Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Test: Preparation Guide with Practice Questions

If you are hoping to land your next managerial or director role, you may be faced with taking the Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Test. As the competition is stiff, the tests will be challenging. You want to make sure you do as well as possible so you don’t miss out on the job.

This can certainly be an intimidating prospect, but don’t worry. With the right preparation, you can ace the test and be on your way to landing that awesome high-level job you deserve. We will take you through all you need to do to pass the Saville Swift with ease.

Take the Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Practice Test to improve your score.

What Is the Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Test?

Saville Swift Executive Aptitude test is one of the tools used by employers to narrow down the number of applicants for mainly management and director positions. It helps them select the candidates to call in for an interview.

It is a testing process with three stages. The tests are designed to identify the people best suited to a role the company is interviewing for. By using the tests the hiring manager saves himself from making costly mistakes in the hiring process and ensures himself he is recruiting the best people for the position

What Does the Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Test Measure?

The Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Test is for people who are going for a high-level, executive role. It provides an excellent way to measure critical reasoning in a fair and objective way. It tests candidates on their verbal, numerical and abstract abilities.

By using one test on the Saville Assessment Oasys platform for all candidates, the employer is able to quickly see who has the potential to succeed in the role. It also gives the candidates themselves a chance to be assessed fairly and based on their ability.

What Companies Use Saville Swift Executive?

Many big firms use the Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Test. Some of the biggest names include Ernst & Young, Aldi, Emirates Airlines, Barclays Bank and Exxon Mobile amongst others.

These companies use the test for multiple different positions they are hiring for. Using the test when hiring for the following roles, VP, Engineer, Line Manager, Project Manager, Analyst, Director, Graduate Programme, Accountant and Banker, guarantees the company they are selecting the correct people from a field of applicants.

Can You Prepare for the Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Test?

Absolutely. You can and you should prepare especially if your career is dependent on getting to the interview stage of the recruitment process.

Given the large numbers of applicants for jobs such as the one you are interested in you can expect a lot of competition at this point.

Going into the test prepared and knowing what to expect can put you ahead of the competition.

Take Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Practice Test Now

Preparing for the Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Test

There are two vital stages in preparing for any test.

Firstly you need to familiarise yourself with the test and the assessment methods used. To do this it is better to use the services of a reliable test preparation company like Job Test Prep, as they provide accurate information about the test.

Your second step is to equip yourself with test preparation materials. The same test prep company can offer specialised test prep packs equipped with sample tests modelled on the real assessment. You can also try a free sample test here.

Use the sample tests for your preparation.

This will:

  • Allow you to become familiar with the format of the test
  • Hone your skills while working through the tests
  • Make you familiar with the time constraints of the test
  • Assess your progress from test to test

As a result, you will approach the test knowing what to expect. You will also have mastered the critical element of dealing with timing.

For example, you will probably fail to correctly time your answering on your first attempt. However, with subsequent efforts, you will learn to monitor this so that by the day of the real test you will get everything done within the time allowed.

Likewise, there should be no unpleasant surprises waiting for you on test day. Using the sample tests you have already had ample practice on similar tests.

Take Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Practice Test Now

Format of the Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Test

Taking the Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Test the applicant is assessed under the following headings:

Combined, the sub-sections give a picture of the future employee’s skills and the potential they offer to the company.

How Many Questions Are on the Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Test?

The candidate answers 24 questions, 8 questions from each sub-section.

How Long Is the Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Test?

The Saville Swift Executive Aptitude test is a times assessment. All questions are asked over an 18 minute period. The time constraints require the candidate to work quickly but accurately.

Sections on the Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Test

Verbal Reasoning

Here the candidate is required to show his ability to understand written information.

He is required to read a piece of information and answer multiple-choice questions on the piece. The answers have to be based on the information in the text. Be very careful you do not give information you think should be there.

Again, this is not a very difficult exercise for the person who regularly absorbs information. However, if you are not one of those it will help to read some newspaper or magazine articles.

Practising the reading comprehension exercises on your test prep pack is a good way to improve your skills. With regular practice, you will find yourself picking up the tricks of the trade and learning to glide your eyes over the questions before you begin to read.

If you are preparing for this assessment try your hand at the following exercises.


Source: Saville Assessment

True- Although it doesn’t say it explicitly, this is a simple question that it answers in the second sentence when it talks about the “prevalence of eating-on-the-go” being “increasingly significant”.
Eating habits have changed- This is a trickier question than the first one, as it is asking you to analyse the text and think about the focus of it. However, it is clear that the article is simply talking about the change in eating habits compared to before.

In preparation for the assessment, train yourself to read brief articles and quickly deduce the central points.

Numerical Reasoning

This subset is assessing how comfortable you are when working with numbers. Here you will be required to extract relevant numerical data and reach conclusions.

Expect to be provided with tables and graphs containing data. You will be expected to answer a number of multiple-choice questions using this information. You are being tested on your ability to wade through details, some of which may be irrelevant and to find the correct answer.

Then try the following exercises.

The following examples should give you an idea of what this question is asking of you.



Source: Saville Assessment

4,716 – This is a simple question that requires looking only at the first column, and adding up the relevant Volume of Sales data. Remember not to include the first row, relating to Retail Outlets, which is irrelevant.

720,000 – This is a more complex question. It is a case of looking at the Mail Order row, and dividing the Volume of Sales figure (1,512m) by the Average Number of Units Purchased per Transaction (2,100). Here it is important to remember that the Volume of Sales figure represents millions of transactions.

Take Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Practice Test Now

Abstract Reasoning

Expect to be tested here on your logic. Before you decide this is not for you, logic is one of our in-built skills.

The test presents you with a series of patterns. But one item or symbol will be replaced by a ? It is your task to decide what the ? is replacing. You will have a series of multiple choice answers to select your answer from.

To test your logic skills take a sample test here,

Then test your ability by trying the following questions without looking at the answers.





1. d)

It is white, the bigger size, and the missing shape- a square.

2. d)

The circular shapes are rotating 90º clockwise each time, while the coloured corner is alternating from the bottom left corner to the bottom right corner for each of the same shapes.

With regular practice, you can train your mind to do these types of questions.

How Do I Pass the Saville Swift Executive?


The best way to ensure a high mark is with effective preparation. To make sure your preparation is effective try the following:

  • Work to a timetable, ensuring you are giving yourself enough time to prepare
  • Try to work somewhere free of distractions
  • If you have to spend long spells in preparation take a break after every 50 minutes spent working on the sample tests. Your brain will need to recharge at that point
  • Monitor your progress. Check if you are losing scores due to the same error cropping up regularly. If so nip it in the bud, otherwise, the stress of doing the test will cause it to recur when you are doing the real test.

Take Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Practice Test Now

A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

You were probably given this advice during your school days. But it is just as relevant for the adult preparing for a test as it is for the younger person.

This test requires a short stint of time in the testing location. However, as stated already this is probably one of the more stressful aspects of the test.

To get your mind working at its optimum you need to have adequate rest and relaxation. You may, like many others, have to work your test preparation around a regular job. You need to:

  • Ensure you are getting good nutrition
  • Get a good night’s sleep especially in the run-up to the test
  • Ensure you have techniques to deal with stress should it affect you

If you put in the practice you should be able to approach the test with confidence and take another step on the career ladder.

If you are preparing for the Saville Swift Executive Aptitude Test you will find accurate preparation resources here

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