Prepare for the USA Hire Assessment (2024 Study Guide & Practice Test)

Are you trying to land your dream job working for the United States government?

If so, you’re likely to be aware that successfully landing a role will require you to go through some important pre-employment assessments.

The USA Hire Assessment tests function to screen applicants and remove candidates who are unsuitable for the position.

Take the USA Hire Assessment to improve your score.

So, what exactly is involved in this assessment process? To obtain a position in the United States government, you will obviously need to pass the Hire Assessment test!

These tests are a crucial part of the federal employment recruitment process and are relied on by multiple government agencies.

In this guide, we’ll go over:

  • Exactly what the USA Hire Assessment Test involves
  • How best to prepare for the tests
  • How to increase your chances of success.

Let’s get started!

What is the USA Hire Assessment Test?

USA Hire uses a battery of three pre-employment assessments, called competency-based assessments, in their recruitment process:

  1. USA Hire Application
  2. USA Hire Cognitive Exams
  3. USA Hire General Exams

These are used to measure candidates’ abilities and suitability for the role.

How do I prepare for the USA Hire Assessments?

Preparing for any exam involves two essential steps.

  • Firstly, you need to find out the format and style of questioning in the exam.
  • Secondly, you need to practice doing the types of questions you will get in the assessments and practice doing them accurately within the allowed time frame.

For this, we advise using the services of Job Test Prep, a company experienced in helping job applicants prepare for the recruitment process.

From them, you will get accurate information and a test prep pack that will guide you through your preparation for the assessments. In your test prep pack, you will find sample papers modeled on the real assessment papers, comprehensive explanations for questions, and a means of tracking your scores as you work from paper to paper.

Take USA Hire Assessment Now

What do the US Hire assessments consist of?

USA Hire Assessment Application

Your USA Hire Assessment process begins with your application for a job position.

An occupational assessment questionnaire requires you to give information about your employment history. For each statement on the questionnaire, you choose one answer from five. Your answers will allow the employer to gather information about your work experience.

The accompanying biographical data questionnaire seeks information about your education and work experience. As in the previous questionnaire, you select one of five answers to statements. Your answers will give the employer an indication of how you are likely to perform if working for the Federal Government.

USA Hire Assessment Cognitive Exams

In this section of the assessment, you can expect to be tested on five areas, all related to the occupation you have applied for

1. Math assessment – The occupational math assessment tests your ability in basic math. You will be tested on arithmetic, decimals, probability, and fractions. You will also have to answer word problems.  You can use a calculator for this section.

Test your skills with this free numerical test.

2. Judgment assessments – The occupational judgment assessment tests how you would respond to certain workplace situations. You will be presented with a scenario via video and you will be then asked to decide what actions would be the most and the least effective to take if you were a specific person in that scenario.

3. The Interaction Assessment – The occupational interaction assessment is a personality exam that shows how you would behave in certain work situations. Your personality is judged through the behavior you display. When doing this assessment, it is vital to have a clear idea of the type of person likely to be employed in your target job position.

For a free sample Situational Judgment test, go here.

4. Reasoning Assessment – In the occupational reasoning assessment, you are presented with a situation to analyze. You will answer a series of multiple-choice questions based on the given situation. Make sure to assess everything before finalizing your answer.

5. Reading Assessment – The occupational reading assessment checks your reading comprehension skills. Make sure to read carefully the given passage and answer the following questions based on the information provided and not from your prior knowledge. 

To assess your skills, try this free Civil Service Sample test here.

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USA Hire Assessment General Exams

The assessments you have to take here will depend on the position you have applied for:

1. Job Knowledge Test – You need to take the Job Knowledge Test if you want to work on a job that requires specialized or technical training. 

If the job you have applied for involves working for the fire service here is a free sample test.

Or you may be looking for a position in the police force. If so try this free sample test.

2. Job Writing Test – This test will assess your writing skills. So, if you are eyeing a job position that expects you to produce written information daily, then you should do really well in this exam. The writing competence assessment tests your proficiency in basic grammar and sentence structure.

3. Work Simulation – In this test, you need to present yourself at a work simulation center. You will be assessed on how you react to certain workplace scenarios.

4. Accomplishment Record – This section examines your work accomplishments. So, make sure you can explain these successes and show why they are something to be proud of. 

