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How to Prepare for Citi Bank Online Test & Interview?

Citi strives to foster a strong family-oriented culture, devoting significant resources to ensuring that everyone achieves their full potential and is encouraged to flourish at every turn. When it comes to hiring, Citi aims for a high level of diversity and inclusiveness as a global corporation, ensuring that all workers are inspired, supported, and comfortable at all times.

Have you been invited to take Citi’s online test as part of your application for a job? If so, you might be wondering what’s coming your way. This guide will take you through all you need to know about the Citi exam and what you need to do to prepare and pass.

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Read on to find out how to prepare for the test and land your new job.

What is the Citi Online Test?


The Citi Online Test is a pre-employment online assessment that all Citibank candidates must take as part of the first screening process. It’s made up of one or both of the following tests depending on the role you apply for:

  • Citi Numerical Test
  • Citi Logical Test

They designed the test to evaluate your problem-solving and reasoning abilities and it takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Although the Citi Online Test is used for all positions, they will use various assessments for different positions.

Once you are invited to the test, you must take the test within five days.

What is on Citi’s Online Assessments?

Citi’s online assessment measures the candidate’s aptitude in certain areas relevant to the position for which they are applying. With internal roles, candidates will be tested online more on their ability to make decisions and reason. In addition, Citi administers an assessment to assess a client’s personality and behaviour.

The assessment typically includes the following:

  • Logical Reasoning Test

Citi’s logical reasoning test evaluates a candidate’s ability to reason critically. The application detects a pattern made of successions of forms to pass the test. It is a multiple-choice test with fourteen questions and a time constraint of seventy-five seconds per question.

  • Numerical Reasoning Test

In the context of business and banking, Citi’s numerical reasoning test enables employers to determine a candidate’s literacy level, as well as his or her proficiency with mathematics. The format on the test will include a hypothetical situation, possibly with a table or graph containing multiple choices. A maximum of ninety seconds is allowed for each of the twelve questions.

  • Verbal Reasoning Test

Similarly to the logical reasoning test, Citi’s verbal reasoning test also evaluates your critical reasoning abilities. The test consists of multiple-choice questions with a time limit per question. Applicants are provided with a passage of information followed by a few statements related to it. You have the job of distinguishing between facts and inferences. You must mark the statements as true, false or cannot be determined.

  • Situational Judgment Test

The candidate’s behaviour and emotional intelligence are examined in Citi’s situational judgment test, or SJT. The SJT presents a hypothetical scenario that a candidate would face in the workplace, and the candidate must choose an answer from a list of options. Questions about settling office disagreements or dealing with a tough customer are common.

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How to prepare for the Citibank Test

They may require you to take a pre-hire mathematical reasoning test depending on the position for which you have applied. Citibank uses these tests to figure out how good you are with numbers. Depending on your work level, you may be assessed on everything from basic math to more complex calculations and critical reasoning.

You’ll be prompted to pick a preferred course of action from a list of possibilities. You are urged to choose your responses, but evaluating the scenarios and selecting responses that emphasise your abilities can help you present yourself more effectively on the test.

Preparing for the Citi Online test is vital! But it can be hard to know how to go about brushing up on your math and logic skills.

That’s why we highly recommend using the online preparation materials from a trusted company like Job Test Prep. They provide personalised preparation materials for the Citi Online Tests that include:

  • Full-length practice tests
  • Study guides
  • Video tutorials
  • Bonus tests

Take Citi Bank Online Practice Test Now

How is the Situational Judgment Test Structured?

Depending on the format of the Citibank SJT test, you may have several options available to you.

The assessment may be structured linearly or interactively. What is the difference between the two?

With linear formats, each applicant receives the same sequence of questions, whereas with interactive formats, each candidate receives a different set of questions based on their previous responses. Various work scenarios will be discussed with a single unique solution as well as several concerns requiring multiple solutions. The answer is neither right nor wrong. Test scores are determined by a tester’s assessment of the best and worst outcomes.

How Can JobTestPrep Help Me Prepare for My Citibank Numerical Assessment?

Job Test Prep has a lot of comprehensive materials to help you brush up on and improve your latent numerical abilities. The PrepPacks contain not only numerical practice tests but also detailed explanations, answer keys, and study guides to help you succeed in the rest of Citibank’s aptitude assessments.

How to prepare for the Citibank Interview

And what about the Citibank interview? Here are some pointers for preparing.

CitiBank Interview Questions

Behavioural and professional questions were asked to Citi candidates. Following are some questions that previous candidates were asked:

  • Can you explain why equity capital markets are rising?
  • Please describe a situation in which you encountered nervous client and how you dealt with them
  • Please describe me an ethical dilemma and how you act upon
  • Please describe a problem you encounter in a team and how you overcame it

Citibank Interview Policy

Dressing for an interview at Citibank is important, but it’s not enough. If you are applying for a position, do extensive research on the company and the position before coming. Consider making a list of your accomplishments and developing open-ended questions to gain an understanding of the company, division, and management.

Remember that the interview is two ways. While they interview you, interview them as well. Being honest about your weaknesses is important, but you should also show how you can work around or resolve them.

Take Citi Bank Online Practice Test Now

Why does Citibank Use Pre-Hire Aptitude Tests?

Citibank is no exception, as many companies administer aptitude tests before hiring new employees. These tests are intended to provide insight into a variety of workplace competencies to your interviewers.

Often raw scores are compared to those of other candidates, then all scores are compared to a benchmark score. It is possible that the company will offer you the job if your profile matches its standards.


For job seekers, Citi’s wide and expansive network gives a tremendous opportunity. They have a role for almost everyone due to their size and range. Preparation is crucial to securing a job with Citi, whether you’re a recent graduate or have decades of experience in the financial industry.

Concentrate on honing your responses to competency-based interview questions as well as rehearsing for the online assessments. The best method to impress Citi is to approach their hiring process with a strong foundation of knowledge about their assessments and interviews. Best of luck!

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