Safe Concentration & Attention (SCAAT) Test – Study Guide & Practice Questions

The Safe Concentration and Attention Test, or SCAAT test, measures a candidate’s ability to concentrate on tasks in a short time frame. Individuals who want to work in the railway industry need to be able to pay attention, multitask, and focus for many hours at a time during their work days. These skills may sound easy, but they actually require a detail oriented mind and sharp awareness.

This makes sense because locomotive operators cannot make mistakes. If they do, they risk passenger lives. Even though this work involves a lot of repetitive stops and similar scenery every day, the job still requires keen awareness and the ability to be fully present in one’s environment.

That’s why railway companies have incorporated the SCAAT in their hiring process. Let’s discuss what this test involves and how to practise.

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What Does the SCAAT Test Involve?

Broadly speaking, the SCAAT Test asks candidates to identify a target shape or shapes among patterns presented on the paper or screen. The patterns will vary and the test will become harder as you go along. Eventually, you will need to find the target shape and a changing shape on each line you encounter.

This exam increases in difficulty as it progresses, and it is not designed to be completely finished. The goal is to complete each sheet as quickly and accurately as possible. However, sheets will change after 60 seconds, so you won’t be able to spend more time on one area than another.

Test takers may find the SCAAT to be a bit intimidating. The best approach to a concentration test is to gain a lot of practice ahead of time. Build your confidence by answering practice tests from Job Test Prep.

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Tips for Taking the SCAAT Test

Some people are better at concentrating than others. But putting the work in ahead of time to study for a specialised test will always generate an improved score.

As you look for the objects in your practice exams, try to give the object a name. This can make it easier to find the random shape you are trying to find.

Timed exams can create anxiety. Spend some time each day studying and taking at least half an hour to relax over tea or completing breathing exercises. Panic is not helpful for the SCAAT exam, and you’ll need to keep your cool as you get ready to take the test.

The SCAAT is only available to take two times, so don’t take the test on a lark without spending a lot of time studying.

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Take Safe Concentration & Attention (SCAAT) Test Now

Skills Tested in SCAAT

After studying for the SCAAT exam, you should be able to:

  • Concentrate on one task
  • Concentrate on two tasks at once
  • Concentrate while switching focus in a short time frame

How Should I Practise for the SCAAT Test?

Because the SCAAT test is looking for both speed and accuracy, it can be helpful to start the test with an objective to not make any errors. Go slow and build up your accuracy first, and then try to speed up your times.

This test is important because it screens out individuals who may not be well suited for a role in a safety-focused environment. As a result, accuracy in this test is extremely important. In the actual exam, you will be expected to produce both accurate and speedy results.

That is why the test is timed. However, as you become familiar with the questions and test structure, you will become faster at identifying the shapes you have been asked to find. In other words, start out slow and try to be as accurate as possible, and then ramp up your speed.

Take Safe Concentration & Attention (SCAAT) Test Now

How to Boost Concentration?

There are a few ways to increase your ability to concentrate.

  • Get enough sleep
  • Go on a walk
  • Take deep breaths
  • Spend time relaxing
  • Build confidence by practicing

If you have never taken a particular test before, you will not have confidence in your ability to pass.

That’s why it is essential to spend some time every day before your exam studying practice questions and evaluating areas where you have struggled. As you turn these behaviours into a habit, you’ll find yourself gaining confidence and increasing your concentration abilities.

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