How To Pass The Cut-e (Aon) Assessment? – A Complete Study Guide with Sample Tests

Last Updated on October 26, 2022

If you are in the process of looking for a job, you may be faced with taking the cut-e psychometric tests as part of the application process for a number of companies.

How you do on the test can define whether or not you will walk away with that new job or not. This can be a daunting prospect. Naturally, you want to ace the tests but you don’t know what kind of things you will find. Or who you are up against.

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But don’t worry, with the right preparation, the test can be your gateway to standing out to the employer and landing the role. Find out what you need to do to pass the Cat-E tests below.

What Are the Cut-e Aon Tests?

The Concolic Unit Testing Engine, cut-e, tests are a range of pre-employment tests administered by Aon.

Potential employers use the tests to measure applicants’ levels of intelligence, traits and personalities to help them decide who to bring forward to the interview stage of the recruitment process.

The tests include assessments of the applicant’s aptitudes (the scales test), personality and integrity (squares and shapes test) and assessments developed for various industries in the consumer, industrial and financial fields.

What Companies Use the Cut-e Aon Tests?

Widely used across the globe, Aon tests are used by airlines, banks, public service companies and consumer outlets.

Among their users you will find:

And many more…

With so many companies using their services it is not surprising that Aon has developed tests for three major sectors, finance, consumer and industrial.

If you are at the job application stage of your career you are likely to come across one or more of their tests on your job-search journey.

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Are the Aon Cut-e Tests Hard?

Hard? Yes. Considering the level of competition for any position, employment tests are hard. You can expect to be in competition with many other applicants like yourself when you apply for a position and are asked to take a test.

The tests take into account that the employer needs the best employee he can get for his company. The level of difficulty reflects that.

But Aon’s true difficulty lies in the fact that it is different. It is testing the skills and talents most other assessments test for but it is doing it differently, meaning that you need to become familiar with the testing system before doing a test.

Try the following cut-e numerical reasoning test. Note in the test each digit can only be used once.

Free Cut-e (Aon) Online Practice Questions

Sample Question:

Now for comparison purposes try the following standard numerical reasoning test.

A mobile company offers insurance that covers cases of theft and accidental water damage. According to their policy, the insurance pays 60% and 50%, respectively, with a £30 deductible. This means the client pays the first £30, after which the insurance pays 60% in the case of theft and 50% in the case of accidental water damage. How much will a client pay if her cell phone worth £1,080 was accidentally dropped into a glass of water?

£475                                                                              A
£500                                                                             B
£525                                                                              C
£555                                                                              D
£630                                                                             E

How Are the Cut-e Tests Scored?

Another factor that adds to the level of difficulty is the scoring system. As in all tests you are rewarded for correct answers but unlike most other tests you are docked points for an incorrect answer. You have to be careful that the score you have built up with correct answers isn’t whittled away by a series of errors.

But don’t let that discourage you. Using the services of a trusted test preparation company you can access the information you need about the tests. And on a further note of encouragement, you are doing the test because you want a particular job.

The test is assessing you on a level playing field with the other applicants, you want the job so doing the test is more than worth it.

But first you can, and have to, prepare for the test.

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Can I Prepare for the Aon Test?

Yes! And this is the only way you can ensure a high grade. Preparing for the test means you must:

  1. Become familiar with the style of questioning and what the prospective employer is looking for
  2. Equip yourself with the test preparation resources that will put you in a position to ace the test.

The test preparation company Job Test Prep mentioned earlier supplies a range of resources to help with your preparation.

We highly recommend equipping yourself with a test prep pack that will work as the backbone of your preparation process.

The pack comes with sample exercises mirrored on the real tests, explanations on the questions and answers and access to your scores after every test you complete.

Using the pack you are not alone preparing in an organised manner but you are tracking your progress from test to test.

To get a feeling for the test you will be taking try this free sample cut-e test

What Is the Format of a Cut-e Test?

The cut-e scales test assesses your numerical, verbal and logical abilities.

  1. In the Numerical Ability Test expect to be tested on your ability to select relevant data and draw logical conclusions from it.
  2. In the Verbal Ability Test your comprehension skills and your ability to understand complex verbal information are put to the test.
  3. In the Logical Ability Test the inductive reasoning tests measure your inductive reasoning abilities and your ability to discover rules. If you are applying for a position in administration or as a graduate or apprentice expect to do this one. The deductive reasoning test is usually given to applicants for IT and engineering positions.
  4. Personality and Integrity Tests are required by a lot of companies. Expect the cut-e integrity squares test to measure if you are likely to show counterproductive behaviour in the workplace, i.e. are you likely to act against the employer’s wishes. The personality test, the cut-e shapes assessment assesses your work based personality and competency.

Numerical Ability Tests

Scales Numerical Ability Test

In the Scales Numerical Ability Test you are presented with information in charts and tables. Presented with six different lots of information you are asked if a statement is, “true,” “false,” or “impossible to say.”

To retrieve the information required to answer you can view one table of information at a time. You are allowed to move from table to table but cannot view all tables side by side. Your task is to find the relevant table and to interpret the relevant data correctly.

There are 3 separate versions of this test aimed at people applying for careers in the customer, finance and industrial sectors. You will be presented with the one relevant to the sector you are aiming to work in.

Scales TMT Applied Numeracy Test

This test measures your skills in translation of units, percentage calculations, rule of three and calculation of areas and spaces.

Scales EQL Applied Numeracy Test

The Scales eql Applied Numeracy test is an assessment of basic numeracy skills.

