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How to Prepare for Anglo American Online Assessment?

Having the chance to work in a multinational company is exhilarating. But before that, you have several stages to pass. And the online assessment is one of them. At Anglo American, online assessment is part of the pre-employment test that assesses the best candidate for each position.

Anglo American provides generous benefits to its employees, including paid maternal leave, housing allowance, stipend, shuttle services, company vacation, etc. Its operation covers a wide range of jobs, creating thousands of opportunities every year.

Take the Anglo American Online Practice Test to improve your score.

Passing the online assessment does not have to be based on luck. You can take a practice exam at Job Test Prep and follow this step-by-step guide in mastering the online assessment practice.

Take Anglo American Online Assessment Practice Test Now

About Anglo American

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As one of the leading mining companies in the world, Anglo American has offices in Australia, Europe, Africa, South America, and North America. Its headquarter is in London. Anglo American focuses on the extraction of various natural resources like ore, coal, diamond, and platinum.

Anglo American has openings all year round at different locations. Currently, it is committed to less greenhouse gas emissions for the betterment of the world.

How long is the Anglo American online assessment?

Each role has its own set of online assessments. The total duration of the online assessment depends on the position. Typically, each test should take about 30 to 60 minutes to complete, with some more advanced ones taking several hours.

Candidates applying for a junior role are given aptitude tests that evaluate their basic knowledge. The more advanced the role, the more complex the test.

In general, the test is not designed to be extremely difficult. Candidates should find the online assessment reasonably challenging with every question having a logical solution. The Anglo American online assessment aims to give a score to each applicant. The score will determine if the candidate will be put forth to the next round of the pre-employment test.

Take Anglo American Online Assessment Practice Test Now

What is included in the online assessment?

A number of tests and assessments are given to candidates to assess their proficiency in different skills. In general, the assessments are divided into five categories.

  • Logical reasoning

In this section, you have to demonstrate your logical reasoning skills. You have to draw a conclusion from several paragraphs. Not every piece of information that you will need is given, that is when you need to apply your logical reasoning skills.

  • Recognizing patterns and assumptions

The ability to perform critical analysis is essential working in a mining company. There are lots of charts and figures involved in the daily operation. In the test, data points of a selected source are shown. From the graph, you have to infer from the patterns and predict what will happen next.

Graphics may also be used in the test. Several graphs are provided with changing images. From the graphics, you have to find the pattern and choose the illustration that will appear next.

  • Numerical reasoning

For accounting, engineering, or administrative roles, numerical reasoning skills are crucial. In this test, you will be asked to create a figure or a chart with the numbers provided. The numbers are not organized. You have to deduce the correct way to organize the data points with the instructions.

Numerical reasoning skills are important in the office as well as in the field. The test may be different depending on the department.

  • Communication skills

In this test, your language and communication skills are evaluated. It aims to assess your ability to follow orders and to delegate. You are expected to deliver speeches in a professional manner while staying precise and concise.

As a member of an international company, presentation skills are highly valued. It facilitates communication among different teams and to customers outside.

  • Personality test

A personality test consists of about 150 questions ranging from personal experience to hypothetical scenarios. For each question, you have to rate how much you agree or disagree with the statement.

The test aims to filter out candidates with potential issues. An integrity test may be given. A staff member’s bad behaviours can damage the company’s reputation badly. Therefore, some of these questions can be quite personal and invasive. The company would want to avoid candidates with a history of addiction, violence, committed sexual crimes, or other traits that might not be welcoming in the office.

Take Anglo American Online Assessment Practice Test Now

How to pass the online assessment?

  • Take practice tests

Go for a few practice runs before you jump into the pool. It builds up confidence and familiarizes you with the process. The Anglo American online assessment practice can be found on Job Test Prep.

Over 100 drills and tests are included in the set including 23 video tutorials and study guides. The study guides are tailor-made for the Anglo American style.

There are a dozen exercises made for different tests. Whether you want to boost your numerical reasoning skills, reading comprehension, or verbal reasoning skills, the set has it all covered.

