2024 Morrisons Online Test: Interview & Assessment Centre Guide

by Sarah Duncan

Want to work for a retail giant? Then Morrissons may have just the role for you.

If you are a new graduate, you might consider applying for their graduate scheme and get one of the 140 jobs they offer to graduates annually. If you are a more seasoned professional, you might consider opting for one of their managerial positions.

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Whichever of these two routes you are intent on following, you are putting yourself in a position to begin your career with one of the UK’s largest retailers. Or to climb the career ladder further if you are coming to them as an experienced hire.

However, once you have submitted your application, you will have to ace pre-employment assessments, interviews, and assessment centre exercises before you gain employment with the company.

Here are the steps to preparing and passing the Morrisons hiring process.

Can I Prepare for the Morrison Assessments?

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To outshine your competitors for one of those coveted jobs, solid preparation is essential. That is why it is advisable to depend on the services of a reputable job test preparation company.

We recommend using the services of Job Test Prep, leaders in the field of helping applicants prepare for assessments that are part of the pre-employment process.

Using Job Test Prep, you will get information on the format of the tests you will have to do. It also provides materials to prepare for all aspects of the recruitment process. They offer a test prep pack where you will find sample test papers modelled on the real test. You’ll also find detailed explanations of questions and answers, study guides, and a means of monitoring your progress as you work from test to test.

Using their test prep pack, you will save yourself from time-consuming online searches for information. Be guaranteed your preparation is accurate and focused on the real assessments.

Morrisons Values

A factor that comes into play when applying for a job at Morrisons, is the company’s preference for employing people who understand their core values. Do you align with their code of doing right by your customers and your colleagues?

Morrisons’ key values are based around:

  • Customers
  • Colleagues
  • Suppliers
  • Shareholders
  • Environment and community

Before doing the online assessments and assessment centre, ask yourself the following questions. Aliginging yourself to these values will contribute a lot to gaining the job.

  • Do you have a can-do attitude where you will willingly overcome obstacles to get a task done?
  • Are you a person who can think of new and fresh ways of doing things?
  • Are you efficient and detail-oriented? Does waste of supplies and time annoy you?
  • Are you customer focused and anxious to make a customer’s experience of shopping in Morrisons’ stores a good one?
  • Are you a team player? Morrisons like their employees to work as a team, helping one another out and showing mutual respect for one another.
  • Do you try to bring out the best in yourself and in your colleagues? Morrisons encourage their employees to grow and develop. They like their staff to adopt the same attitude.

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What Is the Format of the Tests for Graduates?

The testing process begins after you submit your application.

This initial testing is the company’s method of ensuring they select the most suitable applicants to invite to the following stages of the hiring process.

If you are a graduate, you will be asked to do the following online tests:

  • A Situational Judgement Test (SJT)
  • Numerical Reasoning Test
  • Verbal Reasoning Test

The Situational Judgement Test

In the SJT, you are presented with workplace scenarios and asked how you would respond in certain situations. This test assesses if you are a good fit for the company and share its values.

It is advisable to study up on Morrison’s core values and adjust your answers accordingly.

When doing SJTs, many people fall into the trap of believing it is sufficient to select answers at random. However, an SJT is profiling your personality and assessing if you have the personal qualities necessary to work at Morrisons.

Remember that personality is measured from behaviour. Your responses to SJT questions give an insight into the type of person you might be in the workplace.

To ace this test, practice on sample SJTs is essential. Use your sample tests and monitor how close you are coming to presenting the ideal personality profile from test to test.

To get a headstart on this, try a free sample SJT here.

The Numerical Reasoning Test

Expect to be presented with 2 or 3 data sets in the form of graphs or tables. Each set is followed by 4 or 5 multiple-choice questions.

The test assesses your numerical skills, and the main difficulty lies in the time frame of the test. Expect to be analysing data while under time pressure. Generally, you have 3 minutes to answer each section. Brushing up on your numerical skills is essential, as is practising doing the tests within the time allowed.

Morrisons use the Saville numerical reasoning test. Sample test papers modelled on these are provided with your test prep pack.

