7th Grade NWEA MAP Test Prep: A Complete Guide for Parents

If you have a child that is a 7th-grade student, they may be taking the NWEA MAP Test in the future. If your school is providing such a test, then it is important to help them prepare for it as soon as you can. Preparation will help your child excel at this test as much as possible.

In this write-up, we will be discussing what the MAP test is, how it is administered, and what you can do as a parent to help your child get the best score possible. This is a kind of test that will be useful for both teachers and parents to help determine a child’s academic success from 7th grade and beyond.

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The results are used to customize learning plans for each student based on their scores. Those who score higher may be more apt to try something more complex in certain areas that they have been tested in. The results themselves will determine the strengths and weaknesses of each individual student.

This will give teachers the opportunity to help their students strengthen their weaknesses while capitalizing on their strengths based on the test results. With that said, let’s continue by explaining what the MAP test is.

What is the MAP test?

MAP is an acronym for Measures of Academic Progress. This test is administered to students that want to attend a high school that has selective enrollment. Compared to the tests that are usually administered to other students, the NWEA MAP tests are often the most challenging.

The test covers three areas:

  • Math
  • Language
  • Reading

Some schools add on a fourth area, which is usually science. The test itself is not timed, but a student will usually need about an hour to complete each part of the test.

The test is Common Core compliant and is administered in all but 10 US states. One third of the MAP test score will be used for admission requirements at selective high schools. A student will need to score in the 24th percentile in order to take an entrance exam administered by the school of their choice.

The higher they score, the better their chances. For example, students in Chicago both in public and private schools will be taking a test that is compliant with Common Core standards. The MAP test is one of those tests that will be available.

It is a great idea to check out online resources like these at TestPrep Online that help prepare for all sections of the test.

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What areas of the MAP will be tested?

There will be three subjects that 7th-grade students will be tested in: math, language, and reading. Each subject will have a number of questions that will be answered with no time limit needed. Let’s break down each section so you as a parent can expect what your child will be tested on:


This will range from anywhere between 47 to 53 questions. It will cover various areas of mathematics including algebra, geometry, and statistics and probability among others. Other areas of math that they will be tested on will include measurements, computation & problem solving and number sense.

While math is considered one of the more challenging subjects, it is important that you and your child utilize the practice materials that we have available. Prepping for the test will require a bit more than just the materials provided.

Later on, we will discuss how you can prepare for the MAP test with your child. Now, let’s move on to the other portions of the test that will be administered.

Language usage

This area will cover language mechanics, usage, parts of speech, and writing process. Example questions may be written, but most of the time they will be in multiple choice. Students will be tested based on proper use of grammar and sentence structure, punctuation and spelling, writing skills including research, planning, organizing, developing, and revision.

There will be no less than 50 questions in this section of the test.

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This test will be the shortest of the three sections with no less than 40 questions. This will test literary concepts, informational concepts, and word meaning. Here, the student’s reading comprehension will be tested.

Even though there are fewer questions compared to the other two sections, they will usually be a little lengthy. That’s because some of them will require reading paragraphs and answering questions regarding a passage they have read.

Take 7th Grade NWEA MAP Test Now

What Is The Average MAP Test Score?

General Science
Language Usage

Source: NWEA

Tips for preparing for the MAP test

To ensure that your child gets the best result possible for the MAP test, it is important to get them to practice on a regular basis. Here are some of the following tips that you and your child can follow in the days leading up to the test:

  • Use the practice test materials: We recommend working with a specialized test preparation company such as TestPrep Online. They provide both free resources as well as full, in-depth preparation packs that have full simulation exams and preparation materials. These will help the child know what to expect on the test and an understanding of how the test is structured.
    To check out the preparation resources head to TestPrep Online.
  • Schedule days where they can practice each subject: Choose days where they can focus on each subject. For example, schedule a day for math, another for language usage, and one more for reading. This will allow you and your child to try out some hands-on activities related to the topics they are being tested for.
  • A good night’s rest: Your child will need a good night’s rest on the days leading up to the test including the day it is administered. The better they rest, the more likely they will perform better.

Take 7th Grade NWEA MAP Test Now

Final Thoughts

Your 7th grader will be able to score high on the MAP test if they prepare for it consistently with proper preparation materials. The higher their score, the better. And this will also make an even greater impact on their academic future even well into high school.

If you want to get started, head to TestPrep Online to discover the MAP test prep materials for practice. Take advantage of these as many times as you like so your child will be more prepared than ever.

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