How to Study for the Cut-E (Aon) Test – A Quick Guide

Is it necessary, or even possible, to prepare for an employment psychometric test? This is a question that might enter your mind when you find out that you will be asked to take a psychometric assessment by your potential employer. How does one approach the questions, and how “honest” can one be in these assessments?

Psychometric tests are not just made up of subjective questions that you can answer without giving much thought.

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Nowadays, the entire hiring process takes time and resources, and employers use psychometric tests to find out which candidates will be more compatible with the company and the position they are looking to fill. So to answer the question: yes, definitely! It is necessary for applicants to take psychometric tests seriously, and prepare for them through different methods.

Cut-E Aon Test: Structure

The Concolic Unit Testing Engine or Cut-E test of Aon Assessment Solutions is a series of aptitude and personality tests that aim to provide an objective perspective on different aspects. It is important to note that each test from each company employing the Cut-E Aon test is different from one another, and the contents depend on the position being applied to. These tests can be administered online, and now also come in the form of games.

There are many different types of Cut-E Aon tests, all of which assess skills on various levels. The four main categories or scales are numerical ability, verbal ability, logical ability, and personal and integrity tests. The important thing to take note of in these tests is that mistakes are factored into the applicant’s final score. All exams are timed and can be finished within a certain number of days when administered online.

Cut-E Aon Test: Preparation

The best way to prepare for the Cut-E Aon Test is to know what kind of questions you will be facing. For the numerical ability test, you will be asked to interpret given data and the questions will be responded to with either “true,” “false,” or, “impossible to say.”

For the Verbal Reasoning tests, you will be provided with multiple short passages and sentences, and will also be asked to respond to them with either  “true,” “false,” or, “impossible to say.” This is the general pattern for these subjects.

Typically, you will have 20 seconds to answer each question and can go up to one minute per question in other categories. Again, the time provided varies on the category or type of test you will be taking.

On the other hand, the personality and integrity tests will try to assess your personality and attitude in the workplace. The uniqueness of the Cut-E Aon Tests makes it fun for some applicants and confusing for some.

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Its ultimate goal, beyond assessing technical skills, is to check your compatibility with the employer, not just for the present position you are applying for, but your potential growth in the company. Therefore, it is important that you present yourself as the ideal, most compatible candidate among their pool of applicants through your answers.

If it is your first time taking a psychometric test, read further to get tips on preparing and taking the assessments.

Tips on Taking Psychometric Tests

Because the Cut-E Aon Assessment has many different types of tests available, the first important tip is to know which ones you are taking. You can speak with the hiring personnel you are in contact with to determine which ones you need to prepare for. Beyond that, all the preparation will be up to you. Here are some tips on studying for the Cut-E Aon psychometric tests:

  1. Familiarize Yourself. If this is your first time taking a psychometric test, it is a good idea to make sure you know what to expect. Aon provides a comprehensive page that can help you prepare for the test. They have also included sample practice tasks to begin your journey.
  2. Answer Practice Tests. Every other article out there will tell you the same: there’s no better way to prepare than to know what is coming for you. This includes all possible tests in the exam, even personality and integrity tests. However, it is important to take practice tests or test prep packs that were designed by experts and were built specifically for the Cut-E Aon test.
  3. Learn More about the Employer. This will help you with the personality and integrity test portion. Visiting the company website will give you an idea about the company culture, their vision and mission, and what they are working towards in the future. If you know employees in the company, it won’t hurt to ask about their experience in the application process and within the company as well.
  4. Take note of the time. This is important especially since there is no set time for all the tests. Make sure to time yourself during your review sessions, so you won’t end up panicking on the day of the exam. This will also help you determine which areas take you longer to finish, and will therefore need more practice sessions to improve.

On the day itself, make sure to do the following:

  1. Take the test in a familiar, quiet environment. This will help you relax and stay at ease during the duration of the assessment. Log in early to make sure you have the right information and that your internet connection is working.
  2. Read instructions. The introductory portions for each test will not be part of the time allotted for answering, so make sure you read the instructions carefully. This will also prevent you from using the back button and unknowingly losing all your progress.
  3. Cut your losses. Remember, the tests are timed. If you are stuck on one question and it is taking up longer than anticipated, cut your losses and move on to the next.
  4. Take deep breaths. It is normal to feel nervous, even when you know you have done all you can to prepare for the assessments. Focus on the question in front of you, pace yourself, and keep track of the time.

The Path Towards a Job Offer

Psychometric assessments are just as important as every part of the application process. Do not mistake it as something you can skip or not take seriously. The path toward that coveted job offer will be more clear if you are fully prepared at every step.

Familiarizing yourself with the Cut-E Aon test will boost your chances of moving forwards in the hiring process. Read about your potential employer, and try to form an idea of what their ideal employee would be, without losing your authenticity and own edge as an asset for the company. With enough practice, focus, and passion, you can stand out in the competitive job landscape and get that offer.

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