5. Structured Interview – During the interview, you have to answer questions based on the expectations of the job position you applied for. Remember that the application process can be tedious, and you will be ranked according to he USA Hire ranking system. Applicants will be rated as Best Qualified, Highly Qualified, and Qualified.

Of course, the most qualified applicant will likely be offered the job position. After all, the purpose of the USA Hire Assessment Test is to help the hiring manager determine the candidate that best exhibit the general competencies required for the job position.

Tips for USA Hire exam preparation

student giving online exam

In your preparation for the USA Hire Assessment Test, you need to become familiar with the types of questions asked and teach yourself to answer them in the time given. So, doing practice tests and answering sample questions will increase the likelihood of you getting a high score results.

To ace the assessments and end up as a Federal Government employee, try the following tips:

  • Designate a place and a time for your preparation. Following a regular schedule will make your preparation more effective and ensure you get everything covered to get an ideal USA Hire Assessment score.
  • Create a timetable that will help you devote sufficient time to each part of the assessment. Ignore the temptation to skip any particular area. If you are avoiding working on something, it generally means you are finding it more difficult and should actually work on it more.
  • In your timetable, leave the day before the real assessments free. You will need that for last-minute reviews and to get some rest before the assessments begin.
  • Recognize that preparing for tests is stressful for most of us. Build breaks into your preparation routine. Make sure you also get a good night’s sleep regularly and good nutrition.

Take USA Hire Assessment Now

Doing the USA Hire exams

Approach the exams:

  • With enough rest and a clear mind. At this point, how you perform in the assessments will be more important than anything you might learn in late-night cramming.
  • Knowing that each assessment brings you one step closer to fulfilling your ambition, get in there and give it all you’ve got!

If your ambition is to work for the Federal Government, you will need to prepare for the USA Hire Assessments. You will find all the resources to help you here.

Post-Assessment: Next Steps

So, you’ve taken the test – what happens next?

The results of your test go directly to the hiring manager for the position – not to you.

This means you may not know your specific results straight away unless your hiring manager shares these with you.

However, you will know that you have successfully progressed to the next stage in your application if your status is marked ‘referred’ or ‘eligible’.

Unfortunately, the specific scoring processes of the USA Hire Assessments are not available to applicants or the public due to the need to retain the integrity of the test.

Therefore, it may not be possible to know exactly what tests you did well or poorly.

However, if you are unsuccessful in moving on to the next stage in your application due to your assessment results, you may be able to contact the hiring manager for feedback.

You can then use this feedback to practice and improve your next performance.

If you’re successful in the USA Hire Assessment, the next stage of the application process will likely involve an interview. It’s important that you are well-prepared and confident if you do progress to this interview stage.

In preparation for your interview, ensure you are well informed as to where the interview will occur, the format of the interview, and who will be attending.

Prepare for your responses by thinking carefully about your major career and academic accomplishments, your skills and knowledge relevant to the role, and ensure you research the position thoroughly.

Final Thoughts

The USA Hire Assessments may seem daunting, but adequate preparation and practice will put you in the best position to succeed!

These assessments are crucial as they test your abilities and skills relevant to the position being applied for. By passing these tests with flying colors, you will show that you have the skills and capabilities to excel in the job.

If you’re passionate about a rewarding career in government, the USA Hire Assessments aren’t something you are going to be able to skip over.

This is especially the case as your test results will stay on file for all federal positions you apply for in the 12-month period after taking them.

Therefore, ensure you prepare as much as possible by taking plenty of practice tests, and set yourself up for the greatest chance of success.


Can I retake the USA Hire Assessment if I don’t perform well?

Your results for the USA Hire Assessment will stay on your file for one year. This means that if you don’t perform well, you will not be able to retake the test again for at least 12 months.

How do federal agencies use the USA Hire Assessment results?

Federal agencies use the USA Hire Assessment results to hire the most capable and suitable applicants for a specific role. The test results are used to shortlist a number of candidates for a position while eliminating others.

Are there any accommodations for candidates with disabilities?

It is possible to have accommodations for candidates with disabilities sitting the USA Hire Assessments. However, there is no standard set of accommodations for these individuals; instead, requests have to be made and approved on a case-by-case basis.

What are some common mistakes to avoid during the USA Hire Assessment?

Mistakes to avoid during the USA Hire Assessments are not being adequately prepared, not practicing beforehand, and attempting to cram beforehand. It’s important you are well rested instead, and approach the tests with a calm and clear mind.

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