Ergometrics Test

What Is an Ergometrics Test And How to Prepare for It?

Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research Inc. is one of the most prominent human resource management companies in the United States. Numerous government officials and private companies use their tests for recruiting purposes.

This article will explore the different types of Ergometrics tests and their usage. We will also explain what you can expect on the specialized exams for different civil service (public service) positions – Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Emergency operators, and Correctional officers.

Furthermore, we will also direct you to the top resources for Ergometrics Practice tests and study guides.

What Is An Ergometric Test?

Ergometrics tests are specialized testing materials made by Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research Inc. They are designed to be used by different government and city officials as part of their employment process and candidate selection.

Aside from just providing the test materials, format, and questions, the Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research Inc. company takes care of the scoring of their tests and gives a professional option for competency and predictive job performance.

The Ergometrics tests are usually done in the form of Simulation testing, meaning that the tests will simulate the actual job duties. This allows employers to narrow the gap between the test performance and the actual job duties.

Simulation-based tests measure the test-taker’s abilities and how effective those abilities are used in real-work conditions.

This might include:

  • Working under pressure
  • Working in stressful interactions
  • Tackling unforeseen interruptions

Another critical aspect of the Ergometrics test is that they are conducted with the help of video technology. Written or oral tests often leave candidates to imagine the scenario when they need to answer a hypothetical situation.

Sometimes it’s impossible to describe a situation completely, or while doing so, the description gives clues about what is important. Other times, the candidate has enough time to re-read and think through their answer, which is not possible if they were in a real-life work situation.

To avoid this problem, Ergometrics tests are in a video format. This requires candidates to observe and analyze the scenario themselves and conclude the best way to react.

Furthermore, Ergometrics tests are continuously improved and revised to ensure that the tests are always aligned with job responsibility trends and minimize the possibility of leakage of test questions.

All these aspects of the Ergometrics tests make them the most accurate testing tools for numerous job positions. But, the format also makes it harder for candidates to know what to expect on the Ergometrics test. Since the test simulates real-work scenarios, applicants must react promptly, accurately, and professionally.

What Are Ergometric Tests Used For?

public safety testing

The Ergometrics exam is offered across the country. They are a more well-known public safety testing service, so you’ll probably encounter their exams during the employment process.

The Ergometrics tests are a vital part of the employment in four public safety professions – Law Enforcement, Firefighting, Corrections Officers, and Public Dispatchers.

In the following sections, we will review the most important details about the Ergometrics test in each profession.

FrontLine National Ergometrics Test For Law Enforcement

The FrontLine National Ergometric test is divided between two positions in Law Enforcement:

  • Entry level – for Detectives, Parole, and Technicians
  • Supervisory Exam – for Sergeants, Lieutenants, and Corporal

Furthermore, they also have the Performance Evaluation test, which tells test-takes the job expectations, evaluates them in work performance, and gives personalized feedback on how to improve.

This test is made for entry-level and supervisory job positions and aims to improve employed professionals in the fields.

The FrontLine National test for Law Enforcement has four sections with 100 questions and a time limit of 2 hours and 20 minutes.

The four sections are:

  • Situational Judgment and Human Relations Video Test
  • Report-Writing Video-Based Test
  • Reading Test
  • Multiple-Choice Reading Test

Depending on the job position, the test questions, their format, and what they measure will vary.

FrontLine National Ergometrics Test Practice Materials

Suppose you want to read more in-depth information about the FrontLine National Ergometrics for Law Enforcement. In that case, we recommend you to head over to Job Test Prep and their FrontLine explanatory article and Practice pack.

Their FrontLine Practice pack includes:

  • more than 15 practice tests for each section,
  • two personality tests,
  • one personality profile, and
  • solving tips and guides for the FrontLine Ergometrics test.

FireTEAM Ergometrics Test For Firefighters


The FireTEAM Ergometrics test is also divided based on job positions:

  • Entry Level – for Firefighters
  • Supervisory Exam – for Captains, Lieutenants, and Battalion Chefs

Furthermore, there are FireTEAM ergometrics tests for Performance Evaluation, Assessment centers, and Training.

The FireTEAM ergometrics tests for Firefighters have four sections:

FireTEAM Ergometrics Test Practice Materials

If you want to learn more about the FireTEAM Ergometrics test, its sections, the format of the questions, what they measure, and some helpful passing tips, use the help of Job Test Prep and their FireTEAM Ergometrics test explanation and practice materials.

On their website, you can find a FireTEAM Ergometrics Practice Pack with:

  • 6 situational judgment tests
  • 8 Basic math tests
  • 2 Numeracy skills tests
  • 4 Reading measures tests
  • 4 Written communication tests
  • 9 Mechanical aptitude tests
  • 3 Tools tests
  • 5 Study guides

ECOMM National Ergometrics Test For Emergency Communications Operators

A multiple-choice video simulation testing system with computer-assisted assessments, ECOMM National is an award-winning innovation in emergency communications testing.

