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Adecco Assessment Test Prep: Tips, Types, and Interview Strategy

Adecco is one of the world’s global leaders when it comes to staffing and human resources. As an international company, they are located in 60 countries and have over 450 designated work locations. With career options ranging from sales to hospitality, there is no shortage of positions you can apply for.

As an organization, its primary goal is to staff businesses with high-quality employees. Because of this, both Adecco and the organization you are hired on at may require an extensive hiring process.

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Your pre-employment journey will consist of many things, including taking an assessment to analyze your skills in the workplace. This helps your potential employer better understand how you fit within their business and whether or not you can complete the job duties for the position.

For the assessments, the organizations will alert Adecco which one is used for their business and facilitate it. Usually taken online, there could be many assignments that you’re asked to take at one time. Therefore, it’s essential to prepare to sit at a computer for multiple hours.

This article will go through some of the different tests you could take before you are hired by a company and how to prepare for them.

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Types of Tests

Below are the tests you’ll need to prepare for to complete the Adecco hiring process.

1. Kenexa Power Office Combo 2016

Using programs like Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint are skills that you’ll find helpful in several different positions. On this test, you’ll demonstrate that you can successfully use both programs from a basic to an advanced level.

Because this test is application-based, many of the questions require you to show your knowledge by completing tasks in a simulation-based environment — specifically in the Word Power User test.

For the Excel test, you’ll be answering questions on different functions in the program; there are ten at a basic level, ten at the advanced level, and five at the intermediate level.

We have a detailed guide on how to pass Microsoft Word Assessment, check it out here.

2. Prove It Data Entry Test

Also created by Kenexa, this portion of the assessment is comprised of two different parts:

  • Alfa Numeric
  • Data Entry 10-Key Test

To excel at any position that involves data entry, being quick and efficient is vital. Clerical work can often be demanding, so navigating through large data sets or documents will help you not become overloaded with your work.

This test is valued highly by potential employers, so preparing for this test is extremely important.

3. Situational Judgment Test

This portion of the pre-employment assessment can look several different ways, so preparing for this section will be unique compared to others.

You may not know which version you will take before sitting for the test, which means that you will have to practice each section at length — just in case.

However, don’t panic about this. The practice you’ll do for situational judgment tasks will help you become better at the skills you will use when you’re actually on the job.

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Best Study Methods

For each test you’ll have to take, Job Test Prep has something called a PrepPack that can help you study. Each Pack provides an opportunity for you to take an in-depth look at the concepts that are important for you to know on the tests.

They come with practice tests, sample questions, and study guides to help you learn as much as possible before you sit for the actual exam. Making the investment for one or multiple of the PrepPacks is one way to ensure success in your Adecco interviews.

If you want to take more of a general approach to your studying method, they also offer an “All-Inclusive Master Pack” that includes 64 different assessment prep materials and 28 guides to go with them.

The Interview Process

Like with any job interview, you should begin preparing as soon as you are invited to chat with one of the hiring managers or other personnel within the company.

At Adecco, there are two phases of the interview process that take place both over the phone and in-person (or virtual if circumstances permit in-person gathering).

While the phone interview will take place as soon as you put in your application online, you will have to be invited back to do the second phase after you pass your exams with a satisfactory score.

Adecco favors asking competency-based questions in your interview, so be prepared to answer anything in the realm of your field of expertise.

Keep the following tips in mind for your interview:

  • Dress professionally. Wear something that reflects your true style, but that also demonstrates that you are a hard worker.
  • Show up at least five to ten minutes early. If the interview is virtual, be ready and in the “waiting room” on the video conference platform. The person who is on the other line will be able to see that you have arrived early.
  • Make eye contact throughout your interview.
  • Answer questions confidently, even if you’re not completely sure of your answer. Also, try not to “fluff” your answers with things that aren’t true about yourself. Lying during an interview often hurts more than it helps.
  • After the interview is over, remember always to send a follow-up email thanking whoever interviewed you for considering you for the position. Adding in something that you thought was interesting about their background, or the company also could get you some bonus points.

Job Test Prep also offered interview PrepPacks that help you understand competency-based questions, the STAR question-answering method, and the psychology of a job interview.

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So, while the Adecco pre-employment hiring process can seem cumbersome and confusing to some, don’t let it stress you out. Utilize the Job Test Prep PrepPacks at your leisure to absorb as much of the material as possible for the assessments. Doing this can help you pass them with flying colors, eventually landing you in your dream job!

Good luck!

Written by Bailee Boggess McCoy

Bailee, MSW, is a freelance writer and editor. She specializes in career, social work, tech, B2B, marketing, and medical, health, and wellness content. She has experience as a job coach, DEI consultant for companies, community-project manager, and clinical researcher. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Georgetown College in 2018, and studied neurolinguistics and developmental psychology at the University of Oxford. She earned her Master’s in Social Work at the University of Kentucky in 2021. Her scientific research has been presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference and published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease and Associated Disorders.

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