Guide to Preparing Your Child for the 2nd Grade MAP Test: Tips and Strategies

MAP Testing or Measure of Academic Progress Testing is a tool used within the educational system to assess the strengths or weaknesses of students. Based on the child’s scores, the test assesses his or her placing among their peers countrywide.

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Armed with the scores the child gains in the test, teachers are able to assess the progress being made by the child. This determines if they are ready for the next step in their academic career. They use the test scores to plan the child’s academic progression.

Parents also benefit from getting these scores. They are able to judge the areas their child is doing well in and any areas they may require help with. Helping a child prepare for the test also allows the parent to play a part in the child’s schooling.

A computerized, adaptive test, the assessment works with the child’s abilities. For example, if a child answers a question correctly, the following question will be harder. However if the child answers incorrectly the following question will be easier.

How Do I Help My Child Prepare For The test?

Given that a second-grade child is aged 7, organizing his preparation for the test falls on the parent and guardian. When the adult is new to MAP Testing, finding resources to help the child can be difficult and time-consuming.

However, using resources from an experienced testing company, like TestPrep Online will give you the guidance you need. These will give you the confidence to undertake helping your child prepare.

As most parents know, children are adept at reading an adult’s mood. When the child senses your confidence as you help him with his test preparation, that will naturally increase their own confidence.

What Format Does The Test Use?

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The test is based on the Common Core standards used by many schools in the U.S. Your child will probably have already been working on the material recommended for 2nd graders under Common Core standards.

This is the material the child can expect to be tested on in the MAP Test for 2nd graders.

However, because some children of this age cannot read while some can, the test is delivered in two different formats. For children who cannot read as yet the test, called MAP K-2, is recorded so the child listens to instructions rather than reading them.

For children who can already read the MAP 2-5 is presented like any other test but a 7 year old may not be accustomed to the format and will need to get some practice in before the real thing.

For test practice packs mirrored on the MAP 2-5, go here to TestPrep Online.

Click on the button for a free sample test to get an idea of the type of testing used.

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What Areas Will My Child Be Tested On?

At 2nd grade level the MAP Test focuses on the main areas the child will have worked on during the academic year:

  • Math
  • Language Usage
  • Reading Comprehension

The 2nd Grade Math MAP Test

  • The Math test measures the child’s strengths and weaknesses in:
  • Numbers and Operations
  • Measurement and Data
  • Algebraic Thinking
  • Geometry

These tests largely present the child with problem-solving tests. The child is presented with multiple choice answers to each question. Using the mathematical skills they have gained in school, the child works out which answer is correct.

For example

A child may be asked, “Which number is missing from the following equation?”

? + 6 = 14

A) 8
B) 6
C) 7
D) 10

The 2nd Grade Language Usage Test

The 2nd grade language usage test measures their abilities in:

  • Mechanics. Their use of punctuation, capitalization is assessed as well as their spelling and their familiarity with parts of speech.
  • Nouns and Pronouns, Verbs and Adverbs, Adjectives, Prepositions, Conjunctions and Interjections can all feature in the test.
  • Usage. Here the child can expect to be tested on subject/verb agreement, phrases and clauses, structuring sentences and sentence meaning.

For example

The child may be asked

Which words complete the sentence correctly

Go to the shelf and get me ———-

A) A loaves of bread
B) A loaf of bread
C) A loaf of bred
D) A bred loaf ?

Writing Process

The child is tested on the processes one uses in preparing to write a piece.

This test focuses on planning the material to be written. Their ability in structuring a piece and giving supporting evidence for points being made is also assessed as well as their ability to develop points.

They may also need to show their awareness of the audience the article is being written for.

Their use of style and tone comes under this heading as well.

The second-grade test is the child’s first encounter with the language usage assessment. To make the child comfortable with the experience working on sample tests, like these from TestPrep Online, will remove the fear of the unknown and allow him to approach the test knowing there are no unpleasant surprises waiting for him.

