TestGorilla Assessment: Everything You Need to Know

More and more employers have started using online psychometric tests and assessments offered by external platforms. One of the emerging companies in this field is TestGorilla, a skills-assessment developer and platform that offers various tests for client companies of all sizes.

If you have found out that you will be taking the TestGorilla Assessment, then this article is the first step in preparing for the test.

TestGorilla Assessment: Overview

TestGorilla is a pre-employment assessment platform based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company aims to help client companies and organizations in their hiring process through an inclusive platform with a diverse selection of pre-built assessments. Their assessments are available in multiple languages and also provide accommodations for those with dyslexia, ADD, and ADHD.

TestGorilla also allows employers to tailor their own tests and handpick from their library of assessments. Tests can range from cognitive aptitude, job-specific knowledge, language proficiency, communication, personality traits, to coding, and more. The results provide objective and unbiased insight for employers and assess their compatibility with the company as well.

For job candidates, assessment can be as few as one test or as many as five, with up to 20 custom questions each. There will be a timer on the screen, which provides around one minute of time limit per question. The total time for the assessment therefore varies per company or the position you are applying for. Another important thing to consider is how applicants can take breaks between tests but not between questions. You are allowed to skip questions, but you cannot go back to them.

The following are the common test types or categories that candidates face:

  • Math – assesses your math aptitude, which may include mental math (Intermediate Math, Double-Digit Math, Triple-Digit Math) or numerical reasoning (data interpretation); calculators and scratch papers (pen and paper) are allowed if indicated
  • Verbal – assesses verbal reasoning and reading comprehension skills through passages of varying lengths
  • Logical – assesses inductive and deductive logical reasoning skills
  • Attention to Detail – assesses ability to correctly deduce spatial positions or orientations, which comes in the form of visual or textual questions
  • Situational Judgment – assesses capabilities to make correct decisions given certain work-related scenarios; these tests are common for those entering leadership positions, negotiations, communications, and others
  • Personality and Culture – assesses personality through familiar questionnaires such as the 16 types (MBTI) or the Enneagram personality tests; usually used to see if the candidate is compatible with their own culture and core values
  • Mechanical – assesses understanding of mechanical and physical principles through illustrations an textual information
  • Role Specific – assesses technical knowledge about specific skills needed in the position; tests are available for those applying in restaurant management, quality assurance, accounting, human resources, and more
  • Coding – assesses coding skills with a problem that needs to be solved, available for both front-end and back-end languages
  • Typing Speed – assesses typing proficiency and accuracy
  • Language Proficiency – assesses proficiency in available languages: English, Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, Polish, French, and German
  • The tests are usually in multiple choice (single or multiple correct answers) or true/false format, but clients or employers can also add other formats such as the following:
  • Video question – pre-recorded video questions, to be responded to with a recording of yourself using the website and your device camera
  • Essay – one or more writing prompts or case study, to be responded to with a short essay, depending on the instructions
  • File upload – instructions to submit or upload files, which could range from a portfolio to CV and other relevant documents
  • Custom Coding Assignment – custom assignments as added by the company, to be submitted to answered within the platform

It is important to take note that everyone taking the assessment is required to have a webcam on to prevent cheating. The platform will take photos every 30 seconds to ensure that only the candidate is answering the test.

Which Companies Use the TestGorilla Assessment

Even if it is a relatively new company in the game, many employers are already seeing the potential of TestGorilla to help with their hiring process:

  • Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) – a multinational, fast-fashion clothing company based in Sweden
  • Ernst and Young Global Limited (EY) –  a multinational professional services partnership based in London, considered as one of the biggest accounting firms globally
  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) – a United Nations (UN) agency that provides aid to refugees, forcibly displaced communities, and stateless people
  • Sony – a multinational conglomerate corporation based in Japan
  • Revolut – a neobank and financial technology company based in London

Aside from these companies, more than 10,000 other clients have been using TestGorilla.

Why is the TestGorilla Assessment Used?

Like many other assessment tests, the TestGorilla is used for an improved hiring or recruitment process. It lets human resources managers of companies curate a test that will let the best candidate for the position shine. As a relatively cheaper assessment, it also saves up on resources on the client’s side.

Aside from this, TestGorilla also attests that it provides for a bias-free candidate screening and allows clients to predict job performance through their tests.

Questions to Expect

Preparing for the TestGorilla includes knowing what to expect in the tests, even if you don’t know the exact type or subjects you will be tested in. Check out the following sample questions and explanations for some of the most common TestGorilla assessment types.


Sample Question #1 (Double Digit Math)

What is the result of multiplying 24 by 38?

a. 622

b. 826

c. 912

d. 9124

The correct answer is c. 912.

Sample Question #2 (Numerical Reasoning)

Day  Temperature
 Day 1 25
 Day 2 28
 Day 3 23
 Day 4 21
 Day 5 26

The table above shows the average temperatures (in degrees Celsius) in a city for five consecutive days. What is the average temperature over the five days?

a. 24

b. 24.6

c. 25

d. 26.4

To find the average temperature, sum up the temperatures for all five days and divide by the number of days. Therefore, the correct answer is b. 24.6.