On top of that, Job Test Prep offers an excellent 24/7 customer service system. Anytime you encounter an issue, a specialist is here to help.

  • Time yourself

Time is of the essence. Each test has a time limit. Unfortunately, some tests are allocated a tight time limit and candidates will have to be resourceful in tackling the questions. Time yourself so you do not spend an excessive amount of time on one question. You should have time to attempt each question.

  • Set the perfect environment

Start your assessment somewhere quiet so you can focus. You should avoid taking the test in public areas with noisy backgrounds and unstable internet connections. Set extra time aside before the test so you have time to get everything in order.

  • Take some good rest

A fresh mind can boost up your performance tremendously. Get some quality sleep the night before. There is no need to rush yourself for a last-minute revision. Prepare a cup of tea or anything that will freshen up your mind. Most people perform the best in the morning so you should do your test according to your most active hours.

  • Understand the company culture

Build an understanding of the company’s vision and how the company is achieving its goals. Not only does this help boost your score in the online assessment, but it also impresses the interviewers at your physical interview.

For example, Anglo American is a mining company that is currently committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emission by 30% by 2030. Come up with solutions of how you can help solve this problem or what innovative way can the company reduce emissions while increasing output.

At the end of the test, there is usually a feedback section where you can express your opinions on the test. Do not be shy and write down some constructive criticisms as well as suggestions that you believe would benefit the company. The managers always appreciate new blood with a new pair of eyes. Good feedback sends you directly to the next stage.

  • Contact the company if you did not hear anything back

Indeed, you do not always get a rejection email even if your application has been rejected. However, it is always a good practice to email the responsible department to check if the submission came through and if the company has already processed your application. It eliminates the chance of you missing out on the opportunity because your inbox blocks the sender’s email or considers it to be junk mail by accident.

Take Anglo American Online Assessment Practice Test Now

The hiring process at Anglo American

Securing a position at Anglo American takes effort and dedication.

  • First, you need to submit the online application to the system indicating the role or roles you are applying for. Remember to upload any relevant documents such as license, proof of education, referrals, etc., for your application to be valid.
  • Then, you will attend a phone interview. The phone interview serves as a preliminary process that checks out the information you have provided previously and if you are qualified for further assessments. During the interview conducted by the HR team, you will be asked questions regarding previous work experience, your vision at Anglo American, how your strengths will add value, what are your greatest weaknesses, etc. These questions reflect how you see yourself and if your qualities match the job. The phone interview takes around 15 to 30 minutes. The HR staff will also give you a brief summary of the role.
  • Following the phone interview, you are invited to take the Anglo American online assessment. The number and the type of assessments you will receive highly depend on the position. You are given a deadline to complete the tests within a few business days. Together with the assessment, you have to take a personality test. The test is mandatory for all candidates, regardless of the position.
  • Within ten days of the submission of the online assessment, you will be contacted to come in for a physical interview if the results are satisfactory. At the physical interview, the interviewer will take a deeper dive into the knowledge and ability you possess. You may have to perform some tasks on-site and finish another assessment. During the interview, you are expected to discuss the salary and the benefits. If you have any concerns, raise them here.
  • A job contract is sent to you. If you accept the offer, simply sign it and send it back to the HR department. If the benefits do not meet your expectations, you can send the contract back with the terms you demand. Make sure you are bringing up solid points in your negotiation that the company should meet your demands. Although there is no rule on how many times you can negotiate, you would want to keep it to a minimum. List out all the terms you want to amend. Consider the offer or reject if the HR manager refuses to accommodate all of your terms or only accepts partial amendments.

Take Anglo American Online Assessment Practice Test Now


Working at Anglo American is the dream for many fresh graduates. While it is not an easy company to get into, practising its online assessment test certainly increases your chance drastically. Sign up for Job Test Prep today to get exclusive access to a dozen of study guides and practices made just for the Anglo American online assessment.

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