Cut-e Aon Test: Comprehensive Guide for Effective Preparation

The job hunting and employee hiring process has evolved a lot over the years. From simply walking to a building or restaurant and asking for openings to submitting bio-data to prospective bosses, a lot of development has been made in improving the quality and efficiency of the job application process.

If you are applying for big companies, it is most likely that you will take a variety of tests to assess both your technical skills and personality. Psychometric assessments such as the Cut-e (Aon) test are used by many companies to screen talent throughout the recruitment process.

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While psychometric tests do not assess your technical skills, they help employers assess and even possibly predict a candidate’s compatibility with the position they are applying for. Knowing the test format and anticipating the time limit greatly reduces anxiety for applicants which helps them perform better in the test.

Cut-e Aon Test Overview

The Concolic Unit Testing Engine or the Cut-e Test is a series of tests developed by Aon Assessment Solutions. The Cut-e was acquired by Aon several years ago and is now also referred to as the Aon Assessment Test. 

The Cut-e (Aon) Tests are composed of several aptitude tests and personality questionnaires that determine applicants’ skills in different aspects, such as deductive logical thinking. These pre-employment tests are tailored depending on the companies’ needs and the positions available for recruitment. The difficulty of questions also depends on the job description.

Aon Assessments can also come in the form of a gamified situational judgment test and are done online.  

What Companies Use the Cut-e Aon Test

The Cut-e Psychometric Tests are trusted by many businesses and are used and administered globally. A lot of their users are large corporations such as airlines, banks, public service companies, and consumer outlets. Some of their clients include:

  • Deloitte – global accounting firm
  • Procter & Gamble – multinational consumer goods corporation
  • Vodafone – telecommunications company in Europe and Africa
  • Burger King – fast food chain 

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Why Is the Cut-e Aon Test Used

Beyond technical skills, past experience, or even alma mater, a job applicant’s personality and compatibility with the company and team they will work for is a huge factor for companies, especially if they want to increase employee retention and reduce hiring costs. The Cut-e (Aon) Test also helps with employee development and growth, as it can talented employees suited for higher roles. 

These assessments are curated by experts and provided to clients who can then administer them to candidates. The Cut-e (Aon) paves the way for companies to set objective standards in the hiring process and get the best talent suited to their organization, with gamified assessments and online tests that make hiring easier and faster.

Questions to Expect in the Cut-e (Aon) Test

To begin, the Cut-e (Aon) Test varies with every job, even within the same company. They can also be administered online or remotely, depending on the recruiter’s instructions. Since the test assesses beyond technical skills, it is important that candidates familiarize themselves with the test format and system. 

The scoring system in the Cut-e (Aon) Test actually factors in the wrong answers made by the applicant. This means that your total score for correct answers is reduced further when you make a mistake. This is critical as the candidate should achieve a certain minimum score in order to be considered for the next step of the application process. 

The Cut-e Assessments

If you are starting to doubt your capability to pass this test, don’t fret! As previously mentioned, it is possible to prepare for these online assessments. For the Cut-e (Aon) assessment, it generally comes in several categories, again depending on the requirements by their client. These categories, more commonly known as scales, assess candidate skills on various levels:

  1. Numerical Ability Test – gauges the candidate’s ability to extract relevant data from provided information and draw logical conclusions, as well as basic numerical comprehension
  2. Verbal Ability Test – assesses verbal reasoning skills and ability to understand simple to complex verbal information
  3. Logical Ability Test – determines the limits of inductive reasoning abilities, and is more common in positions that require decision-making skills
  4. Personal and Integrity Tests – assesses how a candidate will approach issues at work, specifically counterproductive behavior in the workplace, and how you will respond to decisions by a supervisor or the company. These tests are required by a lot of companies so they can determine if your personality is aligned with the working environment that your employer wishes to achieve.

