area Manager” Virtual Job Tryout consists of 5 sections:

  • Lead Your Team: 8 work scenarios
  • Manage Your Day: 2 questions, 2 minutes limit
  • Run Your Area: 8 questions, 12 minutes limit
  • Tell Us Your Story: 17 questions, 2 minutes limit
  • Describe Your Approach: 47 questions, 5 minutes limit

The “Manager In Operation” Virtual Job Tryout requires a calculator, a pencil, and scrap paper. It takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Amazon Financial Analyst Excel Test

The Amazon Financial Analyst hiring process has several stages:

  1. Phone screening interview – behavioral questions, questions about your work experience and skillset
  2. Finance Excel test – timed assessment, used to assess your ability to use various complex Excel formulas
  3. Up to 6 hours of in-person interviews

Your interviewers will be interested in both your right answers on the Excel assessment and your thought process while solving it, similar to a Case Study. Job Test Pep offers you Excel and Case Study prep to help you with that.

Amazon MBA Online Assessment

MBA online assessment evaluates a candidate’s personality, behavioral tendencies, and judgment. There isn’t a right and wrong answer, but some answers will align with the organization’s culture and some won’t.

The kind of questions should you expect are:

  • The Work Simulation Test
  • Workstyle Assessment
  • Work Priorities and MBA Role Preference Surveys

Job Test Prep gives you a package that covers all these aspects.

Amazon Assessment Test for Warehouse

Amazon warehouse associates’ hiring process has a few stages.

  • Submitting your resume
  • Completing the assessment test
  • Competency-based face-to-face interview with Amazon’s recruiters
  • Background check and a drug test

Job Test Prep gives you 10 SJT practice tests, personality tests, interview preparation, and different guides and video tutorials so that you can pass the Amazon Test for Warehouse and Safety.


If you want to join the “Amazonians,” one of the fastest-growing workforces in the States (and the globe), you need to pass their interviews, assessment tests, and work-related simulators.

They have different assessment tests based on the job position you want to apply for, so use Job Test Prep’s extensive experience and expertise to help you prepare and get a job at Amazon.

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