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The Verbal Reasoning Test

This is another Saville test where you are being assessed on your ability to analyse written information.

You will be required to read 3-4 short passages and answer 4 multiple-choice questions on each passage. Again, expect to be working under time pressure. You will have 3 minutes to complete each section. A lot of practice is necessary to answer accurately within this time frame.

Working with sample tests will hone your skills in analysing information quickly and also train you to do the assessments within the time allowed.

Work Style Questionnaire

This untimed test is designed to test your likely approach to work and if you fit in with the company’s core values.

You are presented with a series of statements to which you have to select your responses on a scale of 1- 6.

Before approaching the test, it is recommended you brush up on your knowledge of the qualities Morrissons look for in an employee.

Questions ask you to respond to statements such as:

  • “I work best when I work alone”
  • “I like to work on a team”
  • “I like meeting new people”

You can consider this questionnaire as a type of personality test.

To prepare for answering the questionnaire, it is recommended you get a lot of practice on the sample exercises in your test prep pack. Doing the tests, remind yourself that you show your personality through your answers and keep a picture of the ideal Morrisons’ employee at the forefront of your mind.

Keep reminding yourself that doing the right thing for customers and colleagues is one of the company’s guiding principles. Allow that to guide your answering.

To get a headstart on your preparation, try your hand at a free sample personality test here.

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Applying for Management Roles with Morrisons

Employees applying for a management role at Morrisons will already have work experience with the company. Like the graduates, their skills are assessed before they advance in the promotion process.

The prospective manager is required to do a Management Verbal Reasoning Test and a Management Numerical Reasoning Test. Both are cut-e tests. Applicants are also required to complete a work style questionnaire.

Management Numerical Reasoning Test

In this cut-e 12-minute test, you are required to answer 37 questions.

Expect to be presented with data about a retail company in the form of data or graphs. Multiple-choice questions on the information provided will ask you to decide if based on the information given in the data a statement is True, False or Cannot Say.

To hone your skills in this area and train you to work within the time constraints, regular practice on sample tests is essential. Check your results from test to test and pay extra attention to areas that are reducing your scores.

Management Verbal Reasoning Test

Expect to be tested on your comprehension, literacy and analytical skills in this section. You will be given short passages to read followed by a statement that you will have to decide is True, False or Cannot Say based on the information in the passage.

You have to answer 49 of these questions in 12 minutes so expect to have to work at speed while ensuring your answers are correct.

Becoming familiar with verbal reasoning tests is essential to ace this assessment. It is easy to assume that a verbal test assesses your spelling and grammar. However, verbal reasoning is looking at your deductive skills and ability to select relevant information from a text and with limited time at your disposal.

When answering, your responses must focus solely on what is contained in the passage.

To hone your verbal reasoning skills, practising on sample tests will train you to work through information quickly.

To get a feel for this assessment, try a free sample test here.

The Interview Stage

Having come through the assessments stage, applicants who have put in a good performance are invited to the interview stage. Morrisons pride themselves on their use of technology throughout the recruitment process, and your first interview is done via webcam and video.

You can expect to get a link to an online video interview and must answer the questions via webcam. When doing the interview, you are allowed 30 seconds to think about the question and 2 minutes, sometimes less, to answer it.

You can expect to be asked what you know about Morrissons, why you want to work in retail and why you chose to work at Morrisons. Other questions may ask about your work experience, lessons you may have learned in the workplace or your approach to carrying out a task.

Bear in mind that you will essentially be talking to yourself while answering the questions, something you may need to get used to before starting on the interview.

Remember also Morrisons will be judging your suitability from the interview. Ensure you let them see you have studied up on the company.

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Morrisons Assessment Centre

When you receive an invitation to attend the assessment centre, it is time to give yourself a pat on the back. You are almost there!

Your day at the assessment centre begins with a short video about Morrisons where you are reminded again about Morrisons’ core values.

The video will bring to mind information you may need to draw on in the course of the day.