In order to stand out from the rest of the candidates, you must familiarize yourself with the formats and questions each scale will present. This is possible by using practice question packs that can be bought online. Think of it as a way of investing in yourself in order to land your dream job.

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Practice Question Formats

Scales Numerical Ability

For the Scales Numerical Ability Test or numerical reasoning test, you will be presented with information in charts and tables. Presented with different pieces of information you will be asked if a statement is, “true,” “false,” or “impossible to say.”

To retrieve the information required to answer, you can view one table of information at a time. The task is to find the relevant table and interpret the relevant data correctly.

There are 3 separate versions of this test aimed at people applying for careers in the customer, finance, and industrial sectors. You will be presented with the one relevant to the sector you are aiming to work in.

For the Scales TMT Applied Numeracy Test, your skills in translation of units, percentage calculations, rule of three, and calculation of areas and spaces are tested, while the Scales EQL Applied Numeracy test is an assessment of basic numeracy skills.

Below is a sample question for the Numerical Ability Test:

Statement: According to the given tables, Company B experienced a decrease in revenue every third quarter in the last three years.

  1. a) True
  2. b) False
  3. c) Impossible to say

For this question, the applicant must compare the profit between the second and third quarters of every year. Since the profit for the third quarter increased in 2021, then the statement is false.

Verbal Reasoning 

Candidates taking Verbal Reasoning Tests will be presented with a series of shorter passages and are expected to deal with all of them at the same time, after which you will be asked if a certain statement is true, false, or there wasn’t enough information presented to infer. 

Below is a sample question for the Verbal Reasoning Test:

“Flying Colours is divided into four different product divisions. The four of them operate with a unified marketing department and each division has its individual HR, accounting, and legal departments.

Menswear: Menswear is Flying Colours’ least profitable division, as evidenced, among other things, by unimpressive sales. The division’s target group are teenage boys and adult men.

Women’s Wear: This is Flying Colours’ largest and most important division, which produces and sells garments, as well as complementary products from the complementary division, all marketed to a female demographic.

Kids’ and Baby Wear: Kids’ and Baby Wear is Flying Colors’ fastest-growing division, expected to eventually split into two separate divisions, due to a desire to promote what are likely to be equally successful independent brands.

Complementary Division: The Flying Colours Complementary division is comprised of footwear, accessories and underwear. This is essentially a supplementary division, which supplies its products to the other three divisions and does not have any independent product shops. Some members of the complementary division are simultaneously members of other divisions.

Statement: Each division within Flying Colours has its own dedicated HR, accounting, and legal departments.

  1. True
  2. False
  3. Cannot Say

Based on the given information, it is stated that “each division has its individual HR, accounting, and legal departments.” This suggests that each division within Flying Colours has its own dedicated departments for HR, accounting, and legal matters, and the answer is therefore a) True.

It is important to note that in question formats such as this in the Numerical Ability Test, the applicant can move from  but cannot view all tables side by side. Similarly, the applicant can view the passages one by one on their screen but not side by side. 

Logical Reasoning 

The Logical Reasoning Test measures your ability to see relevant patterns through visual questions. The Inductive Logical Thinking test will require you to answer 20 questions in 5 minutes.

Each question presents nine patterns or objects in a row. You have to decide which pattern or object doesn’t follow the rule that the others do. Below is a sample question:

In this sample item, most boxes have an odd number of elements inside it. The correct answer is therefore the fourth box, which has four items in it.

For the Deductive Logical Thinking Test, applicants will see a 4×4 or 5×5 square filled with shapes creating a pattern, with one square filled with a question mark The task is to determine what shape should be filled in to complete the pattern. See the image below:

Applying the rules of Sudoku, each shape can appear only once in a row or column.


















There are five elements in the box. Starting out with the “X” element with four boxes filled in, deductive reasoning shows that when you fill in the rest of the boxes, the box with the question mark should have a square in it.