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Verbal Reasoning Tests

The Cut-e Verbal Reasoning test

You won’t typically deal with long passages each with their own topic used in regular verbal reasoning tests. In the cut-e verbal reasoning section you are presented with a series of shorter passages and are expected to deal with all of them at the same time.

For an example of a regular verbal reasoning test try this free sample test.

Having to decide if statements are true, false or if there is insufficient information to make a decision you will have to work through all the passages. Even though you will be able to flick through all of them you will only be able to see one on the screen at any point.

For an example of a cut-e verbal reasoning test try the following:

All customer inquiries regarding Flying Colours products are handled either by email or via a hotline.

  • True
  • False
  • Cannot Say

Contrasting the 2 sample questions given above will give you an understanding of how the cut-e assessments differ from other assessments.

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Cut-e Logic Tests

Scales Logical Ability Test

To get practice tests for this particular section go here.

The Inductive Logical Thinking test requires you to answer 20 questions in 5 minutes.

Each question presents nine patterns or objects in a row. You have to decide which pattern or object doesn’t follow the rule that the others do.

Try your skill at the following question:

Deductive Logical Thinking

The Deductive Logical Thinking Test presents you with 4×4 or 5×5 squares.
Some squares are filled with shapes creating a pattern. However one square is filled with a ?

Your task is to decide what shape should replace the ? Applying the rules of Sudoku, i.e. shapes can appear only once in a row or column, decide what shape should replace the ? in the following questions. Begin by deciphering the pattern.


















Under these two headings there are varying tests again depending on the position you are being assessed for.

Cut-e Personality and Integrity Tests

Personality Test

For many people the concept of being tested on their personality can be fear-inducing However a personality test is very different to a situation where you are wondering if a new acquaintance likes you.

We all present different personalities in the workplace to those we present in our downtime activities. It is your workplace personality you are being tested on here and that is assessed through the questions asked.

In the personality test you are provided with a series of statements and must decide to what extent the statement applies to you.

Try the following sample exercise:

Consider how the following statement applies to you.

I think success depends on luck. You will be asked to answer if it Holds less true for me than for others. Holds the same for me as for others. Holds more true for me than others.

When answering this you have probably decided what type of personality your answer presents you as having. Could a different answer have presented a different type of person? This is a skill you will learn from doing sample test papers.

Integrity Test

In the integrity test expect questions to assess if you are likely to be cautious, conscientious, disciplined, empathetic, honest, reflective when faced with a counterproductive work situation. Here you need to gain an awareness of what the employer is looking for and practice sample questions.

With regular practice you will learn to target your answers to the ideal persona for the job.

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Preparing for the Cut-e Tests

student studying for exam

If you have been testing yourself with the various questions you can see how demanding the cut-e tests are. Add in the time factor that will apply when doing the tests and the level of difficulty will increase further. Organised and effective preparation is required to ace the tests.

Try doing the following to put an effective preparation plan in place.

  • Equip yourself with a test prep pack.
  • Use the sample questions and explanations in your test prep pack as the backbone of your preparation routine.
  • Work to a timetable, especially if you are already working another job.
  • At the outset you will need to become very familiar with the style of questioning in the various tests. Allow yourself some time to do this.
  • Timing the tests is the other factor you will have to take into account. At the outset don’t become discouraged if you fail to complete tests within the time limits. This will come as you continue to practise.
  • Measure your progress from test to test. Getting your scores will help with this and will allow you to see what areas you need to pay more attention to.

Essentials for effective preparation

Preparing for the Aon tests means returning to the test preparation skills you learned at school.

  • Have a dedicated space to carry out your preparation
  • Work in short bursts of time, no longer than 50 minutes in each session. Your brain works more efficiently when using it like this.
  • Take 10-minute breaks after every 50 minutes work
  • Take care of your physical wellbeing. Regular breaks, adequate rest, good nutrition will all make a difference

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Doing the Cut-e Tests

When doing the tests, remind yourself of the specific factors that could reduce your scores on a cut-e test.

  1. Being penalised for giving a wrong answer is a big one to keep an eye out for. It is also advised not to return and change an answer in some tests. In some tests that could be taken into consideration.
  2. Not listening carefully to the instructions is another no-no. You have possibly heard the instructions already during your practice. Listening to them again will ease you into the questions.
  3. Attempt to do all questions. Your practice will already have trained you to work within the time limits. Use that to your advantage when doing the real tests.

And finally, don’t be surprised if you feel stressed by the whole process. A lot more people than would willingly admit it become stressed in exam scenarios. Have some stress busting techniques you can fall back on if this happens. Stretching, deep breathing, and a short walk will all help you capitalize on your efforts.

If you have been asked to take a Aon/ cut-e test you will find helpful resources here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is cut-E Assessment?

Administered by Aon, Cut-E is a pre-employment assessment. It helps in assessing the intelligence level and capability of the candidate. The format includes numerical ability tests, verbal ability tests, logical ability tests, and personality & integrity tests.

How Do You Pass the Cut-E Test?

To pass the Cut-E Assessment, you need a lot of practice. You can start your preparation with a testprep pack from a trusted source like Jobtestprep. It contains a wide range of questions, covering the entire format of this test.

Who Uses the Cut-E Test?

Right from aviation, banking, consulting to tech cut-E test is used by a lot of popular companies to find the right talent and fuel demanding growth.

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Written by Elizabeth O Mahony

With 25+ years’ experience as a teacher and state examinations corrector, Elizabeth now writes for the education and careers industry. Her experience preparing students for examinations and running an academy for supplementary education give her invaluable insights into what it takes for job seekers and graduates to succeed in assessments.