Maersk PLI Test 2024: Your Ultimate Study and Preparation Guide

A job with Maersk can mean international career advancement. Maersk is a shipping leader throughout their multinational supply chain. If your eyes just got wide at the possibilities this company could offer you, read on to learn how to tackle one of the tests that stands between you and success at Maersk.

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This article can help you get prepared and learn how to succeed at the PLI Test which could lead to myriad opportunities at this exceptional company.

The Predictive Index Learning Indicator

As a part of your Maersk application, you will be asked to take two tests. In this article, we’ll discuss one of these tests: the Predictive Index Learning Indicator, or the PLI test.

This psychometric exam offers applicants a chance to answer 50 multiple choice questions within a short span of 12 minutes. While this is a large number of questions, you’ll be glad to know that less than 1% of test takers even get to question #40, so don’t think you won’t be able to succeed against your peers when it comes to taking this test.

The key to succeeding at this test is knowing how it is scored, what types of questions will be asked, and getting familiar with practice exams such as the ones offered at Job Test Prep UK.

PLI Test

The three areas you’ll be tested on in the PLI test are

  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Nonverbal Reasoning

Let’s discuss each of these in order.

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning involves reasoning to do with numbers and their relationships to one another. This includes word problems, math problems, and numbers in a series. The Maersk PLI test does not allow test takers to use a calculator to answer questions. Thus, it is important to brush up on your basic arithmetic operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Questions can also be asked in verbal format using numerical concepts. However, in every question in this section, you’ll be utilising your maths skills to answer questions. You’ll want to remember your times tables, so if you’ve forgotten them, you may want to break out the flash cards or better yet, visit Job Test Prep UK to get help increasing your recall speed when it comes to multiplication and division.

With the numerical reasoning test, remember that this exam is not designed to test advanced knowledge of highly complex mathematical concepts. Instead, it is designed to ascertain your ability to think quickly under pressure and utilise your thinking skills.

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Verbal Reasoning

You’ll have a chance to demonstrate your verbal reasoning by answering multiple-choice questions about antonyms, formal logic, and verbal analogies. It’s helpful to have a large vocabulary to pull from when answering questions in the verbal reasoning portion of this exam.

You may also want to get comfortable with analogies. Analogies will be set up as a comparison. For example, hats are to heads what shoes are to ___. In this case, the answer would be “feet”.

At times, the correct answer of those listed as multiple choice options may indicate that there is not enough information given to make a correct assessment. To find the best answer, try to use the process of elimination where possible.

If you know that the antonym of “best” is not “superlative”, you can cross this answer off of the list before making your best guess among the rest of the answers.

You’ll want to practise questions such as this one:


Assent is the opposite of…

  • Agreement
  • Climb
  • Cooperation
  • Refusal


Assent means ‘compliance,’ so the antonym is refusal. The agreement is a synonym. Climb and cooperation are not related. Therefore, the correct answer is refusal.

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Nonverbal Reasoning

This reasoning involves identifying patterns, inductive reasoning and spatial awareness. You may see patterns in picture form and be asked to answer which pattern fits next in a series. You could also be asked to choose which picture doesn’t belong in a series, or to answer a question about a pictorial analogy.

Nonverbal reasoning may test your ability to finish a set of pictures that has been interrupted. You could find questions where a picture has been rotated a certain amount each time, and be asked which answer comes next if the picture were rotated that same amount

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Strategies to Ace the Maersk PLI Test

Test-taking is a skill just like any other, and savvy applicants can boost their scores using a shrewd strategic approach. For starters, consider that you may be unlikely to complete the entire Maersk PLI exam. Only 1% of test takers complete even 40 of the listed questions. That said, you’ll want to practise your skills using practice exams for Maersk applicants at Job Test Prep UK.

This particular exam does not penalise test takers who answer questions incorrectly. That is, you are given credit for correct answers. Candidates typically answer between 17 and 23 questions correctly.

With this in mind, you can plan your strategy for taking the Maersk test. Because you will not be marked off for wrong answers, it’s better to answer a question you aren’t sure about rather than getting bogged down and missing out on your chance to answer more questions. If you have the right answer, great.

If you get stuck, you can choose the answer that makes the most sense to you given the information you have. If you get the answer right, that’s great, and if you miss it, that’s okay because now you have a chance to answer the next question out of 50. Candidates are permitted to skip questions as well and can come back to provide an answer if it comes to them.

From a strategic standpoint, one of the most important considerations for success at this exam and for employment at Maersk is to put in effort ahead of time to practise. You’ll want to take a few tests and see how your score comes out.

Next, you’ll want to zero in on the areas that can be improved. If you’re a whizz at verbal reasoning but could use some help with numeric reasoning, focus your energies on this weakness in order to improve your overall score. It can be uncomfortable to face areas where you recognise you aren’t as strong as others. But looking at this challenge is necessary in order to achieve your ideal career at Maersk.

Look for shortcuts! You may find with practice that some of the questions fit certain profiles and that you can recognise the types of questions and how they are solved. The more you practise, the better you’ll be at cutting off precious seconds from this timed exam.

Scratch paper is permitted for use in the Maersk PLI test. When practising, keep a sharp pencil and clean paper for making rough calculations as you proceed. You may also want to draw rotated pictures for the nonverbal reasoning portion of the exam.

Take PLI Practice Test Now

Why Does Maersk Use the PLI Test?

Maersk holds employees to high standards. In return, they offer generous benefits and personal leave, as well as opportunities for advancement and international experience. In short, Maersk utilises a scientific assessment to understand where potential employees sit when it comes to their cognitive abilities.

Maersk wants to employ fast thinkers with innovative problem-solving skills. If you pay close attention to detail and keep your head together under pressure, you will succeed at this company.

Maersk has designed the Predictive Index Learning Indicator test to put applicants through their paces right off the bat. This employer wants employees who will stretch themselves and who are passionate about success. The Maersk PLI test provides potential employees a chance to prove they’re worthy of the ranks of this successful enterprise.

While this test is not the whole of the application process, it is a hurdle that helps Maersk tailor new hires to their company culture and vision.

Bravery and Tenacity Will Win Your Job at Maersk

None of us are particularly joyous at the prospect of completing a test that requires arithmetic and logical reasoning. The thing is, many people will be too intimidated by this test, and they won’t go through with the assessment. For those people who take their future in their hands, study up, and take the test, their bravery will be rewarded.

If you’re fearful about a 50 question test and only 12 minutes to take it, get tenacious and start practising. You’ll find yourself in the zone in no time, and you’ll have yourself to thank for putting in the effort to take your future into your own hands! Get started answering practice tests here.

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