Personality and Integrity

Personality tests or behavioral assessments may sound scary or even intimidating to some, remember that this test focuses more on personality or attitude in a working environment. It is your workplace personality you are being tested on here and that is assessed through the questions asked.

In the personality test, you are provided with a series of statements and must decide to what extent the statement applies to you. Consider the following sample statement: I think success depends on luck.

You will be then asked to choose if it: Holds less true for me than for others; Holds the same for me as for others; or Holds more true for me than others.

When answering this you have probably decided what type of personality your answer presents you as having. Could a different answer have presented a different type of person? This is a skill you will learn from doing sample test papers.

The integrity test on the other hand features questions that assess if you are likely to be cautious, conscientious, disciplined, empathetic, honest, reflective when faced with a counterproductive work situation. Here you need to gain an awareness of what the employer is looking for and practice sample questions.

With regular practice you will learn to target your answers to the ideal persona for the job.

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How to Prepare for the Cut-e (Aon) Test
student studying for exam

Job applications, especially for big institutions with high standards for both its services and employees, will definitely be demanding. But if the position is your dream job and you believe you deserve to be part of the company, invest in yourself by preparing for the assessment and psychometric tests. With the right amount of preparation, you can get closer to the job of your dreams. The following are tips on how to prepare for the Cut-e (Aon) Test:

  • Prepare, Plan, Pursue – Prepare yourself to take various tests in the job application process. Polish your technical skills with practice tests and plan out your review schedule and follow it so you will be more confident on the day of the test. Pursue your score goals bit by bit to get to the next stage of the application process.
  • Answer Practice Questions – Don’t just take all the practice tests you see online. Many test publishers will try to reach out, and it is important that you choose the best test prep packs suitable for the position you are applying for, made by experts with a proven track record. Practice questions are the ideal way to familiarize your self with the Aon cut-e assessment test.
  • Focus on your Weaknesses – If you scored lower in numerical reasoning tests, dedicate more time to honing your skills in that area. Remember, mistakes are deducted in your final score and will definitely affect your overall ranking in the pool of candidates.
  • Stimulate your Testing Environment – Since these assessment tests can be taken at home, you should also try to practice your testing environment. Are there specific noises you should look out for, such as trucks or pets? Are there distractions you can minimize or remove completely? By taking your practice test in the actual space where you will be taking it, you will be less anxious about external factors that may affect your performance.
  • Check your Device – Take full responsibility for determining if your device works on the day of the test, and if you have a stable internet connection. Create backup plans in case of worst case scenarios.
  • Take Breaks and know that you have done Your Best – Get a good night’s sleep the day before, knowing you have done all the preparation you can. Don’t overwhelm yourself with taking as many practice tests as you can, but rather take your time in searching for the right practice test pack.
  • Hype yourself up! – You have done everything you can with the amount of time you had and the materials you were able to get. Read all instructions carefully and proceed the test with confidence.

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The Cut-e Test Proper

The following are some tips during the actual test:

  • The first test in any job assessment is your ability to understand the instructions. Read or listen carefully.
  • Take note of the time limit and the number of questions per set so you can pace yourself.
  • Always remember that there is a penalty for getting a wrong answer, and that going back to other questions and changing answers are also not advised for candidates.

Do not be surprised if you are also made to take other assessments, especially if you are applying for niche roles. Once you finish the aptitude test, make sure that your progress was saved or your answers were submitted. 

Take Cut-e (Aon) Practice Test Now

Balancing Skills and Personality

The Cut-e (Aon) Aptitude Tests is created to benefit both employees and companies. Compatibility with your dream job is a huge factor in employment retention and career development. While technical skills can be easily assessed along with one’s job history, expect psychometric tests to be a little bit harder as they try to uncover your personality, logical skills, numerical skills, verbal reasoning, and integrity with expertly-made questions developed throughout the years.

With the right amount of preparation, you can show your potential employers that you are the perfect person to fill the role you are applying for. 

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