Ace the Natwest Royal Bank of Scotland Assessment: Practice Questions & Tips

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RBS Assessment Centre: What To Expect


The RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) assessment centre has a reputation for being a difficult event; make no mistake, this will be thorough examination of your professional and commercial skills.

The context of your exercises will differ depending on the job role that you have applied for, but in most cases you will take part in the following assessment activities:

  • ABLE Financial test
  • Interview
  • Group Exercise
  • Presentation
  • Role-Play

RBS Assessment Centre: ABLE Financial Test

The RBS assessment centre uses the ABLE financial test to measure your ability to extract information and make intelligent decisions.

It will also test your knowledge of financial language and how quickly you can learn new commercial models and financial ideas.

The test is 45 minutes long and you will have 21 questions to answer. This is a tough timeframe and it’s essential that you use your time effectively.

What’s the Format of the Test?

You will be shown two tables of data.

Table one will contain:

  • Financial data (e.g., asset values)

Table two will contain:

  • Information that relates to the data in table 1.

Your task will be to calculate the risk and possible return.

A calculator will be provided and you will be given guidance notes before you begin. Be prepared for the questions to get tougher as the test progresses.

The All-Conquering Importance Of Practice

There is one recurring difference we see between successful candidates and unsuccessful ones: Preparation.

  • Successful candidates invest time in their preparation. They practice, practice, practice and do everything to give themselves the best chance on the day.

You can practice the RBS assessment tests here.

Visit our Numerical Reasoning Practice Hub to learn how to pass numerical reasoning tests.


RBS Assessment Centre Interview

Your RBS assessment centre interview is your best opportunity to make a personal impression.

Your interview will combine competency-based, hypothetical and strength-based questions. Here are the company-wide competencies for RBS:

  • Communication Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management
  • Practical Experience

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Here’s a Quick Exercise That Will Transform Your Chances of Success at Your RBS Assessment Centre

  • Write down a list of examples of when you have demonstrated each competency. Try to think of at least 2 examples per competency.
  • Once you have completed your list, memorise it.

It’s amazing how many people don’t do this. The competencies are a list of how RBS expect their employees to behave. The closer you can align yourself with this, the better.

The easiest way to do this is to reflect their own language back at them. (Basically, you want to look like an RBS employee, before you are one.)

  • You will use these examples in your interview. You will be ASKED for examples, so you better have some ready!
  • Try to demonstrate these qualities throughout your time at the RBS assessment centre. (The assessors will be scoring you in these areas.)

Interviews can be daunting but if you prepare well you can boost your chances of success enormously.

Want to learn how to pass interviews?

Head over to the Interviews Section of our site, it will be a treasure trove for you as you prepare for your RBS assessment centre.

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RBS Assessment Centre: Group Exercise

Next up at the RBS assessment centre is the dreaded group exercise.

  • Your assessors will want to see how well you cope in a group environment and what type of role you will take within that group.
  • In this exercise, you can expect to come up with an idea yourself. The exact brief of this will be given to you on the day.
  • You will then come together as a group. Here, you will have to convince the rest of the group to go with your idea.

Ouch! This is a tough one. Remember that the assessors will not only be listening to your conclusions and suggestions, they will also be carefully watching your interactions with the rest of the group.


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A pro tip for your group exercise…

The outcome of the group exercise isn’t important. The assessors are simply looking to see how you behave in a group situation.

  • Are you a natural leader?
  • Are you able to influence others without dominating them?
  • Can you listen as well as contribute?

To learn how to master group exercises read our popular guide ‘How to succeed in assessment centre group exercises‘.

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RBS Assessment Centre Presentation

This presentation will involve a case study. You will need to be able to absorb the information that is given to you and then conduct a 10 minute presentation, followed by a 10 minute question and answer session.

This is quite a challenging exercise, but keep calm and use your planning time wisely.

Want to learn how to deliver a world-class presentation? Read our guide: ‘How To Deliver A Killer Presentation At Your Assessment Centre‘.

RBS Assessment Centre Role-play

The RBS assessment centre role-play is feared by candidates, but as ever, the secret to confidence and competence is practice. It really is that simple.

To learn how to pass role-plays read our guide: The 7 Steps To Role-Play Success.

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