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ExxonMobil Assessment: Hiring Process & Career Guide with Practice Tests

ExxonMobil provides a diverse range of job opportunities in oil, gas, transportation, human resources, property management, accounting, among ample other fields. It is a leading industry giant. Employees at ExxonMobil enjoy various benefits like medical care, pension savings, paid maternal leave, promotion guarantee, etc.

The company has about 72,000 employees worldwide. To be qualified to work at this multinational company, candidates will have to go through a series of assessment tests. These tests aim to analyze the candidates’ capabilities as well as their personal compatibility to see if they align with the company’s values.

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This article will provide an in-depth view of the ExxonMobil assessment tests to help candidates prepare for them.

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About ExxonMobil


Founded two decades ago in 199, ExxonMobil is the 7th largest oil refiner and one of the largest revenue-generating companies in the world. Its total assets were valued at $332.75 billion in 2020. Its headquarter is in Irving, Texas.

What Are the ExxonMobil Assessment Tests?

  • Numerical reasoning
  • Data accuracy
  • Mechanical aptitude
  • Use of information
  • Personality test

After you have submitted your application form and CV for human resources to review, you will either be sent to the assessment stage or get rejected. These assessment tests are used to further determine candidacy after the initial screening.

The ExxonMobil assessment tests cover numerous aspects like numerical reasoning, data accuracy, mechanical aptitude, use of information, and personality test. Not only do these tests analyze your knowledge of the field, but they also dissect your work style and personality to see if you would be a good team player in the company.

The difficulty and duration of the assessment tests vary, depending on the role you apply for. Usually, the assessment tests last for 4 to 5 hours. The more senior the role, the longer the assessment tests.

In general, the assessment tests are not particularly challenging as they mostly aim to access the existing skills of candidates. There will be a small percentage of difficult questions in each section to further isolate the best candidates from the rest. For candidates that are qualified for the role, the assessment tests are fairly reasonable.

Take ExxonMobil Assessment Practice Test Now

How to Prepare for ExxonMobil’s Pre-employment & Assessment Tests?

Never hesitate to utilize online resources to help you secure a job. Sites like Job Test Prep provide job assessment tests specific for various companies to help candidates ace their exams. The tests they create have taken into consideration the past tests given out by ExxonMobil and the current trends in the industry.

These tests are indicators for the hiring manager to see how well you will fit into the actual work environment. Therefore, you should always answer the questions as you would in a real job setting.

Study carefully about the role you are applying for. Pay attention to what are the main responsibilities listed and what ad-hoc duties you may be in charge of. This is essential because your entire series of assessment tests are created for your role.

What Is on the ExxonMobil Assessment Tests?

ExxonMobil divides its assessment tests into the following categories. You may be given some or all of these tests. Some of the tests are timed so you must only start these tests when you are completely free with a stable internet connection.

  • Numerical Applications

Those applying for finance-related roles will likely be given this test. It aims to evaluate your sensitivity towards numbers and your numerical reasoning skills. Each question is multiple-choice. The test includes some straightforward mathematical questions like summation and subtraction, as well as advanced questions with graphs and tables.

  • Checking Data Accuracy

For administrative and accounting roles, this test is compulsory. This tests your data-checking skill and attention to detail. This is not a long test and will likely only take around 30 minutes. It is a multiple-choice test. You will have to spot the abnormality in each sequence, table, or graph.

  • Mechanical Aptitude

This test is made for mechanical and engineering roles. The format is also multiple-choice. It accesses your knowledge on mechanical terms, principles of application, and real-time application.

  • Use of information

Also known as verbal reasoning, this is a standard assessment test at ExxonMobil and almost every candidate will get this, regardless of the position. Candidates will be given word problems to solve. You will have to guess the missing information from the existing information you use and draw conclusions from it.

This tests your logical reasoning skills and how you are able to deal with the fast-paced work environment where the information may not always be complete to perform your tasks. It accesses your ability to follow directions and comprehend word statements. You have to choose among the “true, false, cannot say” options based on the pieces of information you have.

  • Personality Test

Every company wants to hire talents that not only will do well at the job but also fit well with the team. The personality test measures your suitability for working in ExxonMobil. It penetrates the different personality spectrums to see if you are compatible with the company’s values.

For example, if you are applying for the project manager role, you will have to be decisive, assertive, and possess leadership skills. The personality traits you have highly influence your job performance. Take the free personality test on Job Prep Test to see how your answers may impact the results.

Take ExxonMobil Assessment Practice Test Now

How to Pass the ExxonMobile Assessment Tests?

Practice makes perfect. Get started with Job Prep Test to prepare for your ExxonMobile assessment tests. Job Pre Test provides a full guide to tackling different ExxonMobil questions and mock exams to equip you with relevant skills for your interviews.

While you are occupied with trying the tests, keep these tips in mind:

  • Make sure you are well-studied for the tests. Avoid last-minute revisions as they only increase your stress level.
  • Get some quality sleep before your tests. A fresh brain always helps put things into perspective.
  • If you are attending a physical interview, either make a trial run before to ensure you won’t spend half an hour looking for an entrance or leave home at least an hour earlier to minimize the damage of any unforeseeable incident.
  • Locate the keywords in each question. Do not mistake a double-negative question for a negative one. ExxonMobil sometimes put trick questions to test the attention to detail of candidates. Take your time to read over each question word
  • Answer with confidence. The reason why you are given a time frame to answer is so your interviewers know you are good at what you do. Do not second-guess yourself. If you are certain of your answers, just go ahead and explain to the board. Hesitation will show that you are uncertain about your skills and knowledge. ExxonMobil prefers to hire a do-er.

Take ExxonMobil Assessment Practice Test Now

What Is the ExxonMobil Hiring Process?

  • Submit online application and CV
  • Complete assessment tests
  • Conduct multiple rounds of in-person or over-the-phone interviews with your respective department
  • Background checks
  • Offer is sent

ExxonMobil is hiring talents all year round. First, you will have to submit the application online together with your CV. Depending on the position you are applying for, you might have to attach some other relevant documents as well.

After an automatic screening of candidates, customized assessment tests will be sent based on the position the candidate applies for. These assessment tests aim to assess the suitability of a candidate for the job. The duration and complexity of the assessment tests differ for different positions and locations.

If the candidate passes the assessment tests, he or she will be invited for further interviews. These interviews can be online or in-person. Candidates may meet with the Human Resources department or the manager of the responsible department.

At the interviews, you may be asked to complete some technical or research tests for the company to oversee your problem-solving skills. These interviews are also an important step to filter out applicants that do not fit well with the ExxonMobil company culture.

Finally, if you have successfully passed every stage above, ExxonMobil will perform a background check to ensure the information you have provided is accurate. Then, you will be sent an offer to sign.

Take ExxonMobil Assessment Practice Test Now

Final Thoughts

Working at ExxonMobil is exciting with loads of benefits. As one of the largest companies in the US, it provides enormous potential growth for employees. Its assessment tests may seem overwhelming at first, but with Job Prep Test’s help, you will be sure to ace the tests and land your dream role. Take your test now to secure your chance at working for ExxonMobil.

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