Mastering the P&G Online Test in 2024: A Comprehensive Preparation Guide

You want to work for Procter and Gamble (P&G)? So do many other people. This is hardly surprising as P&G is a multinational company. They are a well-known name in many parts of the world supplying household cleaning products to vast tranches of the globe.

Because there are many candidates for positions they advertise, you are guaranteed stiff competition as you work your way through the recruitment process. But on a positive note, somebody has to get the job, so why not you?

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With careful preparation, you can put yourself in a winning position. Your first step in this process has to be discovering more about the company. You will be surprised to hear that many people who apply for jobs do so without finding out more about the employer.

Don’t be one of those. An online search, and reading through the company’s website will fill you in on the company, its workings, and more importantly its work culture and values. Equipped with this information, you are in a position where you can start preparing for the recruitment process.

Access to a test preparation pack, like this one from Job Test Prep, will introduce you to the assessments the company will expect you to complete before advancing your application to the interview stage.

The Proctor and Gamble Recruitment Process

P&G requires prospective employees to do a series of assessment tests that will reveal the people they are most interested in interviewing. Working like this, the company is ensuring that the hiring process is effective and efficient and that they will interview the people best suited to a role at P&G

The assessment tests are online and developed by psychologists to accurately test the abilities of job applicants. P&G assessments are known to have complicated questions with different levels of difficulty.

The tests assess your deductive reasoning abilities, your numerical abilities, and your executive attention. This strict selection process ensures that only suitable candidates will be considered for the final stage.

Add to that list the Peak Performance Challenge and you’ve got a demanding series of assessments to prepare for.

  • The P&G Digit Challenge tests your ability to perform numerical calculations quickly and accurately.
  • The P&G Grid Challenge tests your cognitive ability, your short-term memory, and spatial orientation ability.
  • A deductive logical reasoning test known as the Switch Challenge Test measures your deductive logical ability.
  • A situational judgment test known as the P&G Peak Performance Assessment is another interesting test. This is where the company discovers if you are suited to their work culture. It also reveals what role within the company you are best suited to.

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What Is So Different About the P&G Online Test?

The set of assessments tests to be a P&G employee are challenging because they are very different from any test assessment you might have undergone before this.

The first three tests listed above, the Digit Challenge, the Grid Challenge, and the Switch Challenge are game-based assessments like those you might play on an app. How you perform in each interactive assessment,  games lets the hiring managers know your skill level in the various areas being tested.

The Digit Challenge

The Digit Challenge is an assessment test designed to check your numerical ability. To discover if you are able to do calculations accurately within a set time frame you are given a calculation with some missing numbers. From a list of provided numbers, you have to decide which ones would fill the empty spaces to complete the equation.

Example Question:

A x B + C= 36 Select the numbers you would replace A, B, and C with from the following. 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

This is a 5-minute test and you will have to work quickly. Before taking the challenge, brush up on your math calculations and ensure you can work quickly on your calculator.

Try Job Test Prep’s free numerical reasoning test here and discover how your skills measure up.

The Grid Challenge

The Grid Challenge is an assessment test consisting of memory tasks, spatial awareness tasks, and cognitive ability tasks. As in the last test, you will again play a game that shows how well you measure up in these areas.

Try your hand at some similar tests here. Further tests can be got at Job Test Prep.

The Switch Challenge

The Switch Challenge takes the form of a game where you have to use your logical reasoning powers. When playing the game, you show your ability to work things out logically.

Test your logical reasoning skills in this free test

The P&G Peak Performance Assessment

The P&G Peak Performance Assessment examines if you are a suitable company employee. Essentially they need to know if you can be relied upon to uphold their core values.

When you do a background check on the values of a company, you will likely find their PVPs or their Purpose, Values, and Principles. Keep in mind these values throughout your application process.

For the P&G Peak Assessment Test remember this: “Lead with courage, innovate for growth, champion productivity, execute with excellence. Bring out the Best.”  Use this as a guiding principle when you take this assessment test.

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Preparing for the Assessment Test Questions

Woman Using a Laptop

As you have seen in the outline of the recruitment assessments, accurate preparation is essential if you are to get to the interview stage. Searching for resources to use in your preparation is best handled if you use a test prep pack from a company that is experienced in helping job applicants prepare for job assessments.

Your test prep pack will give you reliable information about the assessments and comes with a series of sample tests, giving you a structured program for effective preparation.

On receipt of your pack, you first need to become familiar with the assessments. As the P&G assessments are so different from regular job tests, spend some time over this until you feel you are ready to begin practicing.

Plan Your Preparation Routine

Decide where you are going to prepare. As the tests are so different and you are also learning how to work within a set time limit, ensure you are working in a place free from distractions.

Decide when you are going to prepare. Assess how long you have left until the actual test. Based on this, draw up a preparation timetable. To reach your target, stick to the timetable.

