Lidl Assessment Centre Guide

This Lidl assessment centre guide includes practice tests, top tips and insider secrets for success. We’ll walk you through each part of the day and show you how to prepare. Let’s get started.

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Lidl Assessment Centre

Let’s cover the basics first…

Lidl are a German based retailer that have stores all over the UK. In recent years their business has gone from strength to strength and their graduate programme and recruitment opportunities have grown proportionately.

Lidl offer several programmes and the selection process is rigorous. If you are looking to pursue a career with Lidl then you will be required to go through the Lidl assessment centre, which is a key element of the company’s recruitment process.

Lidl Assessment Centre – What can I expect?

After completing your online application form and getting a successful response you will be invited to attend the Lidl assessment centre to complete the following assessment activities:

  • Initial interview
  • Numerical test
  • Second interview
  • Work trial

Let’s discuss each of these elements in more detail.

Lidl Assessment Centre – Initial Interview

You will be invited to the Lidl offices, where you will watch a presentation about Lidl, their values and the benefits of being a Lidl employee.

There will be a question and answer session following the presentation. Your main aim here is to ask relevant, intelligent questions.

Don’t sit quietly here. Don’t be passive. It is important that you show how enthusiastic and confident you are.

Next is the interview. The type of interview you face is dependent on the role you have applied for. Let’s take a look at the options.


Interviews For Graduate Candidates 

If you are a graduate you will have a group interview, which is basically a classic assessment centre group exercise.

Assessors want to see you in action and how you interact in a group setting. Success in these exercises is a delicate art.

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Non-Graduate Candidates 

Non-graduates can expect a one-to-one interview. It won’t be a panel interview so it will be down to one person alone to decide if you’re a good fit.

You will have to go into detail of your work history and experience. You may also face some role-play questions.

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The all-conquering importance of practice

If you’re serious about succeeding at your Lidl assessment centre you must take the time to practice each of the assessment exercises you will face at the event.

We can give you great tips and advice, sure, but it’s down to you to put the preparation hours in.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from long experience it’s that preparation is the difference between success and failure. Successful candidates are consistently better-prepared than unsuccessful ones.

Whatever type of interview you face, you will need to prepare.

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Lidl Assessment Centre: Numerical Test

After your interview you will be required to sit a numerical test. During this test your ability to understand and interpret numerical data with be measured.

You will have 20 minutes to complete the test and won’t have a calculator to help you.

Lidl numerical test practice

The numerical test will be supplied by the provider CEB/SHL. This is important to know as there are many aptitude test suppliers out there and their tests are different.

You can learn all about numerical reasoning and how to succeed in this test by visiting our Numerical Hub.

Lidl numerical test coaching video

To learn how to pass a numerical reasoning test, watch this video:

Lidl Assessment Centre: Second Interview

In this interview Lidl will want to learn all about you and your experiences as well as assess if you are a good fit for their company.

You need to take some time to learn about Lidl as a company and an employer. To do this, check out Lidl’s website. On this site you will find information about their history, culture, values and development.

  • To go to Lidl’s careers website, click here.

You will be interviewed for around 40 minutes by a senior manager.

They will ask a lot of competency questions, therefore it’s vital to have a good knowledge of their values:

  • Customer service
  • Efficient decision making
  • Commercial awareness
  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Treating all equally
  • Trustworthiness
  • Positivity

Here are a few top tips which will help you master this part of the interview:

  • Make a list of examples for each of the competencies above.
  • Use examples from your own work experience to demonstrate that you have that particular quality.
  • Memorise the list.

You can expect to face questions about why you have applied for the job and what you know about the role you that you have applied for.

Make sure you have a sound understanding of the job description and know your CV inside out.

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Lidl Assessment Centre

Lidl Assessment Centre: Work Trial

This part of the assessment is often reserved for management or deputy manager roles. You will be asked to attend the store so that they can see you in action.

If you are requested to carry out this assessment, the main thing is to be proactive. Don’t stand around doing nothing and being passive! Talk to staff and learn more about the role. Throw yourself into it. Remember to smile and show you are interested and enthusiastic.

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