Sample Question (Verbal Reasoning)

In the peaceful town of Greenside, a community park has become the center of attraction for its residents. The park, known as Serenity Park, offers a range of activities for people of all ages to enjoy. It features a playground with colorful slides and swings for children, a jogging track encircling the park for fitness enthusiasts, and serene gardens where individuals can relax and unwind. To ensure the safety of park visitors, the Greenside Park Management has implemented new rules that must be followed by all park-goers. Here are the guidelines:

Rule 1: No pets allowed within the park premises to maintain cleanliness and protect the safety of other visitors.

Rule 2: Smoking is strictly prohibited in all areas of Serenity Park to maintain a healthy environment for everyone.

Rule 3: Children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult guardian for their safety.

Rule 4: Bicycles and skateboards are not allowed inside the park to prevent any accidents.

Now that you’re a park-goer at Serenity Park in Greenside, which of the following activities is NOT allowed within the park’s premises?

a. Walking your dog outside the park premises.

b. Jogging around the park on your morning run.

c. Unwinding with a cigarette on one of the park benches.

d. Allowing your 10-year-old child to play on the playground while you supervise.

The correct answer is c. Unwinding with a cigarette on one of the park benches, as it is stated in Rule 2 that smoking is prohibited in all areas of the park


Sample Question #1

Consider the following premises:

All engineers are either innovative or detail-oriented.

Only people who lack innovativeness lack attention to detail.

Statement: It is impossible for an engineer to be innovative.

a. Conclusion follows

b. Conclusion does not follow

The conclusion is that it is impossible for an engineer to be innovative, but this conclusion is not supported by the given premises. The premises only state that engineers are either innovative or detail-oriented and that lack of innovativeness implies lack of attention to detail. It does not exclude the possibility of engineers being innovative while still lacking attention to detail. Therefore, the correct answer is b. Conclusion does not follow.

Sample Question #2

Consider the following premises:

All successful entrepreneurs are either risk-takers or visionary thinkers.

Only individuals who lack visionary thinking are risk-averse.

Statement: It is impossible for a successful entrepreneur to be risk-averse.

a. Conclusion follows

b. Conclusion does not follow

Both possibilities indicate that a successful entrepreneur cannot be risk-averse. The conclusion is supported by the given premises. Therefore, the correct answer is: a. Conclusion follows

Situational Judgment

Sample Question #1

Consider the following situation:

You are an accountant working for a reputable firm, and you are handling the accounts of a long-standing client. Recently, you’ve noticed that the client has been facing financial difficulties, and they have been struggling to make timely payments for your services. The client seems stressed and is showing signs of frustration during your interactions.

What would be your most appropriate course of action when dealing with a client who is having difficulties with making timely payments and appears to be stressed?

a. Charge the client additional late fees and press for immediate payment to ensure they understand the seriousness of the matter.

b. Schedule a meeting with the client to discuss their financial situation and inquire about the challenges they are facing. Offer flexible payment options based on their circumstances.

c. Refuse to provide any further accounting services until the outstanding payments are settled in full.

d. Inform the client that you will report their financial difficulties to other clients to warn them of potential risks.

For this question, the most recommended response is b. It is essential to approach the client with empathy and understanding during difficult financial times, especially if they are already a long-standing client. Scheduling a meeting and offering flexible payment options shows a willingness to work together to find a solution that accommodates their situation.

Sample Question #2

How would you handle the client’s frustration during your interactions?

a. Respond with equal frustration and assert your authority as the accountant to demand payment.

b. Acknowledge the client’s feelings and empathize with their situation. Offer reassurance that you are there to help find a solution together.

c. Ignore the client’s frustration and avoid discussing the payment issues during your interactions.

d. Threaten the client with legal action if they do not make the payments promptly.

For this question, the best course of action is b. Responding with empathy and understanding is crucial in such situations. It shows your commitment to helping the client and building a strong client relationship based on trust and support.

Personality and Culture

Sample Question (MBTI or 16 Types Personality Test)

Which of the following statements best describes how you typically approach social gatherings and parties?

a. I thoroughly enjoy socializing and meeting new people. I am energized by the lively atmosphere and often initiate conversations with strangers.

b. While I don’t mind attending social gatherings, I tend to feel more comfortable in smaller groups or with close friends. I enjoy meaningful conversations and prefer quality interactions over large crowds.

c. Social gatherings and parties are not my preferred settings. I often feel drained after such events and prefer to spend time alone or with a small group of familiar people.

d. I have mixed feelings about social gatherings. Sometimes, I enjoy the excitement, but other times I find them overwhelming, and I need some time alone to recharge afterward.

