Morgan Stanley Assessment Centre Success Guide

This Morgan Stanley assessment centre guide includes practice tests, top tips and insider secrets for success. We’ll walk you through each part of the day and show you how to prepare. Let’s get started.

Morgan Stanley Assessment Centre

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A Useful Starting-Point Resource

Morgan Stanley Online Tests

Prior to the assessment centre you will have to pass the Morgan Stanley online tests, which include numerical and verbal reasoning tests.

We have extensive guides that will help you pass the Morgan Stanley numerical test and the other Morgan Stanley online tests.

Action point: Visit our psychometric testing section for our success guides numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning and logical reasoning.

Morgan Stanley Assessment Centre Morgan Stanley Assessment Centre – Overview

The Morgan Stanley assessment centre is the final stage in a gruelling application process. They expect a lot from their employees and will only employ the best candidates that attend the Morgan Stanley assessment centre.

Let’s make sure you are one of them!

You will attend the Morgan Stanley assessment centre for half a day, so it is important that you are able to impress quickly. There won’t be much time for settling in or coming out of your shell. You have to hit the ground running.

Expect to face interviews and a group exercise at the Morgan Stanley assessment centre. Let’s go through the exercises in detail.

Morgan Stanley Assessment Centre: Interviews

You will face two interviews at the Morgan Stanley assessment centre and they are both challenging.

  • One interview will revolve around your skills and professional capabilities.
  • The other will be based on Morgan Stanley’s values and competencies.

Both of these interviews will be 45 minutes long. Let’s take a look at each of the interviews in more detail.

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Skill-Based Interview

This interview will examine your skills and experience. Make sure that you know your CV inside out and can talk about your work experiences in detail.

They will examine your qualifications and ask questions about your studies. Try to explain how your qualifications will help you carry out the role you have applied for.

  • It is vital that you have a sound understanding of the job description.  Make sure you know what will be required of you in the job in as much detail as possible.

Action point: Request a detailed job description from the HR department. This will form the basis of your preparation and interview performance.

morgan stanley assessment centre

Competency-Based Interview

This interview is going to assess if you are a good fit for Morgan Stanley.  To succeed here, it is important that you know Morgan Stanley’s valued standards & behaviours:

  • Team building
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Pro-activeness
  • Assertiveness

We’ve heard from previous candidates that if you do not demonstrate all 5 of these you will not succeed.

It is essential that you show that you are a perfect fit for Morgan Stanley. There is no margin or ‘middle ground’ here.

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Here’s a powerful exercise which will help you prepare for the Morgan Stanley assessment centre…

  • Write down a list of examples when you have demonstrated the above behaviours.
  • Think of at least 2 examples for each. Be specific and detailed.
  • Memorise the list.

You must go into detail with your interview answers. Give as much detail as you can, as soon as you are asked. Don’t make the interviewer probe, offer all the information proudly and readily.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Practice the Morgan Stanley online aptitude tests & assessment centre activities here.

Morgan Stanley Interview Guides

Visit our interview section, it will be a treasure trove for you as you prepare for your Morgan Stanley interviews. We will show you how to prepare for an assessment centre, how to behave during an interview and how to cope with nerves.


Stop worrying! Download a 12-step assessment day cheatsheet & be perfectly prepared.

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Morgan Stanley Assessment Centre – Group Exercise

The next element of your Morgan Stanley assessment centre is the group exercise. This is often the most dreaded of exercises but if you prepare correctly, you will feel much more confident.

Expect to join forces with your fellow candidates. You will be provided with a budget and each of you will be given a department of the company to represent.  You will then have 30 minutes to discuss which departments get a share of the funds.

This exercise has been designed to show the best and worst in candidates. It is likely that there will be fierce competition and it may be very difficult to gain the upper hand.

Pro tip: Half way through your exercise, it will be announced that the budget has been cut by 50%. 

This is thrown in to push candidates to their limits and to see how they operate under pressure. However, you can use this to your advantage. Try to take charge of the group by advising the other candidates to relax and keep focused on the task in hand.

Remember, the outcome is not the most important thing here.  Your assessors are looking at how you handle being in a group setting. The process is more important than the outcome.

  • Are you able to influence the others, without dominating them?
  • Are you a natural leader or will you disappear into the background?

It can be difficult to get this balance right.

Action point: Read our popular guide How To Shine In Your Assessment Centre Group Exercise

Morgan Stanley Assessment Centre

The all-conquering importance of practice

If you’re serious about succeeding at your Deloitte assessment center you must take the time to practice each of the assessment exercises you will face at the event.

We can give you great tips and advice, sure, but it’s down to you to put the preparation hours in.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from long experience it’s that preparation is the difference between success and failure. Successful candidates are consistently better-prepared than unsuccessful ones. The best time to apply for job at Morgan Stanley is during the spring week internship period in your university.