Candidates must be able to listen, multitask, interpret dynamic information, exercise sound judgment when handling incoming calls, choose an appropriate response, and enter data accurately.

The test itself has three tests included:

  • CallTaker Video
  • Test Recording Pertinent Information Test
  • Dispatcher Test
  • Each of these Ergometrics tests measures different abilities, and the particular section a candidate will get
  • mainly depends on the job position they applied for.

ECOMM Ergometrics Test Practice Materials

If you want to learn more about the ECOMM (Emergency Communications) test, use the help of Job Test Prep and their ECOMM Practice materials.

Even though they still are in the making of their exclusive ECOMM practice pack, they offer general dispatcher practice packs that contain the same testing topics, questions structure, and helpful study guides.

These are some of the topics you can practice with their dispatcher packs:

  • Computer Simulations: Information Processing and Data Entry
  • Communication Skills
  • Prioritization, Analysis, and Problem Solving
  • Stress Management
  • Multitasking
  • Following Directions and Prioritization
  • Public, Internal, and Team Relations
  • Responsibility for Officer Safety

REACT Ergometrics Test For Adult Correctional Officers

Police Officer

REACT is a specially created, research-based video simulation test that identifies exceptional applicants suited for challenging tasks like working with, overseeing, and managing correctional facilities and inmates.

The Ergometrics tests for Adult Correctional officers include:

  • Human Relations Video tests
  • Reading test
  • Count test
  • Report Writing Video test
  • The tests are designed in a way that measures both desired attributes and dysfunctional patterns.

Some desired attributes include effective inmate control, balanced authority, integrity, team collaboration, attention to detail, fast reaction tendencies, and the like.

Dysfunctional patterns are personality traits that might harm the candidate and the fulfillment of job duties. Some include receptiveness to manipulation, over or under-attachment, harshness, operating individually, inability to follow instructions, and the like.

Job Test Prep doesn’t currently offer exclusive REACT Ergometrics test practice materials, but they offer different Correctional officer practice packs by state. The practice materials they offer have the same question format and structure in the same tested topics as the REACT test.

IMPACT Ergometrics Test For Juvenile Correctional Officers

The only specifically created, research-based video test for the abilities and mindset required to engage with young offenders is IMPACT.

This assessment tool is used for better employment decisions of candidates that will have a good effect on the surroundings, correctional facilities, and juvenile offenders.

IMPACT assesses candidates’ general suitability for working with juvenile offenders and generates dimensional scores that indicate the level of coaching and monitoring they would require if recruited.

The IMPACT Ergometrics tests can be used to hire facility officers, probation officers, teachers, counselors, medics, kitchen staff, or any other job position requiring working with juvenile offenders.

The IMPACT test comes in two different forms:

  • Entry level with two parts (Human Relations Video test and Reading test)
  • Supervisory test with two parts (Standard Exams and Custom Exams)

Furthermore, Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research Inc. also offer IMPACT training to manage and improve already employed professionals in Juvenal Correctional facilities.

Job Test Prep doesn’t have any practice materials for Juvenile correctional officers yet, but their Correctional Officer packs are also suitable for Juvenile correctional professionals.

The format of the practice questions follows the same structure as the IMPACT tests, and the measured abilities are applicable for Juvenile Correctional officers as they are for Adults.

About Ergometrics

Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research Inc. was established in 1981 by Carl Swander, Oscar Spurlin, and Carla Swander.

It is a human resource management company specializing in employee selection and training by providing companies with tests and personnel selection tools.

They design comprehensive video testing and job simulation programs and have thousands of clients using their services throughout the United States.

City officials, state governments, local entities, corporations, and smaller organizations all use their services for hiring competent and professional individuals.

The Ergometrics tests have been given to more than a million applicants. The Ergometrics tests are content and criterion validated, with complete legal documentation for validity and professional standards.

The Ergometrics diverse team has highly professional individuals with different academic backgrounds like testing, psychology, video and computer technology, human resources, etc.

The tools that Ergometrics offers are:


The Ergometrics tests are unique, highly competent Public safety tests made by the Ergometrics & Applied Personnel Research Inc. company. Numerous state officials and private companies use these video-based simulation tests to accelerate and improve their employment processes.

The Ergometrics tests are used for selecting candidates for Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Adult and Juvenile Correctional officers, and Emergency Communication Operators.

If you are about to take any Ergometrics tests, we recommend you use the help of Job Test Prep and their Ergometrics test preparation packs.

With their service, you can get familiarized with the testing process while learning valuable factual knowledge and personality traits that will be required if you are about to get employed in a Public Safety job position.

​​Written by Victoria Todorovska

Victoria (or Viki) is a Freelance Writer, Psychologist, and Gestalt Therapy Consultant. With years of experience in higher education as well as counselling others, she is well-placed to offer expert advice on guiding others up the career ladder.