Sample Question (Enneagram Personality Test)

When faced with a challenging situation, what is your typical response?

a. I tend to take charge and assert myself to find a solution quickly.

b. I seek guidance and advice from others before making a decision.

c. I avoid conflict and try to maintain a sense of peace and harmony.

d. I analyze the situation carefully and weigh all the pros and cons before taking action.

e. I immerse myself in my emotions and feelings before reacting to the situation.

f. I focus on maintaining a positive outlook and try to find the silver lining in difficult situations.

g. I take a step back and observe the situation from a detached perspective before getting involved.

h. I prioritize the needs and emotions of others over my own and try to be a source of support for them.

i. I feel a sense of responsibility to solve the problem and make sure everyone is taken care of.

Personality tests do not have an exact correct answer; it is best for candidates to answer honestly while also taking into consideration the company culture and the position they are applying for.

These are just some of the questions and test types you might face when taking a TestGorilla Assessment. There are more than 300 TestGorilla assessments, and the kind of assessment will be highly affected by the responsibilities of the job you are applying for, your potential employer’s company culture, and the technical skills needed.

You can check out JobTestPrep for their All-Inclusive Psychometric Test Prep Packs to help you ace the TestGorilla assessment.

How to Prepare for the TestGorilla Assessment

Taking the TestGorilla Assessment can be anxiety-inducing, especially with the time limit, and unfamiliarity. However, it is possible to prepare for this assessment, using the following tips:

Understand what you’re getting into. Make sure you are familiar with the test format. Aside from this article, you can also ask friends, colleagues, or other people who have taken the TestGorilla Assessment. While you will not be taking the same exact set of tests as them, hearing other people’s experiences can help you understand what you will be in for.

Prepare for anything. Since the company you are applying to or TestGorilla itself won’t reveal the assessments you are taking, it is important to be prepared for anything. While this might sound like a huge ask, it is necessary to make sure you won’t freeze when taking the test. The best way to prepare with a limited amount of time is with practice tests and prep packs made for TestGorilla. You can also review the job description of the position you are applying to, since this may help you predict which kinds of tests you will take. For example, leadership positions will most likely have situational judgment tests, while accounting or banking positions will most likely use numerical reasoning tests.

  • Manage your time. Make sure you will be able to touch on every topic or test type during your initial practice test, so you know which test types and subjects to focus on. Devote enough time for review sessions. Take note that you will be given a longer time limit in the coding tests.
  • Prepare your device. TestGorilla provides a comprehensive device and troubleshooting guides for candidates. Make sure to read them and if you still have questions, contact the company or TestGorilla itself. Despite the user-friendly interface, it is still highly recommended for applicants to take the test using a desktop or laptop computer with a clear camera, as it is an important part of the process.
  • Prepare your environment. If you can, take your practice tests in the same place you will be taking the exam. This will help you relax and reduce anxiety on the big day. Make sure there are little to no distractions as well, since there is a time limit for each question which can make or break your score.
  • Read carefully. You are not allowed to go back to the previous questions to change your answer, so read each question properly so you can reach the correct answer. Being able to read fast (but comprehensively) will also give you more time to review your answer.
  • Answer earnestly. For the personality or behavioral tests, answering honestly and earnestly is better than trying to choose the answer the employer is looking for. Doing the latter can potentially create an inconsistent personality in the results, which may be questioned in the interview, if you reach this stage of the application process. Answering honestly also helps both parties to ensure that you are the best candidate and best employer for each other.

Take note that the company you are applying for may require you to take tests other than the TestGorilla Assessment.

TestGorilla Results

TestGorilla provides a complete walkthrough for candidates, starting from the email invitation up to the feedback and completion page. At the beginning of the test, candidates will be presented with a welcome message indicating the number of tests in the assessment (but not the type), as well as a practice test. The results of the assessment will be sent directly to the employer. Candidates cannot get their results from TestGorilla; if they wish to know their results, they must contact the potential company directly. Candidates cannot take the TestGorilla assessment for the same application process, nor will they find out the answers or which items they made mistakes in. If the company provides applicants with their results, they will only get a percentage score.

The impact or weight of the TestGorilla Assessment depends entirely on the company you are applying to. Remember that there are other factors that human resources managers can take into consideration in your application, such as your education and previous work experience.

Individuals can only retake the assessment if they are applying for the position again in the next cycle or period, for a different job, or for a different company. This also means a whole new set of tests, since each assessment is curated depending on the clients and requirements of the position.

Taking on the Gorilla

The TestGorilla Assessment is one of the pre-employment assessments that you may have to take when applying for a new job or position. The company helps clients curate or tailor the best assessment that will bring out the best candidate for their opening. The company, while relatively newer than its competitors, has been growing exponentially and has been garnering thousands of clients, proving its quality and results.

Taking the assessment can be difficult given that applicants will not be informed about the specific tests that they are taking, but proper preparation can help candidates for the big day. After all, it is made to help both employer and applicant find out if they are perfect for each other. Readying yourself for any test, taking practice tests, and devoting time in studying are some of the best steps to take if one aims to take on the TestGorilla Assessment. Good luck!