2024 5th Grade NWEA MAP Test Study Guide (With Practice Test)

Your 5th grader has been tasked with taking the NWEA Map Test. It is an important test and you want them to do well, but you don’t know where to start. What is the test, what does it cover, what’s the format and how can you help them prepare?

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What Is an NWEA MAP Test?

The NWEA MAP Test is a state-aligned, computerized adaptive test that measures a student’s academic progress. This may sound like a mouthful but in reality, it is not very complicated.

The test is done on a computer and it measures the child’s progress in school against that of other children of the same age, in the same grade.

Adaptive” means that the test adapts to the ability shown by the child. If the child answers a question correctly then the following question will be more difficult. If he or she answers the question poorly then the following question will be easier.

The test assesses the child’s progress in each grade. Testing ability in Math, Reading Comprehension and Language Usage gives teachers, parents and the child themselves an accurate picture of where they fit in academically with their peers.

Identifying the child’s strengths and weaknesses in those key subjects helps teachers decide what route should be taken in the child’s continuing education. Parents and guardians getting the child’s scores know what areas the child may need help in.

Why Is the MAP Test So Important for 5th Graders?

With 5th graders ending elementary school at eleven years of age, the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test is essentially an assessment of their level of achievements in elementary school.

Gaining good results could mean a student may be admitted to programs for gifted children and could see them being admitted to high-achieving schools.

As well as placing the student in a position for his future academic education, the test gives interested parties information on a student’s strengths and weaknesses, factors that may determine his future career progression.

A Highly Valued Test

The test scores are the results that a lot of students are likely to bring with them to their second-level education. Those scores are used by schools to determine the child’s future academic life. Some schools use the test results as a guide for their admission policies, and to assess the incoming student’s strengths and weaknesses as they start their second-level schooling.

Programs for gifted children also use the test results as a selection tool for their new intake of students. Putting it briefly the MAP Test for 5th graders can have a great bearing on a child’s future academic life and as a consequence a bearing on the colleges they will attend and the careers they are likely to pursue.

A Testing Time for Children, Parents and Teachers

Coming as it does at the end of elementary schooling and prior to admission to second-level education, parents, teachers and students themselves are very invested in the results of the test.

Preparing for the test is not considered essential, but as it can have a bearing on the child’s future academic career it is inevitable that all parties concerned would place a lot of emphasis on preparation.

Taking into account the relatively young age of the child it is also inevitable that the weeks prior to the test would be an anxious time for parents and children.

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Becoming Familiar With the Test

For the parent, especially if this is the first time a child of theirs took the assessment, knowing what the test involves can take away some of the anxiety. Knowing what the test is about is a good first step to helping a child prepare.

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Try Some Sample Questions

To alleviate the child’s anxieties it is a good idea to have the child attempt some of the questions on the sample test. Doing this will show him or her there is nothing to be afraid of.

For the parent, this exercise will show them what their child is capable of. More importantly, it will show them what areas the child needs to brush up on. When putting a plan in place for the child’s test preparation they will have a clearer idea of what they have to do.

Seeing the parent taking a proactive approach will increase the child’s confidence and give him a sense that he is doing something important in his academic work.

Getting Preparation Resources

Putting a plan in place requires having access to the resources that help with preparation. Given the child’s age, this task of getting resources usually falls on the parent. Rather than searching online and depending on social media for information, it is recommended you go to a reliable test preparation company like TestPrep Online.

You can rely on TestPrep for accurate information as well as the sample tests that will become the foundation for your child’s preparation.

The sample tests provided mirror the real examination giving your child hands-on experience of the test before the real examination comes along.

Having a range of tests to practice with gives the parent the confidence they are using accurate preparation materials and a means of checking on the child’s progress as they work from test to test.

Sensing the parent’s confidence, in the same way children sense most adults’ emotions, the child will also get a confidence boost that will sustain him throughout the process.

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What Is the Format of the Test?