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MAP Reading Test for 2nd Grade

The child is given a passage to read and a series of multiple-choice questions to answer on the passage. The questions assess the child’s ability to:

  1. Understand the passage
  2. Extract the main ideas from the passage
  3. Understand words
  4. Get an idea of the characters, location and plot of the passage
  5. Understand the writer’s point of view.

They may also be asked to identify words that are spelt incorrectly or sentences that are incorrectly punctuated.

They can be asked for example what words are capitalized correctly in the following sentence:

“The Horses went North to Alaska.”

  1. Horses
  2. North
  3. Alaska
  4. The?


Which verb would you use with “They.”

  1. Goes
  2. Going
  3. Go
  4. Was going?


Select the sentence with no punctuation errors.

  1. The man raised his hand.
  2. The man, raised his’ hand.
  3. The, man raised his hand.
  4. The man? Raised his hand.

They can for example be asked about the consequences of a character’s action.

Regular practice with sample reading exercises will improve the child’s ability in this section of the test. Particularly if your child doesn’t read a lot apart from necessary school books, it may be necessary to develop his skills in this area in the weeks prior to the test.

Your child can begin his practice with this free sample test. Having done the test he will receive his scores and you will have an indication of his ability levels and what you need to help him with.

What Is The Average MAP Test Score?

General Science
Language Usage

Source: NWEA

Helping Your Child Prepare for a MAP Test

  1. The first step in preparing the child for the MAP Test is to equip yourself with a test prep pack. Having the resources to hand will give the confidence of knowing that the preparation you are helping the child with is accurate. The sample tests that come with the test prep pack will give a structure to the work you are doing with the child.
  2. Your next step is selecting a spot where the child can carry out the preparation. Ensure, if possible, the spot you choose is free from television or any other distractions.
  3. Organize a preparation routine. Children of this age learn best in small chunks of time. They also respond best if their preparation happens regularly. It is best, if possible, to do a short amount of practice every day instead of spending long stretches of time working on it at the weekend.
  4. Again, if possible, try to ensure test preparation time does not impact too severely on time the child uses to practice a sport or hobby. If he has to sacrifice football training for test preparation he will become resentful and the process will become a struggle.

Use the Sample Tests

Using the sample tests will give structure to the test preparation.

  1. It is helpful to do one sample test at the beginning of the process. Doing this will give the child a picture of what precisely the test involves. It will also give you, the adult, a picture of how the child measures up in the testing process.
  2. In subsequent sessions work from test to test. This will enable you and the child to see the progress being made in each test. It will also highlight areas that may need more work than others.
  3. With each test the child attempts they are becoming familiar with the type of test they will have to do when the real one comes along. This will help them become more confident about their own abilities.
  4. For children as young as 2nd graders knowing what lies ahead is important. The sample tests, modeled as they are on the real assessment, introduce them to what for many is a daunting process. If your child squirms at the very word “test,” acquainting them with the process will render it less fearful.

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Make It Fun

Having fun while preparing for a test seems like a contradiction. However educators have discovered children learn best while they are having fun. For a 7 year old doing this extra work has to be made attractive.

To do this consider adding the following to the test preparation:

  • Games

Have the child see the process as a game. Let him see himself competing with you or even with himself to raise his scores.

  • A reward system

Reward the child for his achievements. For some children, the achievement may be getting superb scores. For others, it may be a slight improvement on previous efforts.

For yet others, it may be sitting quietly for the time dedicated to preparation.
Whatever it is, let the child know his efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

This is the part where the adult has to combine their role as educator with their role as nurturer. Preparing for a test can take its toll on even the coolest of 7 year olds. To help deal with this the child will need:

  • A good night’s sleep especially in the nights before the real test
  • Good nutrition. Before going into the test they need to have a solid breakfast before contending with, what is for them, a long period of time doing academic work.
  • Adequate breaks, fresh air and exercise.

Preparing Your Child for MAP?

If your child needs help with Nwea MAP Testing go here to TestPrep Online for information and resources. We also have study guides & practice tests for the following NWEA MAP Tests.

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