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Virgin Graduate Scheme And Assessment Centre Guide (2022)

Virgin Media is one of the leading converged video, broadband, and communications globally. With them, in their unique and dynamic working environment, you can accelerate your career!

Since 2010 the company has hired more than 400 graduates from the Virgin Media Graduate Scheme. 90% of those graduates say they’re proud to be working for them.

If you’re interested in getting a job with Virgin Media, read on as we explore their vast range of exciting and valuable opportunities.

Is the Graduate Scheme Worth It?

In short, yes. Here’s why. The Virgin Media graduate scheme is only two-three years long. That’s two-three years of investment towards a lifetime career with a company that provides a range of opportunities for you to move between in the “stream” or “team” you’re in.

For example, in the technical stream, you could work with Digital Product, Digital Technology or even Digital Security. In contrast, you’ll be exposed to their Strategy, Delivery and Transformation teams in the commercial stream.

Skill and Personal Development

Initially, you’ll be working in the “Change” team, where you can expect to have your digital skills developed with real business projects. Your confidence and experience will actually be a genuine contribution to the Virgin Media business in both their and your future.

Work With Industry Leaders

This is a significant perk because you get to rub shoulders with and learn from brilliant, inspiring digital leaders who will teach you the most valuable and essential digital skills you could ever get!

Salary and Career Rewards

Speaking of which, it’s worth it because you get to be in control of your future. If you are self-motivated, willing to lead, take ownership of your responsibilities, and contribute in a meaningful way, then you will be rewarded (we love rewards).

Oh, the rewards? Well, salary progression (yes, please) and opportunities to take on more significant responsibilities in future projects.

Paid Scheme With Massive Benefits

Your salary will be £30,000 plus a £2,000 welcome bonus, AND excellent benefits (like transport and pension) that come with the salary progression awarded for your exceptional job performance and meaningful contributions.

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What Are the Chances of Getting Into the Virgin Media Graduate Scheme?

We’re not going to lie; it’s a bit of a bun fight with such excellent benefits, personal development, and exposure to the Virgin Media world of technology, marketing, finance, business initiatives, and careers.

You have an excellent chance of getting into the graduate scheme if you have what they’re looking for and take our helpful tips for success seriously.

What Does Virgin Media Look For in Their Applicants?

– Academic Qualifications

Firstly, they need a predicted 2:1 or above in any STEM-related discipline, such as science, technology, engineering or math) for the technical stream. They look for the same prediction in any of the fields for their commercial stream and for you to be sincerely and earnestly interested in innovating and exploring digital solutions.

– Adaptable and Fun

Secondly, you need to be an ideas person. They want ideas that are fresh, challenging and growth-inducing. You need to be resilient and able to adapt to the ever-changing environment of ongoing projects, oh, and be stimulated by those too!

– All Are Welcome!

Thirdly, you need to come as you are. No matter your age, background, or creed, their workforce represents all of society.

5 Helpful Tools on How to Succeed at Your Application

  1. You need PASSION! Aside from the basic qualification requirements, nothing sparks a prospective employer’s interest like a passionate candidate. This shows them that you are genuinely keen and excited by the work you will do for them. Who doesn’t want to hire someone with that response to their business?
  2. Do your homework! Do you want to impress them? Find out everything you can about the company, the job you’re applying for, the key issues around their business and how you think about them.
  3. Don’t worry about experience. That’s why you are applying to join their scheme. Here they will develop your expertise. They’ve got this!
  4. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind. Virgin Media wants explicitly people who can decide and think for themselves. They want people willing to hear and be heard. They want excited, inspiring ideas people.
  5. Be authentic. Don’t be who you think they want you to be. Be yourself. Be honest about who you are. Show them what they can’t see on any page of your CV.

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What Are the Different Graduate Schemes?


Those of you are interested in delivering first-rate connectivity to everyone from tech start-ups to major public sector organisations.

Commercial, Product, and Marketing

This is for those who love brand development and bringing the best possible product and services to valued customers.

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This graduate scheme is for those who love anything to do with the Digital world, specifically products, security and technology.


For those who love everything to do with Capital Allocation & Business Control, Property & Facilities, Audit, Risk & Compliance, Financial Operations and Procurement, and so much more!

Finance Documents


This is for those who love everything about sales. You will learn how to sell solutions to customers in SMEs, enterprises, the Public Sector and wholesale businesses and drive marketing activity across the UK.


This is for anyone who loves technology and creating innovative ideas that may change everything when it comes to connecting people.

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Technology & Transformation Business Management

For those who want to become industry leaders and learn everything about network expansion while you cover topics like Data & Insight, Operational Transformation, Network Design & Build and Environmental sustainability.

Virgin Atlantic

You’ll have the opportunity to get involved in teams across their Engineering services and Production. The programme is designed to give graduates a comprehensive view of the world of Virgin Atlantic.

Once you have completed training, you will know everything about their fleet, from maintenance to optimisation of reliability and the costs of aircraft, their engines, systems, cabin interiors, and structures.

It is accredited by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) and Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS), meaning you’ll have direct contact with the society your route to becoming a chartered engineer will be accelerated.

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Assessment Centre HQ

Here at Assessment Centre HQ, we have a vast range of resources to help you prepare for a successful application with Virgin Media or Virgin Atlantic.

With our online prep resources, support and advice, the technical world of engineering is your veritable oyster as you apply to join one of the leading broadband businesses in the UK.

The future is yours!

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