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Ergometrics Public Safety Test – How to Prepare & Pass?

Did you just get your invitation to take an Ergometrics Public Safety exam and have no idea what it is? The Ergometrics exam is commonly used across the US as a pre-employment test in the public service sector.

The candidate’s score is compared against the benchmark to determine if you are suitable for the job or not. In this preparation guide, you will get everything you need to know to ace the Ergometrics test.

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What is an Ergometrics Public Safety Test?

If you are applying for public service jobs, you are likely to be invited to take an Ergometrics test. It is an all-rounded test designed to assess your proficiency in various fields like numerical reasoning, logical thinking, the ability to handle a task independently.

In addition, your personality traits are drawn to ensure you possess the right qualities for the position. The integrity test contains sensitive information relating to your past. It prevents the hiring of people that are prone to violence, addiction, or other crimes.

How to prepare for the Ergometrics Public Safety Test?

The Ergometrics exam is divided into the following four categories:

  • FrontLine National for Law Enforcement

This is the most widely used police exam in the US. The whole test takes about 2.5 to 3 hours to complete. Verbal reasoning is the main component of the test. You are asked basic questions about law enforcement. You have to demonstrate an excellent critical mind and knowledge of reading comprehension, speech presentation, and logical judgment.

In this test, an overall assessment of your logical thinking and numerical reasoning skills is administered. There are mathematical questions and scenario-based questions. There is a video section at the end to make the test more informative and interactive.

  • ECOMM National for Emergency Communications Operators

You will need to take a CallTaker Video test, the National Computer Simulation, Recording Pertinent Information, Dispatcher, and Call Center Suitability. The whole test stimulates an actual work environment to estimate your performance.

  • REACT for Corrections Officer

There are four sections in the test, namely the Reading test, Count test, the Human Relations Test, and the Report Writing exam. The last two tests are conducted in video formats. The diverse testing method aims to evaluate how versatile you are when given different tasks and how you respond to unexpected situations.

Take Ergometrics Public Safety Practice Test Now

How to pass the Ergometrics Public Safety Test?

  • Take a practice test

Professional job preparation platforms like Job Test Prep provide you with excellent Ergometrics Public Safety tests. You get a detailed study guide as well as multiple sets all made according to the Ergometrics style. Hundreds of positive reviews from real users have proven how taking a practice exam will help tremendously in passing the actual test.

  • Stay current about your field

The Ergometrics test is updated once in a while for different batches of candidates. For the government roles, trending news is often incorporated in the test. Therefore, be well-read about news in your field or your local area.

  • Time yourself

When you get a time limit of 3 hours, it is easy to forget about time. Put your watch up so you can calculate how much time you have spent on each question. Do not hesitate to skip a question. Put your energy into the ones that you are sure about.

Take Ergometrics Public Safety Practice Test Now


The Ergometrics Public Safety test can be intimidating. But if you follow these tips, you will find handling the test to be a piece of cake. The practice exam provided by Job Test Prep is made to help you accomplish your study goals. Get your set today and stay ahead of the competition to stand out from the sea of candidates.