2023 Harrison Assessment Test Study Guide (Full Practice Test)

Faced with taking a Harrison Assessment Test but have no idea how to prepare? You are not alone! Many job seekers have to take this test if they want to be in with a chance of landing a new role.

As competition for jobs can be high, it is important to stand out. For that, it is important to study, understand what you are up against, and be prepared. Job Test Prep can prepare you for the Harrison Assessments Test. Read on to discover how!

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What Is the Harrison Assessment Test?

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Harrison Assessments provides assessment tools and employment examinations. Several firms use their employment tests to fine-tune and improve their hiring processes. Harrison Assessments offers a variety of job testing solutions to ensure thorough and methodical testing for every position.

Five Different Harrison Assessments Tests

There are five different tests you might be asked to take.

  • Eligibility Assessment

Applicants are compared to ideal job requirements. It’s also applicable to the employment procedure. Qualifications, work experience, job skills, and education are all taken into account. It can be used as a 5-minute pre-assessment test or a test during the interview process.

  • Job Suitability Assessment

This Harris Job Suitability Assessment assesses attitudes, motivations, values, engagement factors, interpersonal skills, and retention factors related to a particular job. As well as recruiting, it can develop performance, engagement, retention, and job satisfaction.

  • Engagement and Retention Assessment

Used for determining whether a position is suitable, the report outlines key points regarding engagement and retention. Individuals, groups, or the entire organization can determine the key engagement factors using eight engagement metric categories.

  • Harrison Career Navigator

The Harrison Career Navigator offers a personalized interactive online platform that provides insight into the health and enjoyment of your career.

It is a system for identifying suitable professions and guiding personal development towards meeting the requirements of various professions used by career seekers, career counselors, schools, and universities.

It’s also used by corporations for career planning and outplacement. Career seekers can also receive reports related to their greatest strengths or career development issues.

  • Job Analysis

Harrison Assessments’ employment tests are based on an analysis of the job and job analysis. In order to perform effectively in a job, the employment experience, skills, and education must be analyzed. Analyzing each factor identifies ideal requirements, minimum requirements, as well as their importance level.

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How to Prepare for Harrison Tests?

Using online preparation materials is hands down the most effective way to prepare for the Harrison Test. We recommend heading to Job Test Prep. Here you can find personality practice tests, which are accompanied by score reports and answer explanations.

In order to make Harrison tests difficult to manipulate, they are designed to provide no room for manipulation. If there are any inconsistencies detected by the system, you will have to retake the test.

If the inconsistencies increase beyond a certain threshold, you will have to retake the test. Research indicates that answering “agree” or “disagree” with statements tends to be a skewed result. Therefore, the statements are positive and are ranked.

It is not possible to pass or fail the Harrison assessments. You’re more likely to achieve the best results if you are honest and thoughtful when responding.

How Is Harrison Assessment Different from Other Behavioral Assessments?

The Harrison Assessment Is Unique in Three Key Ways:

#1. With the help of behavioral and personality assessments, Harrison aims to determine whether a candidate will be successful in his or her career.

It takes 25 minutes to assess 175 talent factors using their SmartQuestionnaire. An analysis of the qualifications of an individual for a particular job compares their behavior with the factors associated with high performance for that job role.

#2. Each of these contradictory behaviors is fundamental to the job performance measured by Harrison Paradox Technology.

An individual who lacks balance between self-confidence and consideration for others can become too dogmatic. Using Paradox, you can identify job-related strengths and more than 40 potential pitfalls without answering any negative questions.

#3. As a result, the Harrison Assessment takes into account both an employer’s and an employee’s compatibility. This makes it useful for predicting employee engagement and retention.

A one-way style of assessment, which measures only how well a candidate meets the needs of his or her potential employer, is less efficient and likely to be unsuccessful given that ideal employment requires a mutual match between employer and employee. As far as Harrison is concerned, no other provider of assessment offers such a comprehensive solution.

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What Is the Harrison Questionnaire?

As part of recruitment and succession planning, Harrison’s staged psychometric test provides comprehensive job-specific assessments. During the hiring process, candidates are pre-screened for qualifications, screened for behavior, assessed for critical thinking (optional), and interviewed behaviorally.

Pre-screening for Qualifications

It takes just 5 minutes to complete the Harrison Eligibility Assessment, which improves candidates’ experiences by eliminating the need for long applications and other assessments unless the candidates have strong qualifications.

Behavior, Engagement, and Retention

A behavioral test relating to job suitability is automatically requested of candidates with good qualifications. Only 25 minutes are required to complete the Harrison SmartQuestionnaire, which measures behavior, engagement, retention, work preferences, and expectations.

An employee and an employer are assessed on the basis of whether their needs will be met in relation to an upcoming job. After candidates complete the questionnaire, you can provide them with an automated “Your Greatest Strengths Report” (branded with the employer’s name and logo).

About Harrison Assessments

Daniel Harrison has a Ph.D. in organizational psychology and founded Harrison Assessments in 1990. Harrison Assessment was founded with the goal of helping companies optimize their employees’ skills by integrating psychology and human resources.

Their software features easy-to-use user interfaces, and they have researched extensively how they could improve their user experience. We maintain continuous collaboration with partners around the world, and we continually update our technology to reflect advancements in the field of organizational psychology and human resource management.

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Preparing for an assessment always involves reviewing what will be on the test. Assessment tools are available from Harrison Assessments. Many organizations use their employment tests to refine and improve their hiring practices.

To ensure thorough and systematic job testing, Harrison Assessments offers a variety of employment test options.

For your convenience, JobTestPrep offers practice tests so you can familiarize yourself with what is going to be on the test. You can find out more here.