Try to work for no longer than 50 minutes at a time. Take a 10-minute break when the 50 minutes are up before returning for another 50 minutes. Your brain works more efficiently when you space study sessions like this.

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Using the Sample Tests

Woman in Yellow Turtleneck Sweater Using Laptop

The best way to prepare for any test is to practice. That is why Job Test Prep provides sample tests as an essential part of their job test pack.

With each sample test, you work on honing your skills for the actual assessment. Do not expect to be wildly successful on your first attempt. You are having to adjust to a different testing style as well as work on a given time limit.

The most important thing you can do in your first effort is to make mistakes and learn from them. Look at the assessment practice test questions and identify which type of sample questions you had the most wrong answer. Let your mistakes be your guide for your initial efforts.

Study, answer sample questions, review. By following this pattern rigorously, you will be able to slowly but surely weed out the errors and ensure that you will get a good score on your assessment test.

Focus your earlier efforts on the Grid, Digit, and Switch Challenges as these present roughly the same challenges in terms of format and presentation.

The Peak Performance Challenge

This assessment test deserves to be allocated its own preparation time. A combination of a Situational Judgment Test (SJT), a Motivational Test, a Leadership Test, and a Personality Test, this challenge takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

It uses multiple choice questions and rating questions. In the multiple choice questions, you have to choose the correct answer from the four listed.

In the rating questions, you have to decide if a statement is very untrue, somewhat untrue, somewhat true, or very true.

Your answers reveal your interests, work-related attitudes, background, and experiences. Most importantly it assesses how well you will fit into the P&G workplace.

The situational judgment test presents you with scenarios you might encounter while working at P&G. From a list of possible actions, you are asked to choose the action you would take.

Example Question:

If you had to select a team to work on a project
Would you:

  • Select people you like
  • Select people with the best knowledge of how to do the job
  • Select only experienced people
  • Select people who are willing to learn

The Motivational Test assesses your level of motivation and what situations motivate you.

The Leadership Test helps companies determine who is best suited to a lead role in the workplace. For leadership tests visit Job Test Prep.

The Personality Test checks if you would fit in with P&G’s work culture.

Preparing for personality tests is challenging. When applying for a role at Procter and Gamble you felt working for the company would be a good fit for you. In the assessment test, you have to convince P&G of that. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as saying “I am me.”

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A personality test is assessing the persona you would present in the workplace, not your “at-home persona.” We all present differently in different situations. This is a crucial part that you must remember.

Remember behavior reveals personality. In a personality test, you are not being asked to change who you are. You are being asked to present the behavior that is appropriate in the workplace.

Learning how to do this requires:

  1. that you know what is expected in the workplace. You will have found this information in your study of the business
  2. that you do sufficient practice on sample personality tests.

The sample tests mirror the real one and show how you will be asked for your response to a number of statements.

Example Question:

You are given the option of deciding if the statements are “Very untrue”, Somewhat untrue”, “Somewhat true”, “Very true.”
The statements generally refer to yourself and can be along the following lines:

  • I prefer reading to watching television
  • I prefer working alone to working with a group
  • I see the workplace as somewhere to make new friends

To prepare effectively for the test, do a number of sample tests, regularly review your results, and assess how close you are coming to depicting the person who would be employed at P&G.

Pinpoint the areas that cause you to lose scores. Doing your next test, keep those areas in mind and attempt to weed them out.

With each test, you hone your skills gradually improving until you are able to present the ideal persona in the assessment.

To get a feeling for what a personality test involves check this free personality test. To get personality practice tests that mirror the P&G tests click the link for your own test preparation pack.

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Doing the Assessments

When doing the assessments there are several things you can do to help you capitalize on the hours of preparation you have been putting in:

  • Ensure you are working in a quiet space free from any danger of being disturbed
  • Have an accurate timing device close to hand
  • Have a proper breakfast on the day
  • Make sure you get a good night’s sleep prior to doing the assessment
  • Remember to manage time well

Dealing with Stress

This may be your 1st or 1000th time doing assessments. However, it’s not relevant. The word “Test,” has the power to strike terror into the most experienced of people.

Be prepared for this eventuality.

Develop some techniques to deal with stress while you are preparing for the assessments. Try practicing taking deep breaths, or doing stretching exercises. You may also research other techniques for dealing with stress. When you can manage stress, you can focus better, improve specific skills, and avoid failing.

Prepare to ace the assessments, and take practice tests. For information on what to expect and accurate preparation, visit Job Test Prep.

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Written by Elizabeth O Mahony

With 25+ years’ experience as a teacher and state examinations corrector, Elizabeth now writes for the education and careers industry. Her experience preparing students for examinations and running an academy for supplementary education give her invaluable insights into what it takes for job seekers and graduates to succeed in assessments.