2024 State Farm Employment Test Study Guide (Full Practice Test)

You have applied for a position at State Farm and been invited to do online assessments before being called to interview.

Congratulations you’re in the running for a position at the US’s largest property and casualty insurer!

Take the State Farm Assessment Test to improve your score.

However, being the largest property insurer in the US also means the company receives a high number of applications for open positions. This results in stiff competition in the hiring process.

Rather than interviewing all applicants, something that would be impossible to do, the company uses pre-employment assessments. These, such as the one you have been invited to complete, are used to narrow down the field of applicants to those the company feels are best suited to working with them.

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What Is the State Farm Assessment Test?

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company has offered insurance, banking and investment services since 1922. It now prides itself on its involvement in the community too.

With over 55,000 employees, there are a number of different positions you could get at State Farm. This could be in the corporate team; insurance, underwriting, IT and customer service etc. Or it could be in their community schemes; leading teams in the local community as an agent.

What Does State Farm Look For in the Tests as an Employer?

In the tests, the employer is measuring your competence, work ethic and emotional intelligence. They also need to learn about your ability to adapt to and learn in the workplace.

They need to know what your personal qualities are, if you are dependable and if you can be relied upon to follow instructions.

This information can be more accurately obtained through a series of psychologically developed tests.

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How Long Is the State Farm Assessment Test?

The assessment can take up to 50/60 minutes depending on the number of tests you are required to complete. As the tests are of varying time lengths acquaint yourself with the time restrictions of each test during your preparation.

Train yourself to work within the time limits and remember you are being tested on your ability to complete tasks accurately while working under time pressure.

How Do I Prepare for the State Farm Assessment?

When called upon to do a test, especially one that could have an impact on your career, there are two things to bear in mind:

  1. You need to become familiar with the format of the test and the style of questioning in use.
  2. You need to put a preparation plan in place.

What Does the State Farm Test Consist Of?

The KSAO assessment (Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and Other Characteristics) is a battery of tests that lasts for approximately 50-60 minutes. You will be tested on both practical skills, for example, data entry, to people skills and personality traits.

Try your hand at this free sample of a basic skills test.

State Farm uses the Predictive Index Learning Indicator test (PI LI). This cognitive ability test with its 50 questions assesses your ability to adapt to the workplace and continue to learn while in the job. In this test, you will be assessed on numerical reasoning skills, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

Sometimes State Farm uses the Wonderlic test or CCAT instead of the PI LI, but this is very similar. To get an idea of the type of sample tests you will be using, try this free sample of a Wonderlic Personnel test.

Your ability to enter data with speed and accuracy will also be assessed in the State Farm Data Entry Test. For information on how to prepare click here.

Applicants are required to do the State Farm Microsoft and Excel tests either during the online tests or as part of the interview process. Here you will have to show that you can complete tasks efficiently and accurately. The test is an interactive simulation of the workplace.

Further Tests

State Farm’s hiring process has expanded to include several rounds of interviews and the addition of further screening tests. You may be required to do:

Try this free situational judgement test.

As the type of work you will be engaged in is customer-centric expect your people skills to be evaluated along the way.

To test yourself try this free sample of a short predictive index test.

As your work will involve selling insurance you may be called upon to do a test which is an online simulation where you need to navigate screens of the virtual workstation.

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How Do I Prepare for the State Farm Assessment Tests?

Your first step here has to be equipping yourself with the correct preparation tools. Rather than carrying out random and time-wasting searches we recommend relying on the services of a reliable testing company like Job Test Prep.

Here you will get accurate information about the recruitment process as well as test prep packs with sample tests modelled on the real test.

With your test prep pack to hand organize:

  • A place that will be exclusively yours while doing your preparation
  • A timetable that excludes the day before the actual tests— You will be using that day for last minute reviews and to relax and clear your head before the test itself

When Preparing

Try the following proven study techniques:

  • Work in short bursts of no longer than 50 minutes
  • Take 10 minute breaks between 50 minute sessions
  • Vary the material you are working on from session to session
  • At the end of a day’s study, briefly review the day’s work to enhance memorisation.

Use Your Sample Papers

This will ensure:

  • You are becoming familiar with the content and style of questioning
  • Learning to work within the time restrictions of the test
  • You can monitor your progress and areas that are giving you difficulty from test to test
  • Your work has a structure

During the Recruitment Process

Approach each part of the recruitment process:

  • Well rested and clear-headed
  • Equipped to deal with any stress that may arise. Have deep breathing and relaxation techniques in your arsenal
  • Confident that you have done the work for this.

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The State Farm Interview

Expect to have to do one interview or possibly more as the hiring process becomes more complex.

It is easy to become blindsided by the assessments and to neglect preparing for the interview. However, this is the company’s opportunity to put a face on the applicant and discover more about their previous work experience.

More importantly from the company’s viewpoint, it is their opportunity to find out face-to-face what special qualities you can bring to the workplace. This calls for serious thought on your part.

Mentally walk yourself through past work experience. Ask yourself what you brought to a position. Imagine yourself dealing with a client who wants to buy insurance or make a claim against a policy. What approach would you take with them?

You will find the following interview preparation pack helpful for both the interview and personality test.

If working for State Farm is on your career plan click here for resources that will help you make your plan a reality.

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