A computerized test the MAP measures abilities in Math, Reading Comprehension and Language Usage. Questions are based on the level the child is expected to have reached at the end of 5th Grade.

In each of the areas being assessed, the child is given questions with multiple choice answers. In selecting the correct answers the child has to rely on the material he has learned to date in his elementary education.

MAP Math Test for 5th Grade

The Math test assesses the child’s abilities in the following areas:

  • Geometry Students are expected to be familiar with using graphs and recognize and use three-dimensional figures.
  • Measurement and Data Using angle, length and volume to solve measurement problems.
  • Numbers and Operations Using decimals and fractions as well as multi-digit whole numbers to solve problems.
  • Algebraic Thinking. Using numerical expression.

Access a free sample MAP Test for 5th Grade here Have your child try his hand at the Math sections. When he receives his scores you will have a measure of his mathematical abilities.

MAP Reading Comprehension for 5th Grade

The child is presented with articles to read. These pieces range from informational pieces to pieces taken from literature.

Questions on these test a child’s vocabulary range and his ability to explain words.

Pieces from literature test a child’s ability to find key themes, analyze the structure of a piece, comment on characterization or style.

Informational pieces are used to test the child’s ability to understand an argument being made or deduce the writer’s perspective on a topic.

A free sample test will give you exercises for your child. Click on the button given below to access it.

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MAP Language Usage Test for 5th Grade

This assesses the skills children are expected to have gained at this point in their elementary schooling. They are tested on each of the following:

  • Using grammar correctly
  • Writing. This test assesses if they are able to plan a piece of writing, develop their ideas and revise their errors.
  • Mechanics. This section assesses their knowledge of capitalization, punctuation, and their spelling ability.

To assess these factors the child is given multiple choice questions where they have to decide if grammar and punctuation are used correctly. Or they have to choose the order they would follow if planning a piece of writing or decide if there are spelling errors in sentences.

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What Is The Average MAP Test Score?

General Science
Language Usage

Source: NWEA

Preparing Your Child for the Test

With your test prep pack to hand you are ready to put your child’s preparation plan in place. Following these steps will ensure a well-ordered structure to the preparation process:

  1. Decide where the child will carry out his preparation. Choose a spot free from distractions.
  2. Decide on the times that will be devoted to preparation. Ensure preparation is carried out on a daily basis. A break in the routine will make the child feel as if he is starting afresh after a number of preparation-free days have elapsed.
  3. Working in short chunks of time makes learning more effective. If it becomes necessary to devote long periods of time to the preparation, build in breaks to ensure the child stays alert and absorbs material more easily.

Sample Tests Are Central to Preparation

Working on sample tests will give a structure to the preparation. Use a sample test in the first session. This will allow the child to become familiar with the test and will give you an insight into his ability.

Using the sample tests for the following sessions will guarantee:

  • The child is becoming familiar with the test and is learning what precisely he has to do in the real test.
  • You and the child are seeing the progress being made from test to test.
  • Any difficulties the child is having will become obvious early on in the process. This will give you time to help the child deal with them.

Make the Preparation Sessions Enjoyable

Even though the child has probably done NWEA MAP Tests before this he will be as aware as you are of how important this one is and therefore be more likely to become stressed. To avert the likelihood of this happening try:

  • Building in adequate break times
  • Giving rewards and not just when his scores are exceptional. Reward him or her for taking the time to devote themselves to preparation.
  • Making the learning experience fun. Approach tests as a challenge to be mastered. Even doing grammar exercises can be turned into a game where he pits himself against you.

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If Stress Strikes

The best way to deal with exam stress is to prevent it before it happens.
Try the following to guarantee a stress-free preparation time and test day:

  • Ensure your child gets adequate rest. Late-night study sessions are guaranteed to interfere with performance in tests.
  • Provide healthy nutrition, especially on the morning of test day.
  • Make sure your child gets breaks in the fresh air and some physical exercise.

If your child is preparing for the 5th Grade MAP you can get helpful resources here at TestPrep Online or for any other grade here.

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