During the day, you can expect to complete some or all of the following exercises depending on the role you have applied for:

  • Interview
  • Group Exercise
  • In-Tray Exercise
  • Role Play Exercise
  • Presentation

If this is your first time attending an assessment centre, the experience can appear daunting. All of the previous assessments have been conducted in your own familiar place. Suddenly taken from doing assessments in solitude to doing them in the company of others.

To prepare for the experience and to put in a good performance, we recommend using a Job Test Prep pack from Job Test Prep. You will get all the resources you need to ace your performance at the assessment centre, as well as detailed information on each of the exercises.

The Interview

Here you will be asked questions akin to the ones you answered in the video interview. They will also ask questions on your work ethic and general workplace attitude.

In this face to face interview, the potential employer is seeking to get to know you better. Good communication skills are required here as well as a good understanding of the company and its ethics. Ensure you have a question or two to ask when invited to do so.

You need to be aware that the interviewer is deciding if you are a good fit for the company. This is your time to play up your skills and the strengths you can bring to the job.

Group Exercise

Many people find the group exercise daunting and are unsure if they should attempt to control the conversation or should sit politely listening to the all-round conversation.

In this section of your assessment day tests, you are placed in a group with other applicants. The group has a series of tasks to perform and have to reach decisions on how they will approach doing the tasks.

Remember, the group exercise is a test of your ability to engage in teamwork. There are places on teams for people to play a number of different roles. Some people are cut out to be leaders, others to play a supporting role. Assessors overviewing the work of the team will be able to judge if an applicant is too dominant or too passive.

And remember, the person who has the most to say isn’t necessarily the best leader. Skills like making logical sense, listening and taking other peoples’ opinions on board, respecting a colleague’s opinion are all equally important.

Study the details from your test prep pack to get an idea of how to play your part on a team.

The In-Tray Exercise

This is where your workplace organisational skills are assessed. Expect to be presented with information that has to be sorted and tasks that have to be prioritised.
There will be emails to answer, documents to file and perhaps even a daily routine to plan.

Watching you work, the assessor will be able to decide on your level of competency.

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Role Play Exercise

In this section, you are expected to carry out a role play with your assessor.

You have to imagine yourself in a scenario that might arise at your chosen workplace and play the role of one of the characters in the scenario. Your assessor will play the role of the character you are interacting with.

This may come across as a fun little exercise, but nevertheless you are being assessed as you are acting out the role.

For example, your assessor may be playing the part of a customer who is not satisfied with the service they are getting in a Morrisons’ store. Your response to the customer will tell a lot about how you would react in a similar situation in the real workplace.

Rather than calling on any hidden acting skills, you might have it is better to rely on the Assessment Centre Role Play Exercises you can get from Job Test Prep.

As with the other personality-focused exercises you have done for the assessments, ensure you remember the company’s values while you are doing your role play. Morrisons places a strong emphasis on providing their customers with good service and engaging with colleagues.


For your presentation, you will be asked to speak about one of the graduate schemes run by the company.

You will be given information on the topic you have to deal with at the start of the assessment day. The topic may not necessarily be about the scheme you have applied for. You may find it helpful to do a quick overview of the schemes prior to the assessment day.

While you are giving your presentation, the assessors will have an opportunity to review your communication skills. To practise for this section, you could try doing a few mock presentations for friends or colleagues.

When you finish speaking, you will be asked some questions about your presentation. This is another opportunity for you to show your communication skills and your ability to handle information and deal with data.

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Is It Hard to Get a Job at Morrisons?

Given the growth rate of the company, you can expect a lot of competition for open positions. Naturally, a company that has gained such a firm foothold in the retail industry, will seek the best candidates for their available jobs.

The recruitment process is demanding for those reasons. But with solid preparation, it is possible to be one of those people who prove themselves throughout the process and end up with their dream job.

A Final Note

Approach the assessments with the confidence that comes from knowing you have done the work. Remind yourself you deserve this and give it all you’ve got!

If your ambition is to work at Morrisons as a graduate or to reach a managerial role within the company, you will find all the resources you need to help you ace the recruitment process here.

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